EDM release frankjones to FA.

LA sends CaptainCanada and NowYoDead to NJ for Dodgeblueshells & IMC3dxx

NJ release MinorThreat to FA.

Nashville trade: IHockeygirlI 3.5 mill to Washington for GermanGretzky 4 mill

Trade TO Jets: Steelersfan26 TO Caps: Eggman–1

LA trades Hypey to Washington for fluri37 and way2goal goal

LA release imc3dxx to fa

TOR release Wukie to FA.

TOR sign Bosanceros1992.

The Edmonton Oilers are sending Sportsgeek5 and Bufford80 to Washington in return AurelDuhaime

Vegas sign MinorThreat 1.5

Leafs trade Shock-r to Nashville for Benner77
LA release Way2goal to FA.
LA sign Lemollz (bumblebee) for 1.5 mil.
VGK release Ushkilledya to FA.




Toronto releasejaredrox1103, Tylerisgod & Pooky

Toronto sign Da4kush2king0 500k & Wukie89 500k

Edmonton release cam123mph
EDM sign tripZ504 for 500k
Vegas sends ShawnSuave8 to EDM for U_1_2_B_me_
Edmonton sends Shaynestaa to WPG in return for Bufford
NYR sign Jaredrox1103 for 1.5mil
WSH release le_mollz
WSH Sign Arrowflinger for 500k.
Vegas sign ArmyBoyDevin_199 RD
Edmonton Oilers sign FrankJones for 500k
Vegas sends Dynasty to the Pens in exchange for Serg
WSH sign ChiTownMenace for 500k.

NYR sign cam123mph for 1 mil.

TOR sign Freakgrizz19 for 500k.

NSH sign JaG83D83 for 500k.

LA release d3cdang3r to fa
LA sign Tylerisgod for 500k.
LA trades rtedd04 to Nashville for neeposh_patrick
Edmonton Oilers sends to the Winnipeg Jets: x_Beaster_x and Soiceyboiz4 in return for JoshuaDuhaime, Dophares2000 and Royalkc85
NYR sends Pemm to Edmonton for dophares2000
TB release fivepointohhh to FA.
TB sign Murphy87


Edmonton sends LeCupidon to Winnipeg in return for PlasticWorld

TOR release Appler to FA

TOR trade Shay 7M and Muse 5M to EDM For Nuttyoutlaw 3M , Pooky 2.5M , Serv 5.5

Jets drop armyboydevin to FA

Jets sign itsyourboyblue for 500k.

Vegas releases Bosanceros to FA.

WPG release HrdWrkPAYSOFF to FA.

NYR Sign Steel243 500k

WPG sign Deadrising6669 for 1.5 mil.

pens trade jeff0012 to Nashville for serg and freeze

Vegas sends Bigwalk, Hossa and Pompeii to Nashville for Francey and shawnsuave



LA Sign D3CDANG3R for 500k.

Toronto Signs Shock_R for 1 mil

Toronto Release Defacin.

Edmonton Sign Soiceyboyz4 for 2 mil

LA trades sudzy & kc to Vegas for JamieBenn and yesse

Vancouver release rw wukie to FA

Vancouver claim lw sandybombs19 2.5 mil

Vegas places Sign Dynasty1989 4.5 mil

TOR sign TYLERisGOD69 1.5 mil

WPG sign Bufford80 $0.5 & JoshuaDuhaime $1.5
PIT sign randymarsh2012 for 1 mil.




Tampa bay sends Notorious250 RD 4.5 mil Toronto trades Stamkos C 5 mil
Vegas trades Gods Plan and first rounder & Leafs trade #1 overall Pick
Nashville Receives: New Jersey’s Third Round Pick (36th overall). New Jersey Receives: Bergysdeke, RD, $5M
NYR sign SMiiRK-_-
Vegas trades: Neeposh_Patrick 2.5 Benner 4.5 to Nashville for: Yesse 5.5 mil
NY Rangers pickup Pemm 3.5 mil