Training Camp Rules

A) Call-Up Flexibility:

Training Camp (TC) players can be called up to their currently assigned team’s roster at any time, provided that the salary cap permits such additions.

B) Fill-In Priority:

TC players may play for any team in need of a substitute but must prioritize their currently assigned team in case of a scheduling conflict. There are no limits to the number of games a TC player can participate in.

C) Availability Commitment:

TC players must diligently maintain weekly availability posts for the team they are currently assigned to, ensuring transparency and effective communication.

D) Accountability and Communication:

TC players risk removal from the league if they consistently fail to update their availability posts or respond to owner requests within a 24-hour timeframe. Regular communication and responsiveness are crucial for the integrity of the league.

E) Position Flexibility:

TC players are exempt from position refusal rules while filling in for teams, providing a flexible solution to team needs.

F) Sportsmanship and Commitment:

TC players are required to demonstrate respect and commitment by playing assigned games from start to finish. Trolling or quitting a match will not be tolerated, maintaining a positive and sportsmanlike atmosphere.

G) Role Clarification:

TC players are not entitled to a set number of games. Their role is solely to fill in when needed. Roster players must be given priority over TC players, and any assigned games will be unassigned if a roster player becomes available, emphasizing the supplementary nature of the TC role.