Disconnect and Delay Rules

A) If players disconnect during the initial game load up IE: prior to the puck dropping, the game will be restarted to gather the missing player(s) right away. (no pics required)
B) If a skater drops during the first period after first puck drop up until the 10 min mark of the period, the game will continue until the end of that period. Game will be paused and players will drop to pick that player up. Stats must be recorded by both teams for that period before all exit to close the game. (screenshots will be needed)
C) A goalie must be picked up right away. If a goalie DC’s, close the match and pick them up. restart the period at the point in time the game was shut down, not the point in time the goalie DC’d.
D) It is illegal to reset a game after the first period 10 min mark qualifications to pick up your player. picking up the other teams player is permitted, Only the team who did not DC can make the decision to pick the player up after the 10 min mark qualification has exceeded. If both teams lose a player, either team can exercise their right to reset picking up both players.  If an illegal pick up happens, the responsible team will take a pick up penalty and an additional illegal pick up penalty to start the game back up on a 5 on 3.
E) Do not leave the game prior to the end of the period to make pick ups. (excluding Goalie pick ups) any player to leave prior to a period ending reset will be considered a DC and will require a screenshot to avoid a suspension.
F) if the other team DC and an illegal pick up is made by your team (leaving before the period concludes) then the player who left will need a screenshot to avoid suspension, in addition no penalties will be had by either team as both teams having a DC will cancel each other out.
G) During the regular season, if a player disconnects and is unable to return the team short will be forced to FF after 5 mins.  No players can replace the missing person.  The other team may elect to veto this forfeit by allowing you to either continue 6 v 5 or replace the player with a roster, TC or ECU player.
H) During Playoffs, any member of the team can be picked up after each period by any team to maintain the 6v6 format. If this player is unavailable, the team may select an available player from their roster to fill in. If no available player is present the team may then use an ECU. If players are unavailable teams may elect to continue 6v5 if both teams wish it. if no agreement on this is made the team missing the player will be forced to Forfeit.
I) Anything that takes place after a game is ruled in need of a reset will not count. IE: penalties and goals.
J) all midgame pick ups require a penalty to offset the loss of the last min. Penalties are not required if the game restarts from the beginning or if it cancels out another penalty. In addition if a dc happens while the same team is already killing a penalty that team must take a 5 on 3 penalty when game resumes. 5 on 3 not required if under 30 secs left of the first penalty. Only 1 penalty is issued per reset. If 2 players from a team dc only 1 penalty is awarded.
K) Players must provide a screenshot indicating a disconnection. Failure to provide this image will result in the assumption the player quit the game. (3 game suspension for all players who fail to provide one)
L) Games are to be continued where they left off with the first period in the restart being the next period in sequence.
M) Any team that is being held up by DC restart issues that directly effect the next game starting on time are not at risk of Forfeit. Please allow time for these teams to finish their game. Rescheduling the conclusion of these DC reset games is also permitted.
N) The team who causes the most delay issues that force a game to be finished at a later time will have second priority over the other teams choice on when to conclude the game.
O) Games must conclude with the EXACT same players that were playing before the game conclusion was delayed. Playoff games can be played by any legal player.
P) either or both GMs must notify the league on reschedules.  if a game is not reported and the league notices an incomplete game, the league will mark the game as a Forfeit for both teams.
Q) If a game will conclude late due to resets, Teams are to be patient and allow the team to finish. If the 10 min grace has expired please provide 5 mins to assemble once their game concludes. If there is grace time remaining, please allow 5 mins plus the remainder of the grace time.