Draft Rules

A) All players not re-signed by their GM’s will be put into the free agent pool for the free agent draft with their newly assessed values attached to them.
B) Teams will be ordered from Playoff performance first. If two teams exit in the same round they will be positioned based on season standings. Expansion teams and teams that do not make playoffs will be placed into a lottery for the first set of picks. Number of balls will be based on season standings. Expansion teams will given a number of balls to reflect the middle of the pack.
C) GM’s will select players from the pool with the value that is attached to them. The draft will go until all teams have hit the roster minimum and have stopped picking.
D) All rookies will be assigned a salary based on the slot they are selected in. Slots will be predetermined prior to draft based on average veteran salary for that slot.
E) All players remaining on the board by round 7, will have their salary reduced to 500K.
F) At the end of the draft all players not selected will be placed on Free Agency or assigned to a team as a TC.
G) draft format is based on number of teams.
Under 10 teams – standard
12-16 teams – Snake
18+ – Standard
Re-sign Draft
A) teams will have the option to NOT re-sign a member of their team, but instead sign a player who was released by another team. To achieve this we will ask teams not re-signing a player from their team to declare it the day before Re-signs are named so it is a commitment. They are choosing to do this without knowing who is re-signed.
B) Once you declare your intent to not re-sign, you must select from a pool of other released players. you are not permitted to sign anyone you waived prior to re-signs. This is a Gamble so do not release all of your players if you have doubts. In the Event of more then one team electing to waive their team, the order for selection will be based on the reversed draft order. Where the better team picks before the weaker team. The reason for this is because weaker teams have better draft pick position and this rule is to help strengthen their one re-sign not to swing the bottom teams into a top position. The stronger teams still have a chance to risk their wealth to get a better re-sign if needed.