Trade Deadline

PHI sign Duges39 500k

EDM release Castle to FA.

WPG sign Army for 500k.

TB sign Neonslasher5 for 500k.

NYI Realease Duges39 to FA.

NYI sign soul2cold77for 500k

Edmonton send to Pittsburgh xOnetimer in return for Deadant

Jets trade arrowhunter to Ducks for soiceyboy

Colorado trades neeposh rw 3.0 Chicago trades Linde lw 3.5

Hurricanes receive: Notorious250, RD, $5M Ducks receive: xBoeser16, RW, $4.5M



Blackhawks send Xx__Scoop__xX to Vegas for chucksaget

pens trade army boy to Edmonton for JaG

Columbus trades etthan and xOnetimer to Edmonton for PoOky_Qc_87 and dsmitty2116.

The Carolina Hurricanes recieve: PistolPete7788, LD, $6.5M The Columbus Blue Jackets Recieve: TheHaunted29, RW, $2M & BETOBONE1, RD, $0.5M
CHI signs Loyalty_Caper 1 mil.

COL sign acid__85 for 500k

ARI sign brenoamaral17 for 500k

ARI release Soul2Cold77 to FA.

Ducks Pickup XXWIRES-RATHXX for 500k.

VGK sign ciulla19 for 3 mil.

PIT sign Armyboy for 500k.

VGK Release Cookieman to FA.

Columbus trades Kinglyme89 to Anaheim for xOnetimer.

CBJ release WaytoGoal to FA.

NYI sign duges for 500k

Vegas trade Yeap to COL for stoner and chuck

VGK release Loyalty to FA.

WPG release ciulla19 to FA.

To Vegas- jamie14benn14 and bosanceros1992 To Islanders- jielking and yesse_

Edmonton send puckzone to the Leafs, and in return gets dsmitty2116.


TB sign hockeygamer0314 for 500k.

NYI release Spyking316 to FA.

Hurricanes receive: ae_MuSe, C, $4M. Jets receive: toslick, RW, $5.5M.

Oilers send to Carolina TheHaunted in return for Steavex123

The Carolina Hurricanes receive: ceeg87, LD, $0.5M & xHAC_Rambo, RW, $1M The Anaheim Ducks receive Murphy87, LD, $1M & The_Gang_Shooter, RW, $3.5M

EDM release PghFANATIC to FA.

Pittsburgh signs lxlClxl for 4.5 mil.

Blackhawks send cam123mph 2.5 mil to Oilers for Nuttyoutlaw 2.5

CHI sign ChiefBigBear13 for 1 mil.

To Vegas Cookie_Man_412 (3.5 mil) To Edmonton Castles720 (3 mil)

Toronto trades – Nocturnal Turtle – G – 2.0 Mil to Arizona for – Fivestar – Rd – 5.5 Mil

TOR release lxl-C-lxl to FA.


Toronto trades – NowYoDead – Rd – 3.0 Mil to Winnipeg for – Bizness101 – Rd – 3.0 Mil

ARI sign Imc3dxx for 500k

ARI release leonardmccallum  to FA.

TB sign Kwhiss613 for 500k

EDM sign PoOkY_Qc_87 for 2.5 mil.

Vegas signs UshKilledYa – 1 mil
VGK Releases Brenoamaral to FA.
ANA sign xHAC_Rambo for 1 mil.

ANA release ChiefBigBear13 to FA.

Columbus Blue Jackets trade Nick108 to Chicago Blackhawks for kinglyme.

To Vegas- Gui_20 To Islanders- jamie14benn14

Edmonton Oilers sign JaG83D83 for 500k

NYI Sign Spyking316 for 2 mil.

CHI release Neon to FA.

Vegas signs Castles720 3 mil

Vegas releases PookyQC to FA

Edmonon Oilers Sign Dustywall33 for 2.5 mil.

Vegas Signs LoyaltyCaper (2 mil)

Vegas Releases Spyking13 to FA

Jets sign jaycee241979 for 1 mil.

Jets release wicked_asian

CHI sign Soulx_The_scythe for 500k

NYI sign REHMx33

NYI Release Rathx4 to FA.

Carolina signs The_Gang_Shooter, RW, $3.5M & M_u_r_p_h_y_87, LD, $1M

Carolina release Acid_85, LW, $2.5M Dustywall33, LD, $2.5M


Edmonton send Dustywall33 LD to the Carolina Hurricanes in return of PghFANATIC

TB sign ChiTownMenace for 2.5 mil.


Vegas trades ArrowHunter 4 mil & Single-G6 4.5 mil Winnipeg Trades N-Y-L-A-N-D-E-R 5 mil & PookyQC 3.5 mil

CBJ release JaG83D83 to FA.

Colorado send Francey to Anaheim for Maccinis


Preseason Trades

Colorado sends Colorado 4th round (52nd pick) To Anaheim for WillRolltide RW 1.5M

Toronto trades Lecupidon – Lw – 7.0 Mil, 1st Round 10th Overall, 3rd Round 38th Overall & 4th Round 47th Overall. to

Philadelphia for First Round 1st Overall & 4th Round 56th Overall

Vegas trades 2nd round pick & 3rd round pick For Carolina 2nd round pick

Tampa trades second round pick (pick 19)for Mclub326 RW

Tampa trades Gods3_3plan1 to Toronto for 2nd round pick (19th)

To Pittsburgh- Sergein To Islanders- chadkillz134

kinglyme89 from pens to Chicago for duckweed1989

PIT trade Etthan to CBJ for SA_Pliskin

New York Islanders receive Carolina’s first round (13th overall) pick. Carolina receives: chadkillz134, G, $6 M.


PIT re-sign etthan, BALLZZDEEPINER, Kinglyme89 & chadkillz134
EDM re-sign Cookie_Man_412, Dustywall33, NuttyOutlaw13, Bufford80, TheHaunted29 & Puckzone
NYI re-sign Mclub326, Mg2452 & Sergein
CHI re-sign chicks-n-whips, Duckweed1989, Linde94 & SMOKESHOWJOE
CBJ re-sign Al_bundy128, PNCPark2k1, RickRage, SA_Pliskin & TYLERisGOD69
COL re-sign vxWoytkiw8xv, Sedinpower & ACK-stonerboy
TB re-sign redflag33 & GodS3_3Plan1
CAR re-sign GrammyHands & xBoeser16
TOR re-sign LeCupidon, NJs_VeryOwn91 & NowYoDead
WPG re-sign Kidmon3y, N-Y-L-A-N-D-E-R- & Bizness101
ANA re-sign Mxster-77, Notorious250, Ransom613 & WillRolltide
VGK re-sign captain21canada
ARI re-sign Goalieman92 & Mjvoell44
PHI re-sign Diirty_Triix_13, Itz_Synyster22 & rich2k8