Trade Deadline

Pens Trade Beaster to the Flyers for Wickedsnapshot and Ballzdeepinher

Pittsburgh Trades SMOKESHOWJOE & Nocturnal_Turtle to Anaheim for Boutch_87 & Etthan

Pittsburgh Trades Cookie_man_412 to Edmonton for Kinglyme89

flames trade bruqc33 rw & M_u_r_p_h_y_87 to pens for Zredbeard

CGY sign ImCanedianEhh for 500k

Tampa trades Bufford 1mil to Edmonton for Bergysdekes 4.5mil

Week 6

Penguins trade FOXYHRC0314 to Rangers for NBA2k16islife201

Vegas Trades: Benner 5.5 mil and NuttyOutlaw 2.5 mil to Edmonton for TylerSeguin 8 mil and DevilsPride4 2mil

TB sign Cam123mph for 1.5 mil

CGY trade tyler91seguin91 G & bergydekes ld  to EDM for M_u_r_p_h_y_87 ld & Arrowhunter C

DAL sign NeonSlasher5

NYR release Kronwall1924

NYR sign New360Guy

Tampa trades Soiceyboyz4 3mil to Calgary for Jamie14Benn14 7mil

ANA release Cam123mph to FA.

PHI release New360Guy to FA

Pittsburgh Trades Diirty_Triix_13 9.5mil to Philadelphia for SMOKESHOWJOE 5.5mil and Nocturnal_Turtle 2.5mil
Dallas Trades Frankjones28 & P0oKY_Qc_87 In return Philadelphia flyers Trade Sfic16
Vegas trade Servnspike 5mil and brenoamaral17 .5mil to Rangers for Sudzy92_ 6mil and M1NORTHREAT LW 2mil

Pens release YouCantSeeMe-005

Pens sign Rathx4

Jets trade Benner to Vegas for brodtshadow

flames trade zredbeard rd & 4 monokuu rd to the pens for fivestarcooock C 6 & Droxx22 ld .5

week 5

PIT sign Wukie89 for 500k.

To Pittsburgh- fivestarcoock   To Detroit- MG
colorado trades soccotimmer 4mill to Pittsburgh for ack-stonerboy 5mill

Colorado drops Wukie and Rathx

Dallas Stars Trade DougcbjIN to New York Rangers for RickRage

EDM sign RD – ChiefBigBear & G – duges39

Toronto Trades – Rw – FrankJones28 – 1.5 Mil TO Dallas for – Rw – NowYoDead – 4.5 Mil

CGY release Spyking316 LW ,5

flames sign Hockeygamer0314 RW ,5

COL sign Rathx4 and Wukie for 500k each.

Pens trade NBA to rangers for fox

Dallas Stars Trade Wickedsnapshot In Return Philadelphia Flyers Trade Po0kY_Qc_87

New Jersey receives: Shaynestaa, RD, $5.5M. Pittsburgh receives: MG2452, RW, $6M.

Tampa receives M-A-G-N-U-M_316 0.5mil Devils receive BennBrothers 0.5mil

Dallas Stars Trades LukeTheDuke28 & M1Keal IN Return NewJersey Trades SA_Pliskin & NowYoDead

New Jersey receives: M-A-G-N-U-M_316, F, 0.5 M. Winnipeg receives: FidellCastro84, D, 0.5M.

Week 4

NYR sign Herbx420 for 500k.

PIT sends Sudzy92, KRONWALL1924 & FOXYHRC0314 to NYR for Nba2k16islife201 & chadkillz134

DET sign Pemm for 2.5 mil.

NYR sign Docj1ggy 500k.

Vegas Sign TheAppler .5 mil RW and Acid_85 .5 mil RW

Vegas release Pemm G 3 mil to FA.

PHI sign ozip8826 for 500k.
Vegas Trade: BALLZDEEPINHER .5 Mil & PoOky_Qc_87 .5 mil to Flyers for Captain21Canada 3mil
New Jersey Receives: Suppa_Freak08. Philadelphia Receives: Itz_Synyster22.

flames trade sfic 8.5 rw to philly for halak lw 3.5 & monokuuu 3 rd

CGY release Rathx4 to FA.

Pens sign krownwall for 1.5 mil.

Week 3

Ducks trade Sudzy 6.00 mil to Pens for Linde94 4.00 mil

Dallas Stars Release Kronwall1924

NYR rebuild PHI donates Nba2k16islife201 and xXM1NORTHREATXx

Tampa sign Bufford80 for 1 mil.

PIT sign foxyhrc0314 for 500k.

CGY sign Spyking316 lw .5 & Rathx4 lw .5

Flames get Sfic 8.5 rw & Bergy 4.5 Ld Vegas gets Servspike C 5 & Pemm G 3 Flyers get Monokuuu 3 & Halak 3.5

VGK sign monokuuu for 3 mil.

The Flyers get: Buy_my_dogs .5.  The Coyotes get: JennJamty .5

Dallas Stars Trade Raja_sandhu In Return New Jersey Trades m1keal to Dallas

TB release Bufford to FA.

New York receives: hypey-, C, $5 million. New Jersey receives: Grammyhands, RW, $6 million.

Flyers trade Chicks-n-whips 4.5 million to Ducks for xXM1NORTHREATXx 2 million

ANA release ImCanedianEhh 2.5 mil

ANA Claim Cam123mph 1.5 mil

Pens release docjigy to FA.

Jets trade M1keal LD Devils trade Death clown LW
Vegas Trade SA_Pliskin (5.5 mil) & NowYoDead (4.5 mil) Devils Trade: Ajax (4.5 mil) & Brodtshadow13 (4.5 mil)

New Jersey releases Monokuuu to FA.

