League Transactions

Chicago signs skirata x to roster

Arizona signs seajay09 to roster

Buffalo signs robobeanaz to roster

Buffalo trades seajay09 to Carolina for KillerClown4203

Arizona trades theeghosty to carolina for Lispdoge

Buffalo trades Divine-Rival to Arizona for Heroic_veil2

Pittsburgh trades sportsgeek and bobo Colbert to Edmonton for kinglorge and Jubjjjjjub

Ottawa trades Pokegod-09, X_9-Bedard-8_X and Thatpenguinsfan to Edmonton for Doranz-

Buffalo trades L stale L, A-Mason_4 and da_real_jarry to Edmonton for IlIIllIIIlll93 and ItsLordTrauma

Buffalo signs da_real_jarry to roster

Buffalo sends seajay09 down to training camp

Buffalo calls up Divine-Rival from training camp

Buffalo trades Realjmoney420 to Washington for Divine-Rival

Vegas trades Smitzy & Heroicveil to Arizona for Fishhure & Philmoran

Vegas trades ExcessiveForeskin, Curlew and Bobo to PiT for Karlsson and Heroic

Buffalo trades xshepxrd, Sorokin-l30l- and Sergein to Vegas for sabres1414 and Chadiliac

Buffalo calls up seajay09 from training camp

Vegas trades Clarkzov to Anaheim for Curlew

WSH sends fordfide to Training Camp

CHI calls up The Joker6228

ANA calls up Zacharyduhaime22

Chicago trade Fordifide, Alpha-33x & Gio91502 to Washington for Terance2nice, JHochman & DoubleD-DoubleX

VGK sign DEx3Ad

WSH sends Divine-Rival to training camp

VGk sends Zebrarug12 to Training camp

VGK trades Wasteaway to EDM for Chadiliac

EDM sign screamAIM_FIREx

Vancouver sign Bigriphockey

Vancouver sign ender554.

Vancouver trades PXSTRNAK-_- and weedseed420 to Chicago for Jubjjjjub and desiredno3