Section A (PLAYER)
Section C (Game Rules)
Section D (GENERAL Policies)
Section E (Trade block/Transactions)
SECTION (A) Player Rules

1.0 Registration Rules

A) All players are only permitted to register 1 player name during the Season Registration.
B) The Player may only play with the name Registered.
C) All Players Must Report their more Recognized name while registering if they choose to use a new name. Failing to Register correctly or lying to gain an edge can and will result in league disciplinary actions up to and including a season ban or permanent ban.
D) Registrations have a deadline,  Those registered by deadline will be all that’s permitted to play that season.

2.0 Player Roles and Responsibilities

2.1 Responsibility

A) All players must play for the team they are drafted to.  There is no exceptions.
B) Players are to be respectful to all players within this league.  Failure to respect your peers will result in a warning followed by a suspension.  This will Include Trash talking, whether in chat or on private messaging. Spamming messages during game play will not be tolerated regardless of the context. 
C) Players are required to post their availability weekly.  The area to post will be found on their team page.
D) Players are responsible for checking the schedule.  Missing games due to not knowing what times you are scheduled for will not be acceptable excuse.
E) Players are to play games they are scheduled for.  Players must let the GM know if they can not make a game 24 hours prior to the game. Failing to provide notice will have your game played count.  You will not be given a new game to make up for it.  It will be applied to your 3 a week.
F) Players are required to play minimum 3 games a week.   If you cannot meet a 3 game minimum then we feel you do not have time to play in this league.  You will be placed on IR after your first failed week and will not be permitted to play until you make contact with the league to report on your status.  After the second week of missed games you will be removed from the league   However players who give notice for vacations or whatever the reason might be, will be placed on IR for the week and will not be punished for missing games.  Be warned you will not be credited with games towards the Playoff requirements.
 G) A strike will be given to players who fail to make their scheduled games without notice. after the third strike you will be banned. (1 per night)

2.2 Conflict Resolution

A) Any problems with your team must be first addressed to team management & Not in the general population ( i.e Chat box, Forums, Etc ). All issues must be handled maturely, any player who attempts to harass their team or GM over an issue will be handed a suspension regardless of who is right or wrong.  This will also apply to the GMs.  If issues are not resolved a meeting between the player, team management and league official will be set to work through the issues.
B) When you are traded, you will be required to play for your new team.  During trade talks there is a chance of info on you being traded leaked,  if this happens you are required to continue your efforts 100% for the team you are on.  Causing issues could lead to suspensions or bans.
C) All players are to play where they are told to play.  If you wish to play your registered position you may place a formal request to your team.  This will give you 50% of your games at the position you registered for.  You must make the request first to your GM, if this is not dealt with by them you are to send a request to the league.

2.3 Trade Requests

A) Requesting a trade is permitted however demanding trades from your club will not be acceptable behavior.  Any and all issues that you feel you need to be traded for will be brought to the League.  The league will decide if the issue is warranted and will discuss it with your GM to see if it is possible to have it resolved.  If it is not resolvable the League will have a sit down with both the GM and the player to discuss a middle ground.  If a middle ground can not be achieved the league make the final decision on it.  If players try to strong arm or refuse to play until traded before, after or during this process they will risk season ban.

3.0 Scheduling

A)  ALL players are required to post their availability everyday. The exception is if you post your availability for the entire week in one shot.
B) private messages to your GM will not be acceptable means to relay your availability.  If you do not post you will be considered unavailable.
C) Players are able to play 2 games more then their registered games per week. additional games is permissible if risk of forfeit.  Alternatively players may also play 2 games under their registered availability without risk of punishment.
D) If a Player reduces their availability by more then 2 games of the registered number that player will be forced to complete the season with the latest claimed availability if traded or released.

4.0 Disciplinary

A)  When requested failure to curb the behavior or the escalation of an issue may result in suspensions.
B) Minor infractions will result in a warning.  Failure to heed them will result in a suspension.
C) Sabotage of your team and/or its games will result in suspensions and/or bans.
D) quitting on your team mid-season will result in the remainder of the season and the following season in bans.  If a player requests to return during the season they were banned on, They might be permitted based on whether the owner wishes to have them return.  Regardless of what takes place the player will still face a Season ban for the upcoming season. (Note: The team will keep your contract while you are away)
E) using or abusing game glitches that are clearly not a desired effect by the game designer will result in suspensions.  Glitch shots are not considered an offense due to teams responsibility to have a human goalie.
F) All disciplinary actions can be Appealed.  Contact the an Admin to set up a meeting.  All meetings, disciplinary or otherwise will be held with all involved parties.

