SPNHL S40 Final All-star Tournament Details


With only 2 days until the highly-anticipated tournament, I finally was able to get the roster’s finalized.  The reason behind me nominating 8 forwards, 5 defence and 3 goalies per conference was in case players were unable to make the games, it’s a good thing I did.  With only a few East forwards able to attend I had to think quickly on my feet.  In total I had 10 forwards, 9 defencemen and 6 goalies, leaving me with an extra defenseman and 2 extra goalies.  Just wanted to apologize to the 3 players who will not be playing Friday (Unless someone backs out then I’ll message u ASAP)

  1. captstalechips (D): Sorry buddy based on East defensemen stats you were the odd man out, still a huge accomplishment to be voted in by your peers.
  2. SliyumShady (G) : One of my long time Chel pals, the other 2 east goalies were nominated in by GMs and were therefore given priority which made you the odd man out. 
  3. Itsjustskillzz_ (G): This one was tough one because I know Skillz is a great goalie however, out of the 3 goalies in the west, you had the least number of votes and therefore, were the odd man out. 

Newest Additions:

  1. TopCheeseNeon F 29GP 57G 38A 95PTS: Had the next highest votes for Eastern Conference Forwards, congrats you rodent. 
  2. vBartlett F 23GP 27G 53A 80PTS: Had the highest total forward votes in both conferences (I already had an odd number of forwards per conference and Bart deserved to play so I said why not). 

Final Rosters

With now 8 forwards representing the western conference, I had to move 2 of you guys to play with the East (I did a randomizer list and Triix and Fish were chosen to go play for the East).  With no real benefit for winning, I figured this could still work out to be some fun competitive games even with West forwards on East teams. 

When making the teams, I tried to balance them as much as possible while also keeping current or former teammates together. 

East 1:


C: Scotch-x4

RW: Lecupidon


RD: Kidmon3y

G: Jeiel9876

East 2:

LW: TopCheeseNeon

C: Fluri37

RW: Fishhure

LD: Aetherxal

RD: JaguarKnight_

G: Chadkillz134

West 1:

LW: ProdigyToLegend

C: OGBobbyBartlett

RW: vBartlett

LD: Eggman–1

RD: FreezeMothaSucka

G: Nocturnal_Turtle

West 2:

LW: Dudnastyy

C: Wardo_05

RW: Hardiie-

LD: ExE-_-53

RD: Mpurch

G: Ciulla19

East Gms (Just a guess):

LW: Reapz2313


RW: toslick

LD: IceyAsylum23

RD: SedinPower


West Gms (Just a guess):

LW: SA_Pliskin

C: ttommyboiii

RW: Randymarsh2012

LD: Cuban1616

RD: wheelchairdevon8

G: Cook_da_monster

 I will reach out to a person on each team who I feel is responsible enough to gather their squad for Friday night. 


With no series going to game 7 in round 1, we were able to get our 9pm start for games.  Both teams in the conference will play a best of 2 with each other then play the winner of the other series in the finals.  (All times are EST)

9pm: A: East 2 vs East 1: H, A: West 2 vs West 1: H

945pm: A: East 1 vs East 2: H, A: West 1 vs West 2: H

1030pm: Winner of East vs Winner of West (Set Home/Away to Any for random home ice)

11pm: East Gms vs West Gms (Set Home/Away to Any for random home ice)

Game Codes:

East 1 vs East 2: SPASGEAST

West 1 vs West 2: SPASGWEST

East vs West: SPASGFINAL



  • Similar gameplay rules for SP regular season and playoffs
  • In the event of a lag out, pickups will be optional UNLESS it is in the first 10 minutes of the 1st period or if the goalie lags out. 
  • Discretion of the team if you want the other team who lagged out to take a penalty
  • In the Best of 2, if both teams win 1 game, the tiebreakers will be the following
    • Goal differential
    • Winner of game 2
  • Final game will be winner takes all 

Looking forward to seeing how this plays out! If you have any questions please let me know as soon as possible

See you on Friday!

  • Tammygoat Boy Wonder

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