Game set up rules

A) Gms are to provide their team organizer with the game codes needed to match up for that day.  Game codes can be found in the address bar after clicking on the game that is being played.
B) All games must be started as 6v6.
C) All games must begin on time, to ensure all games are completed on game nights we enforce a forfeit clock of 10 mins. Teams are permitted to extend this to allow their opponent extra time to get ready. The league will not honor this extended clock if they decide to call it anyway. The League will not care or do anything to assist a team if they are unable to search at the 10 min mark. EA/PSN issue will be excepted on a case by case situation. these issues will be decided based on the sound of the league. if an issue only effects one person or one team it will not be considered a real issue. The grace clock is not your free time. The clock represents your team as being late but given a window to get ready. if you wait until the grace timer to discover you are having connectivity issues, you will not be protected. No excuses will be accepted.
D) The home team is permitted to set the server location for the game.  Away team must set their settings to “ANY”
E) Teams will be granted 1 lobby back out each for poor connection concerns.