4.1 Punishments

1. Chat bans, 1-3 games
2. Glitching/cheating, 2-4 games
3. Quitting Games (while losing), 0-3 games
4. Quitting games (tied or winning), 0-1 games
5. Harassment, 1-3 games
6. Sabotage of a game.  Anyone suspected of laying on the ice, taking obvious penalties or anything else that is an attempt or the direct cause of you’re team losing the game will be investigated with a possible suspension of 3-6 games.
7. Quitting league, the remainder of the season and the following season.
8. Failing to report in for an entire week, Possible season ban.
9. Repeat offenders, all people who repeatedly abuse the rules will have their punishments increase by 2x.  For example harassment has a 1-3 game punishment for first offense. Second offense will net you a punishment between 3-6 games.  Third will net a season ban.
10. Jack of all trades offenders, Any player who feels the need to establish themselves in many categories of rule breaking the player will face an increase of 2 games for each infraction.  Example would be if an infraction would normally suspend for 1-2 games but after a player abuses another rule the suspension would be 3-4 games, or if a penalty would be 2-5 games the penalty would then be 4-7 games.
11. infractions will remain on the players record for an entire season.  Only at the end of the season will an infraction be removed.  just one infraction per season if a player has more then one.
12. Hiding you’re identity will result in a season ban.
13. If banned by either the chat or league in general, any attempt to disrupt league by making posts or entering games to cause trouble or pick fights will result in doubling of the current punishment.  The boards are not a place to start you’re fight for whatever cause you feel you need to take up.

4.2 Forfeits

A) Forfeits are costly.  The season is 5 weeks long.  Weeks 1-4 forfeits will cost your team 1 point on the standings while week 5 will cost you 2.
B) The following are Punished with a forfeit.
– Failing to show for the match with 6 players.
– Failing to have a disconnected player return when requested.
– Failing to have a dropped Goalie return to game.
– Abusing game faulty mechanics or using unintentional game flaws to cheat. (“Glitch shot” on AI goalies is not considered a cheat)
C) Points removed will be added back to the teams after playoff match ups have been decided.  the teams who forfeit will not gain rank but will have their correct position on the waiver order restored.  There will not be the chance to forfeit into a better draft position.

1.0- Responsibility to players

A) GMs are required to have line ups posted midnight the night before Game Start.
B) All players must be scheduled for the league minimum games every week provided they have posted availability.  Scheduling a player who has not posted availability is prohibited.
C) Players can not be scheduled in a refused Position.
D) All players must be treated with respect.  If an issue is not resolvable you are required to bring it up with the league.  If a player crosses the line, do not play their game. Report them with a screenshot of the conversation.
E) GMs are responsible for ensuring all players have a chance to meet their 3 game minimum by honoring the teams availability posts.
F) Players Can Not be Released without being given their 3 game minimum first.  They must be given 3 games during the game week.  Monday-Friday,  You will only have until midnight sunday to release them otherwise it resets.

2.0- Responsibility to team

A) GMs are required to ensure the team is prepared for every match.  If roster is short on any day you are required to search for a Emergency Call Up.
B) Forfeits are at times unavoidable.  You are expected to make the roster moves needed to ensure 6 are suited up and ready to go on a nightly basis.  Whether it is from trades or roster moves in general.  Continual forfeits will cost your team greatly as well as you’re position as GM.
C) GMs are required to record and enter any and all game stats on a nightly basis.  you will be granted until noon the following day (all times are EST)

3.0- Responsibility to the league

A) GMs are the ambassadors of the league.  You are required to act only in a manner befitting of it.  Every action you make reflects the league.
B) Gms are to respect decisions made by the league.  Not all calls will go you’re way.  Acting out will not be tolerated.
C) GMs will not be permitted to discuss trades with any person aside from the GMs.  No players are to be contacted at any time.
SECTION (C) Game Rules

1.0- Game Set up

A) Home team will create the Game Lobby as soon as possible.  They are then required to send an invite to the GM or the teams representative as soon as the room is up.
 B) All games must begin on time,  to ensure all games are completed on game nights we enforce a forfeit clock of 10 mins.

