Roster Requirements

COL sign soiceboyz for 500k.

TB sign Dafoumanchew for 3.5 mil


Trade Deadline

Jets release cookie _ man to FA

Sharks trade NowYoDead 3.00 and Puckzone 2.50 to Jets for toslick 5.50

ANA release Hockeyman22996 to FA.

SJ sign lxl-C-lxl .500

Ducks send NowYoDead 3.00 to Sharks for Shepard-88- 4.50

Vegas trades Deadant 3 mil & IvanThyGreat 4 mil to Blue Jackets for Cuban1616 4 mil & frenchy3131 4.5 mil

Cbj trade Bundy to PIT for Bruins.



Week 4

CBJ sign Frankjones for 1.5 mil.

Jets release army and pick up betobone for 500k

COL sign Bufford 500k.

VGK release FrankJones to FA

VGK Sign Bosanceros1992 for 500k

Sharks trade Etthan 3.00 to Ducks for X73x_McAvoy_c73X

PHI release Loyalty to FA.

Edmonton send to CBJ g Fivestar in return for At_Ezzz



Week 3

ANA release dafoumanchew to FA.
phi signs chitownmenace for 1 mil.
Edmonton send to Toronto u_1_2_B_Me and Socotimmer in return for Fivestar and Murphy 87
VGK send Dr Wally 5.5 to PHI For Uber 7

Vegas sends Irishpitbull, Execution80 And Tarensenko to Toronto sends Frankjones, Nj And God

To Sharks: Soulx_the_scythe To Ducks: dafoumanchew
EDM signs Herbx420 for 500k

Anaheim receives: X73x_McAvoy_x73X, RD, $2M. New Jersey receives: cshirk85, RD, $0.5M.

To Ana: NowYoDead  To EDM: Socotimmer

EDM release betobone1 to FA.

 CBJ sign Wincowboy for 500k

Tampa Sign xHAC_Rambo for 500k.

Tampa drops ChitownMenace to FA.

Tampa trades Cshirk to Anaheim for FreakGrizz

PHI release Soiceyboyz4 to FA.

COL sign RAMBOKILLER_23 for 500k.



Week 2

Pit trades I909E to Columbus for Bruins35

WPG sign FOXYHRC0314 for 500k

PHI sign loyalty caper for 500k

ANA sign Hockeyman22996  for 500k.

Edmonton Oilers sends Xx_At_Ezzz_Xx to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Chieftrout.

Jets trade at ezzz and nowyodead to Oilers for dirty trix and armyboydevin

CBJ sign bruins35 for 1.5 mil

CBJ release Hockeyman22996 to FA.

Phi trades puckzone rw 2.5mil to San Jose for soiceboyz24 le 5.5 mil

CBJ claim KingLavoie27 for 500k

Jets Release isaac rixon

Jets pick up cookieman for 500k.


Week 1

The Edmonton Oilers send KingLavoie27 to free agency.

Edm signs Rugglestiltskin for 1 mil.

Oilers send to Columbus Julien and Frenchy in return for Diirty-Triix and Betobone

ANA sign UshKilledya for 2 mil.

SJ sign Minorthreat for 1 mil.

SJ released HerbX420 to FA