EDM release cgiroux11 to FA


CHI sign H4dES__SP4wN for 2 mil.

Pittsburgh trades Gooberdude89 – 2.5  to St Louis for RickRage – 5.5

DET sign Acid__85 for 1 mil.

Tampa trades Castles720 3mil To Nashville for Kc2917 3mil
Redwings send SpyKing316 to MIN for Habs113116

Blues send Fivestarcoock RD 6.5m to Wild for Shaynestaa RD 6.5m

OTT release H4dES__SP4wN to FA.

DET sign G1x3r750 for 500k

PIT trades Peacekeeper – 5.0 Mil Frankjones – 1.5 Mil to Boston for -Gonzoarmstrong – 2.5 Mil & Nemmiss74  3.5 Mil

Tampa trades Nemmisis74 3.5mil & GonzoArmstrong 2.5mil To Boston for Steelersfan26 5mil & Th3_On3 .5mil

CHI sends Sergein to DET for Mg

To Nashville- Dafoumanchew & Neonslasher5 To Detroit- Teamrun420


Week 4 Transactions


To preds: Kronwall To sens: Brodtshadow13


DAL sign Mathqc22 for 1 mil

Nashville and Edmonton trade Puckzone for FLINN and Brownsville for Loyalty-caper

Vegas Trades: Winerox to Edmonton for TYLERisGOD69

Vegas Trades: Brodtshadow13 and Rathx4 to Nashville for WickedSnapshot


Islanders trade loyalty_caper lw 4.5 mil and wukie lw 1.5 mil to nashville for servnspike c 5 mil and nickehlersrocks c .5 mil

STL sign Quinzee for 2 mil.

islanders trade herbx420 lw .5 mil to blues for pooler2012 rd 2 mil

NSH sign Nickehlersrocks for 500k

Boston trades chadkillz & chiefbigbear13 to FLA for nuttyoutlaw13 & monokuu

PIT releases Acid__85 to FA


DET sign NeonSlasher5 for 500k

Boston trades mr.t to EDM for chiefbigbear13

Edmonton Oilers trades Bruise4Life to Boston in return for Brownsvillesolja

Edmonton Oilers send Cam123ph to the Ducks in return for Bruiser4Life

Edmonton Oilers send to the Preds RIGHT-POWER and kc2917 in exchange for xx_At_Ezzz_Xx

Boston trades Servnspike & teamrun420 to Nashville for digs387 & benner77

Nashville trades jedi 420 to Florida for nocturnal turtle and wickedsnapshot

DET release Chapmango_ to FA.

FLA sign pghfantic for 500k.

Ottawa trades – Xxdufresne27xx -2.5 mil to PIT In exchange for H4des__sp4wn – 2.0 mil


Ducks trade  wickedsnapshot to Panthers for barnickle _ sam
To Ducks: bufford80 To sens: Notorious250

Week 3 Transactions


NYI release Mathqc22 to FA

DAL sign Spud_The_Scrub for 500k.

DET sign Dafoumanchew for 5.5 mil

DET release Quinzee to FA.

OTT sign Kronwall LD 1.5m

STL sign Joeja15 for 500k.

Boston released wukie89 to fa and sign Brownsvillesolja for 1.5 mil.


STL release Rambokiller_23 to FA

St. Louis send mr t to Boston for way2goal

DET release Joeja to FA.

DET sign chapmango 500k.

To St Louis- beaster & Pooler To Detroit- francey & spyking
To Florida- monnokuu & nocturnalturtle To Detroit- Ethan & Joeja

Islanders trade rickrage c 5.5 mil & fivestarcoock rd 6.5 mil to st louis for ACK-stonerboy c 6.5 mil & Loyalty_Caper lw 4.5 mil

CHI sign ImCanedianEhh for 500k.

CHI release KRONWALL1924 to FA.

Edmonton trades to Anaheim Deathclown27 for Avng_202.

Boston trades nowyodead to Chicago for dodgesblueshells


Edmonton Oilers send Go_Marc to Ottawa for tylerisgod and KC2917.


PHI sign JaySgr92 for 500k.


PHI release Brownsvillesolja and Dafoumanchew to FA.


TB signs GonzoArmstrong for $2.5 mill

TB releases PghFANATIC and Spud_The_Scrub to FA

CHI signs JRG173188 for 500k

EDM signs ChiefBigBear13 for 500k

DAL signs iMC3dXX for 500k

Week 2 Transactions


CHI releases GonzoArmstrong to FA

DET releases JRG173188 and ChiefBigBear13 to FA

BOS signs Wukie89 for 2mill and way2goal for 2mill

BOS releases iMC3dXX to FA

NSH signs CiNcHxUp for 500k


STL releases G1x3r750 to FA

NYI trades XXDUFRESNE27XX and kc2917 to OTT in return for RickRage


STL signs Spyking316 and kingilkillu both for 500k

EDM releases way2goal to FA signs DevilsPride4 for 1.0 mill


DAL trades monokuuu and gAmErGoD95 to DET in return for BipolorBear1387


DAL signs Puckstopper3434 for 500k

VGK signs Rathx4 for 500k

MIN signs xOneTimer for 500k


NYI signs HerbX420 for 500k


ANA releases xOneTimer to FA

NYI release CiNcHxUp to FA

ANA trades Teamrun420 and ja-girard to BOS in return for TheHaunted29 and Dougcbj

BOS signs iMC3dXX for 500k

BOS releases JaySgr92 to FA

VGK signs Brodtshadow13 for 3.5mill


STL sign i-mr-t-i for 1.5 mil.