2.0- Format

A) All games must be started as 6v6.
B) The home team hosts the match.
C) Only members of the team or approved ECU’s can be used to play.
D) Readying up is considered a binding contract.  Once all players are ready and the game begins any concerns or disagreements will be void and the match details are final.

3.0- Disconnections

A) If players disconnect during the initial game load up IE: prior to the puck dropping, the game will be restarted to gather the missing player(s) right away.
B) If a skater drops during the first period after first puck drop up until the 10 min mark of the period, the game will continue until the end of that period.  Game will be paused and players will drop to pick that player up.  Stats must be recorded by both team for that period before all exit to close the game.
C) A goalie must be picked up right away.  If a goalie DC’s mid period, close the match and pick them up.  restart the period at the point in time the game was shut down at.  Not the point in time the goalie DC’d as the true time can be debated.
D) No skater may be picked up after the first 10 min mark of the 1st period unless the other team’s CPT/GM wishes it.  If the opposing team’s CPT/GM does not wish to stop play in order for that disconnected player to be picked up, the game will continue on.  If the pick up is demanded by the opposing team, the team with the missing player must have that player return to the game or risk forfeit.  Along this idea, no player may be picked up during a Goalie pick up without permission from opposing team.
F) Do not leave the game prior to the end of the period to make pick ups. (excluding Goalie pick ups)
G) During Playoffs, any member of the team can be picked up after each period to maintain the 6v6 format.  If this player is unavailable, the team may select an available player from their roster to fill in.  If no available player is present the team may then select an ECU.  If players are unavailable teams may elect to continue 6v5 if both teams wish it.  if no agreement on this is made the team missing the player will be forced to Forfeit.
H) Anything that takes place after a game is ruled in need of a reset will not count.  IE: penalties and goals.  This is to ensure that teams with players who are too slow to exit the match from having the full team exploit the team who has started exiting.
I) Players must provide a screenshot indicating a disconnection.  Failure to provide this image will result in the assumption the player quit the game.

3.1 Game Delays

A) Games are to be continued where they left off.  meaning if you finish the first period and the game restarts, the new games first period will be the full games second period making regulation end after the games 2nd period as opposed to the games 3rd.  If game is restarted either during or just before the OT period the new games first period will be the games OT.  The first goal scored at that point will be the game winner.
B) Any game that is being held up by DC issues that will directly effect the next game starting on time are to be postponed until either the end of the night or a time set prior to the next nights first game.
C) The team who causes the most delay issues that force a game to be finished at a later time will have second priority over the other teams choice on when to conclude the game.
D) Games must conclude with the EXACT same players that were playing before the game conclusion was delayed.
E) Both GMs must send a message to SA_Pliskin.  The message must say who the two teams are, who has priority, who was disconnecting and the time the game was agreed to be completed.  The message must be sent by one or more GMs before midnight that night. if neither do both team will forfeit the match.  If only one does then game is set by the terms of the message regardless of who has priority.  No message will be accepted late.
F) If a game will conclude near or on the next games start time,  Teams are to be patient and allow the team to finish and be given a 5 min waiting period beyond game completion to enter your match before forfeit(in the event the initial 10 min period would have been exceeded)

4.0- Stats

A) Stats must be recorded from every reset and added together when being uploaded.  We are on PS4 so to record the stats the easiest is to take a screenshot of the stats.  to do this simply hold the share button on your controller until the [] icon appears at the top corner of your screen.

