Training Camp Rules

a) TC players are placed on rosters at random when they either exit the draft, undrafted or enter the league after the draft due to league discretion.  TC’s might also be selected after the draft based on the discretion of the league.
b) TC players can be called up to their teams roster at any time but is required to be played min 1 game per game day remaining in the week. followed by 3 games the following week (provided they were not given three on the initial call up)
c) TC players may play for any team that is in need of a fill in.
d) Any team may call up/sign any TC on any team at any time.  Outside teams are required to go through a waiver priority based on a 24 hour clock and the waiver order (standings).  if no other team with higher waiver priorty claims this player by the end of the 24 hour period.  The player will be awarded to the team making the claim.
e) Teams that the TC is currently assigned to has the ability to Veto any and all call up claims by other teams.  This team will be required to call the TC in question up immediately for minimum 1 week in addition to the completion of the week they are currently in (assuming it is mid-week)  If after a veto called up player is sent back to TC.  That TC will be offered to the previous claiming team that was veto’d. originally.  (all claim records are waived if player in question is traded before being sent to TC by a new team.  trading to one team then trading back to the original team will not waive the claims.)
f) TC players salary will deplete by 1.5 mil each week they play under 2 games for their currently assigned roster.  Salary will not be reduced the first week as a TC if recently sent to TC by their assigned team.