Pens trade rent-a-goalie.. to the Ducks in return for shaynestaa and right power …

COL sign chuck c 0.5, hockeyman22996 C 0.5 & brownsvillesoja rw 0.5 rw

COL release Cam123mph to FA.

Jets trade Al_bundy & Dougcbj to Dallas for Benner & Bizzness 101

Week 2

EDM sign puckzone for 500k.

TOR release Wukie89 & Duges39 to FA.

OTT sign p0itraz2z for 500k.

To Penguins: X_Beaster_X 3.5mill and DocJ1ggy .5 To Flyers: Captain21canada 3mill and Jennjamty .5

EDM released Hockeyman22996 & HerbX420 to FA.

VGK sign Bruiser4life2 for 2 mil

Dallas trade Thehaunted29 & Kinglyme89 to Edmonton for Wickedsnapshot & Raja_sandhu

VGK release ChiefBigBear13 RD to FA

PHI sign Ibtsamahmed2010 2mill & Nba2k16islife201 .5mill
Pit sign droxx22

Ducks Sign Duckweed LW 1 mil.

Ducks give Deadant 4mill and New360Guy .5mill.  Flyers give Steel243 2.5mill and ImCanedianEhh 2.5mill

To Dallas- benner77, Bizness101 & Habs_11_31_6 To Detroit- mclub326 & Troublekidd1999

Vegas Trades : Captain21Canada (3 mil) to PIT for NowYoDead (4.5 mil)

OTT release ozip8826 to FA.

To Philadelphia: X_beaster_X, LW, $3.5M & Docj1ggy, C, $0.5M. To New Jersey: MG2452, RW, $6M.

DAL release Nba2k16islife201 to FA.

DAL release Droxx22 to FA.

Week 1

DAL release Acid__85 to FA.

COL sign imc3dxx for 500k.

COL release FOXYHRC0314 to FA.

Vegas trades: KinglyMe89 (6.5 mil) & LukeTheDuke28 (3.5 mil) to DAL for Sfic16 (8.5 mil) ChiefBigBear13(1.5 mil)

Vegas sign BALLZZDEEPINER .5 Mil

Vegas release Ibtsamahmed2010 to FA.

Flyers release- Bruiser4life2 3.5mill G

Sens-trade Mcavoy 2.5 to Flyers- for Nocturnal_Turtle 2.5

EDM sign Herbx420 1 mil.

TOR sign Duges39 G – 2.5 Mil
EDM sign Col4Bin420  500k.
Oilers trade jennjamty RW 0.5m to the Pens for Mathqc RW
Pitt signs jordyman Lw …

Preseason transactions

Arizona Signs LW Buy_my_dogs 500k

TOR sign G – RamboKiller23 – 2.5 Mil.

Vegas sign Ibtsamahmed2010 (RD 2.5 mil) & Nuttyoutlaw (LW 2.5 mil)
Pittsburgh sends 2nd rd  pick 10 ovr and 4th rd 5th pick to Dallas for dirty Trix
NYR trade NowYoDead to PIT for 2nd round (5th pick)

To Vegas-Captain21Canada To Detroit- 4th round pick(9th)

flames trade stonerboy, 2nd pick & 4th pick to pens for zredbeard & 1st round

Toronto trades First round 11th pick & Ajax32123 – 4.5 Mil  to New Jersey for First round 5th pick & Lecupidon – 4.0 Mil

NYR trade Mcavoy to Philly for 2nd round pick

To Flyers: Ottawas 2nd round pick, Red_pepsi98 To Sens: u_1_2_b_me_
To Detroit- 2nd round pick(8th) To Philadelphia- 2nd round pick(16th) & 4th round pick(9th)
To Detroit- 1st round pick(5th) 2nd round pick(6th) and 3rd round pick(11th) To Toronto- 1st round pick(1st)

To Detroit- 2nd round pick(4th) To Arizona- 2nd round pick (8th) & 4th round pick(16th)

Arizona Trades: 2nd rd pick 8, 4th Round pick 16 NYR Trades: BergysDeke

Arizona Trades: BergysDeke ; First Round 13th Pick Philly Trades: First Round 4th pick, Second Round 16th pick

Preseason Resigns

ARI resign Goalieman 6.5 million, HartySauce 6.5 million, xOneTimer 2 million

PIT resign Rent-A-GoaIie, Linde94 & Zredbeard

CGY resign ACK-stonerboy, agesquod, Jamie14benn14 & Pooler2012

ANA resign Shaynestaa and Deadant

COL resign Sedinpower & vxWoytkiw8xv

VGK resign SA_Pliskin & prodigytolegend

DAL resign dirty_triix_13 & sfic16

DET resign Shepard-5m, Purplecrayonfucer-4m, Phillysmvp-3m, Captain21Canada-3m, Teamrun420-2.5m, a_rehmtulla-1.5m, HABS_11_31_6-0.5m

NJ resign LeCupidon, LW, 4M., Monokuuu, RD, 3.5M., DodgesBlueShells, LD, 3M.

OTT resign Ransom – 5mil, Go_marc – 7mil, Noto – 3mil , Pepsi – 500k

PHI resign SMOKESHOWJOE 5.50mill & u_1_2_b_me_ 5.50mill

TB resigns RedFlag 6.5mil & LouieDeuce8 5.5mil

TOR resign Ajax32123 – 4.5 Mil, Caponeuptop – 4.5 Mil, Nemmiss74 – 3.0 Mil & Xxdufresne27xx – 3.0 Mil

NYR resign Bergysdeke, NowYoDead & Mcavoy

WPG resign Kidmoney 5.5M, Barnickle_sam 3M, M1keal 4M & Reap 7M
EDM resign Loyalty_Caper –  4.5m,  Murphy87 –   2.5m, Devilspride –    2m &  Raja_Sandhu 4m