League Transactions

Winnipeg trades vMinsky35- (TC) to Ottawa for Locs39 (TC)

Toronto Trades Cuban1616 and x2apollo4x to Buffalo for TopChesseNeon

TOR calls up deleteduser to starting roster

Winnipeg sends vMinsky35- down to training camp

SJ send x-Ehlers-27 down to training camp.

SEA sends PunjabiTaxi down to training camp.

NJ sends MIL_Replay down to training camp.

NJ calls up PghFANATIC to the starting roster.

SJ Call up Dusty to the starting roster

VGK Call up A-Mason_4 to the starting roster.

Winnipeg trades ACK-stonerboy to Vegas for Shawnsauve8, vVxsion and Kuddy-76

Buffalo trades NowYoDead to San Jose for TopCheeseNeon and IvanThyGreat

Winnipeg trades ciulla19 to Washington for Itsjustskillzz_ and Iamsmokxy-_-

Winnipeg trades Lafrenierexl11l, TopCheeseNeon and x-Ehlers-27 to San Jose for ACK-stonerboy and JoshuaDuhaime

COL trade Cuban to TOR for illbebacke

SEA trades their 7th round pick For NJ 8th and 9th round picks

Toronto trades Whitetees and their 4th round pick to Buffalo for Buffalos 1st round pick, 3rd round pick

BUF select BasedGodEric-, Sweet_Peach_69, Tommy_Dubz, Beastwittt & Uccs1994 in the re-sign draft

SEA select vxWoytkiw8xv, cpenn4204 & Liijegren in the re-sign draft

DET selects ttommyboiii & iZinczyi in the re-sign draft

Winnipeg trades Iam-beanzy to Toronto for first round 3rd overall pick

SJ select ACK-stonerboy & YoJonsn in the re-sign draft

To NJ: SMiiRK-_- 4th round pick (VGK) 8th round pick (VGK) To Vegas: 1st round pick (NJ) 3rd round pick (NJ) 7th round pick (NJ)

CHI re-signs sendthemnoods & uStooPiiD

TOR re-sign Whitetees41

WPG re-sign Ciulla19, Iam-beanzy & Shaynestaa

NJ re-sign DudNastyy and MurrayX30X

COL re-sign Lo-Maximus, NJs-XCVI & SgtVandoos

OTT re-sign LeCupidon & ASticks21

WSH re-sign Hardiie- & Bk_0994

VGK re-sign Linde94, SMiiRK-_- & teamrun420