5.0- ECUs

A) Emergency Call Ups can be used to help prevent forfeits.  Gms must be aware of who is available for game days.  When a team is short they are expected to attempt locating a free agent to fill in for the missing players.
B) GMs must make contact with an ecu and notify Pliskin with the name of the player that has been claimed for the player to be officially claimed.
C) Once a player is claimed no other GM may use them that day without the blessing of the GM who had claimed them.
D) A team who has an ECU but has 6 players ready to go, lose the reservation on the ecu player at which point another team may take them for that game.  If the team who reserved the player lose their 6th for any other game that night once again has first call on that player.
SECTION (D) General Policies

1.0- Playoff Eligibility

A) In the event of a Tie Breaker,  The Tie breaker will be (1) Total Wins (2) Vs Record (3) Goals for.
B) Playoff games will not be rescheduled.
C)  Teams are to Schedule every member of their team 1 game per round of the playoffs. All eligible players must be scheduled to play before the end of the series. If your series is potentially over during a night of games, all eligible players must be scheduled before the final game (not necessarily game 7)  If you do not do this & your team wins the series before all players have been scheduled then the final game will be forfeited and the series if able, will continue.  If the game is played and your team is eliminated before all players get a chance to play, GMs will be disciplined in a fashion deemed necessary by the league.  Players who are scheduled and do not show will be counted as games played.
D) Availability must be posted to be considered eligible
E) Any player that has not met the minimum requirement of  games played (3 games a week) will still be eligible to play.  Failing to make minimum games will have your salary hit with a penalty to make up the difference.  Penalties will be measured by your value per games.  The missing games value will be added to that seasons salary.

2.0- Selection Process

A) All selections will be done without bias.  Selections will be based on the appropriate qualifications.

2.1- GM Selections

A) When a GM is selected, they will be given a specific set of tasks needed to be accomplished in order to remain a GM.
B) GMs are graded based on the following,
-3 for not having stats done by noon following day.
-1 for older issues not being resolved. (IE Stats still not being completed from the last time a penalty was given)
-3 for not posting lines on time. (Due midnight night before games)
-3 failing to report a player for not showing.
-3 per forfeit after the second forfeited day.  Forfeits due to player actions at game time will not result in point loss.
-2 for VALID Complaints from your team.  (EX. if you schedule a player and at game time tell them they cant play that game,   if they don’t care, you are  safe.  If they complain your docked points)
-3 for unprofessional actions. (IE fighting with people/GMs in chat. Arguing or belittling teammates or other GMs/players and talking trash)
-3 for failing to schedule players their 3 games a week.
-3 for any dishonesty in regards to trades. (IE player is away, cant play anymore)
-2 for failing to follow a rule that ends up causing issues with other GM`s
-1 PER GAME score not filled out by noon next day.
-3 for not reporting a Forfeit (must tell a staff member)
-3 for making negative remarks about trades.
C) GMs who are fired become ineligible to place their name in the hat for 3 seasons not including the current/last season.  GMs who quit will have to wait 2 seasons.

2.1- All-Star

A) All-Star selection will be based on the top player in each of the 3 positions based on stats and not popularity.  Each position (FWD,D,G) will have 2 players selected. 1 starter and one back up.
B) If two or more players are tied for the second spot a GP total will be the tie breaker. If the GP is 5 or less off then the PPG and will be used to pick the back up.

2.2- Awards

A) Awards are assigned based on league leaders totals.  In the event two players are too close to be able to make a clear cut winner, The league value calculator will determine the winner by which player ends up with the highest salary based on their total stats in all sections.

3.0- Player Salaries

A)  All players will be assessed a value at each position after every season. Values are based off the previous seasons stats and are done using the same mathematical formulas for each player. No opinions will be used because we feel this process needs to be unbiased.

B) Each player is given a value from $500k to $10mil in each statistic category. These values are based on how a player compared to the league leader in that category at that position. After that all values are added together to give the player a total value. Some stats are weighted with a higher value then others but only slightly. Keep in mind all players are only being compared to players of the same position. Example: if a guy leads the league in ALL categories he would be $10mil, a guy that didn’t play a game at that position would be the base $0.

C) After each season all players will be assessed new values based on that seasons stats for each position. If a player achieves a higher value at a position, then that becomes his new value for that position. If a player achieves a lower value at a position his new value then drops down to the average of the two.

D) Player Values will only temporarily decrease if they are not drafted and left on the FA list. These new values will be there value for the season. Once the season ends they will be given a new value once again based on their performance and it will be compared to the previous value they had before the salary decrease began.

4.0- Expansions

A) In the event that we have more people register in any given off season, we will add more teams.

B) Each GM will be informed of the expansion when they are given the list of values to make their re-signing decisions.

