League Transactions


WSH sends weedplug down to training camp
LA sign Pugz_360 for 500k
MTL SIgn ZacharyDuhaime22 for 500k.
MTL sign Coffey-lidstrom for 2.5 mil.
Dallas trades tommy_dubz to new york islanders for rambo
New Jersey trades DJ_Deathslap to LA for LouieDeuce8
COL trade xDeedss & ShawnSauve to NYI for Xtract and Heedless
New Jersey trades Donutspenton to CGY for OneHitPony_

WSH sign Weed plus for 2.5 mil.

NYI sends ThatGuyShadow91 to ARI for Beaster

ARI send weedplug down to training camp

COL trade ChiefTrout to SJ for Randymarsh2012

Montreal trade eggman to Ottawa for kidmoney

Sens trade cixtimes to the Flames for ilovehugejugs

NYI send p0itraz2z down to training camp



CGY trades Wheelchairdevon8 to NYI for probableKoz

NYI send Coffey-lidstrom down to training camp

To New York Islanders p0itraz2z & Heroic_veil2 To San Jose Dptickler & lxfukitol85xl

SJ sign Ushkilledya for 500k.

Dallas call up Tommy_Dubz to the starting roster

Dallas trade Shadow and teamrun to The New york islanders for Fishhure

SJ call up Pensrul066 to starting roster.

SJ trades Coffey-lidstrom, BumbleBee-Z and CapBan_Clark1999 to NYI for Randymarsh2012 and mpurch


Sens trade probablekoz to NYI for peacekeeper

SJ trades PghFANATIC to CGY for Coffey-lidstrom

NJ sign Gallaghxr for 500k.

Toronto Trades Buzzy_11 to Calgary for Lumbermango-

ARI call up Weedplug412 to the starting roster

ARI send Weedplug412 down to training camp

CGY call up Playboicentersg to the starting roster.

Toronto Trades Fishhure to NYI for i9i-stamkos-i1ic

NYI trades Pfarrcyde to the NJD for i9i-stamkos-i1ic

NYI trades GrammyHands to ARI for Rambo and heedless

San Jose trades Ivanthygreat to Calgary for CapBan_Clark1999

LA trade Dedstarks & xBudz87 To SJ for cHELIOS-7x

COL call up JoeyPistol- to the starting roster.

LA call up SpudTheScrub to the starting roster.

Toronto Trades Capban_clark1999 & Lumbermango- to Calgary for Fishhure & Buzzy_11

OTT trade Rich2k8 and matrik to CGY for kidmoney and kozmo

WSH trade Louiedeuce8 to for LA for elfpha



SJ sign BumbleBee-Z for 500k.

San Jose trades xquizT-kys and Pugs360 TC to Washington for Heroic_veil and madaia TC

SJ trades kingtom111 to NYI for Pghfanatic

San Jose Calls up Hoagytime to the starting roster

NJ Call up Ma082ma to starting roster

WSH trades cHELIOS-7x to SJ for Heroic_veil

New Jersey signs donutspenton for 500k

New Jersey send Alltro1 down to training camp

SJ sign sugaboii22 and A-mason_4 for 500k each.

COL send JoeyPistol- down to training Camp.

CGY sends Woy & Shepherd to MTL for illbacke & Fishure

CGY send Playboicentersg down to training camp.

New Jersey trades TANGO-TOXIC (TC) to San Jose for Ma82ma (TC) and BumbleBee-Z (TC)


Sens trade sgtvandoos to Mtl for noto and handsomedusty

Coyotes trade lxFukito85xl LW to the Islanders for X_beaster_x LD

To Kings SpudTheScrub To Sharks Pensrul066

To Montreal Guesshoo1 To Sanjose Bumblebee-z

LA trade cixtimes to OTT for tonecarbone

SJ send KJaySwift down to training camp

SJ send ma082ma down to training camp

SJ send SpudTheScrub down to training camp

Arizona trades Kingtom111 LW to San Jose for xHac_Rambo RW

Dallas sends Ma082ma to san jose for teamrun420

Arizona trades Handsome_Dusty to Montreal for JoshuaDuhaime

CGY call up Playboicentersg to starting roster.

NJ call up krackerboi to the starting roster

NJ call up Alltro1 to the starting roster


ARI call up lxfukitol85xl to the starting roster.

SJ Sign KJaySwift for 500k

TOR sign Hoagytime for 500k.

NYI send Kawpow_Barnes_69 down to training camp

SJ call up SpudTheScrub to starting roster.

SJ send guesswho1 down to training camp

OTT trade guesswho1 to SJ for Pensqc

SJ trades Cook_Da_Monster and PEACEKEEPER500 to NYI for NowYoDead and shock_R

Calgary trades IvanThyGreat LW $2M To San Jose for OneHitPony_ G $3M

Washington trades p0itraz2z, xHAC_Rambo, and Hoagytime (TC) To San Jose for iZinczyi and CapitalsFan_08

Dallas trades Teamrun420 to San Jose for TheMooCowTit

TOR trades Shock_r to NYI for A-mason_4


Arizona trade Iam_beanzy, 3rd round pick 12 & 6th round pick 1 to DAL for 1st round pick 3, 3rd round pick 3 & 5th round pick 9

WSH trade 2nd round & 5th round to DAL for their 2nd round, 7th round & x_jedi_x420

NYI trade first round 6th overall to TOR for GrammyHands

CGY trades first and third round picks to WSH for Kidmoney and their fourth round pick.

CGY trade I_Matthews34_I to SJ for their Third round pick.


ARI re-sign Iam-beanzy & xSalda-

MTL re-sign Fishhure, RiCKY69BoBBYjr & Notorious250

LA re-sign Beantwn_beatdwn & Bufford80

SJ re-sign PEACEKEEPER500- & Capitalsfan_08

NYI re-sign Pfarrcyde23 & Randymarsh2012

NJ re-sign i9i-stamkos-i1ic, Jeiel9876 & xxBert-

DAL re-sign Fluri37, uStooPiiD & x_Jedi_x420

CAL re-sign I_Matthews34_I, IvanThyGreat & vxWoytkiw8xv

COL re-sign captstalechips & Whitetees41

OTT re-sign LeCupidon & Predator2477

WSH re-sign Kidmon3y

TOR re-sign chadkillz134 & GrammyHands