C) GMs will name their protected player preventing them from being stolen The expansion teams will each take turns selecting a player to sign if they desire from each team from among the the list of unprotected players.  They are still required to steal players up to the maximum of the set 50% limit is for that season

D) GMs then place their re-signs to fit under 50% cap.

5.0- 50% Rule

A) All players are considered utility. However the position they sign up for is still the main position. They can be played anywhere, but if a player asks for 50% at his position you must meet this request.
SECTION (E) Trade Block/ Transactions

1.0- Transactions

A) All Trades will be Approved provided Teams do not exceed the teams Salary Cap or gives a strong idea of tanking or sabotage.
 B) Draft picks can not be traded During the Regular Season, Only During Off Season and Draft.

C) A team may place a player on waivers where depending on the standings, the teams in the waiver order are able to sign the player under the amount of that players current contract.  If after 24hrs the player is not claimed the team must decide if they wish to release the player to FA or keep him.

D) When a player is claimed off waivers the former team will not be fined for the contract drop and will be given full salary back.   When teams release players to Free agency (not same as Waivers) they may be eligible for Cap refunds.  When a player is released with 9 games or less played, They can be released for full cap back if value is 2.5 mil or below.  Anyone with 10+  games that are 2.5 mil or less will grant $0 cap return.  All players with salary at or above 3 mil will only grant 50% cap return no matter the # of games.
E) Players that are sitting on the free agent list, whether from not getting picked up in the off season, or players that were released to free agency during season will have their value attached to them on free agent list. After every game day that players salary will decrease by $500k down to the minimum $500k salary to help reduce waiting periods on the FA list.
 F) Claims for the FA players will be done in the same manner as waiver claims. The teams will have waiver priority based on their season standings and may at any time place a claim on a free agent provided they can afford him. The claim will be subject to a 4hr waiting period to allow teams with a higher waiver priority a chance to also claim that player. At the end of the 4hr period the team highest on the waiver list (team with worst record) will be awarded that player at their current (at time of Claim) attached value.  The 4 hour wait is N/A for the highest waiver pick.  It may also be N/A if all teams with higher priority then the interested party decline interest in a player.
G) 24 hours pick ups will occur when a newly added player enters the FA list.  For the first 24 hours after the add any pick ups made on this player will have a 24 hour waiting period excluding once again teams with highest priority
 H) No trade talks or transaction talks are permitted outside of the GM chats.

2.0- off-season

A) Each off season the salary cap will vary based on the new average of all player values.  This is to ensure that there is enough cap in the league to allow all players to be re-signed.
B) Each GM will be given a list of all new values for their players. They will be permitted to use 50% of their new cap figure to re-sign any combination of their players they wish to keep.  They also have the option to resign only 1 player if it would go over the limit.
C) Once values start being calculated, GM’s will be given a value that will be applied to their cap also. Their value will count towards their 50% re-signing allowance to balance any unbalanced skill levels between GMs.
D) GM’s will have a deadline time to inform the league who they will be re-signing.  If teams do not hand in their selections, The league will make the choice for them.
E) All players not re-signed will be put into FA pool with their new values attached.
F) After a player has been re-signed 2 consecutive times, he may still be re-signed, but at that point it becomes the players option if he would like to stay with that team or go into FA pool.  Players can only stay with a team for four played season until they must release them.
G) Rights to players will be kept by the teams who have players that do not return the following season. they will keep rights to these players until they return and serve their owed time or are released.
H) Trading the rights to players during the Off season is permitted once resigns and releases are complete.  However all players traded during this time must be signed.
I) During the Off Season you may trade players for players, Picks for Picks or players for Picks.

3.0- Draft

3.1- Free Agent Draft

A) All players not re-signed by their GM’s using their 50% re-sign allowance will be put into the free agent pool for the free agent draft with their newly assessed values attached to them.
B) Teams will be ordered from last place to first place (previous season standings) to make their selections in the free agent draft.  Expansion teams and teams that do not make playoffs will be placed into a lottery for the first set of picks.
C) GM’s will select players from the pool with the value that is attached to them. The draft will go until all teams have hit the roster minimum and have stopped picking.
D) At the end of the draft all players not selected will be placed on Free Agency.