DET sign ChiefBigBear13 for 500k.

Week 1 Transactions


CHI release Wukie89 to FA.


FLA signed Joeja15 for 2 mil.


DET release DevilsPride4 to FA.

To St Louis-Francey2325 To Detroit-Pooler2012&x_beaster_x

NYI sign Mathqc22 for 2 mil.

ANA release ChiefBigBear13 to FA.


Edmonton Oilers trade WickedSnapShot and Teamrun420 to the Anaheim Ducks In return for puckzone.

PHI sign Brownsvillesolja for 2 mil.

DET release Puckstopper3434 to FA.

DET sign JRG173188 for 500k.

Islanders trade: Mg2452 rw 5 mil, GunzThe4th ld 5.5 mil & Nocturnal_Turtle G 2.5 mil to detroit for Breezy5457 rd 6.5 mil, kc2917 ld 3 mil & XXDUFRESNE27XX lw 2.5 mil.

PIT Release ImCanedianEhh to FA.

Preseason Transactions.

DET sign puckstopper3434 2m

TB sign PghFANATIC for 1.5 mil

Edmonton Signs DeathClown27 for 4 mil.

Chicago claims trickldik for 2 mil.

Edmonton trades AAli_27 to Toronto in return for Go-Marc

Pittsburgh trades – Rw – Puckzone to Anaheim for Second round 13th pick ( 31st overall )

Pittsburgh trades 3rd round pick and 4th round pick to Detroit in exchange for PEACEKEEPER500 – G

To Chicago: 2nd Round (18th) & 3rd Round (1st) To St. Louis: Sullivan & 5th round (13th)

Dallas sends 3rd round 12th pick to STL  for Rd monokuuu

Detroit trade 1st round pick(15th), 5th round pick(15th), 6th round pick(6th) & 6th round pick(13th) To Chicago for: Quinzee, 2nd round pick(6th), 4th round pick(14th)

ANA trades it’s 1st round pick 15 and both 5th round picks 10 and 15 To DET in return for DET’S 2nd round picks 9 and 13 along with 4th round pick 9

New York Islanders trade 1st rd pick(13) to Nashville for Fivestarcoock RD 6.5 mil

Dallas trades 1st round 12th pick, 4th round 7th pick, barnickle_sam to Florida for 1st round 2nd overall

Detroit trade: Gunzthe4th & 1st round pick(13th) To Islanders for: Peacekeeper, 2nd round pick(13th), 3rd round pick(6th) & 6th round pick(13th)

Ottawa trade Breezy, Devilspride, and 5th round (10th ovr )To Detroit for Ucantcme_Kamakaz, and 3rd round (13th ovr)

OTT trade: 1st round (10th ovr), 2nd round (9th ovr) and 4th round (9th ovr) To CHI for: 1st round (5th ovr), 2nd round (14th ovr) and 5th round (5th ovr)

To Anahiem: 4th round pick(6th) & 5th round pick(10th)  To Detroit: KC2917

Lightning trade 1st round pick(4th pick) and 5th round pick (4th pick) To Wild for RedFlag33

Dallas trades 1st round 12th pick, 4th round 7th pick & barnickle_sam to Florida for 1st round 2nd overall pick

Wild trade: PncPark G, 2nd round (pick 11) & 4th round (pick 11) to Maple Leafs for 1st round (pick 14)  5th round (pick 14)
 To Chicago:2nd round pick(6th) & 5th round pick(13th) To Detroit:2nd round pick (9th) & 4th round pick(9th)

RE-SIGNS and Expansion selections.

NSH re-sign Ballzdeep, Fivestarcoock and x_Jedi_x420

OTT re-sign Ransom , Breezy and Devils.

EDM Re-sign TheAppler, RIGHT-POWER,  cgiroux & Socotimmer

NYI Re-sign Mg2452, PEACEKEEPER500 & Nocturnal_Turtle

TOR Re-sign u_1_2_b_me_ & SMOKESHOWJOE

STL Re-sign Deadant, Mikelong11 and Troublekid

DET Re-sign Gunzthe4th & Ucantcmekamikaz

TB Re-sign VinceT13 & Kinglyme89

PHI Re-sign B-Wall919, ChiefTrout, Dsmitty2116 & Bali_91

BOS Re-sign Chadkilzz & Nowyodead

COL Re-sign I9I-Stamkos-I1IC & Sedinpower

PIT Re-signs – Ajax32123, CaponeUptop66, ImCanedianEhh, kyle03des, puckzone & Speedyturtle2017.

DAL Re-sign Barnickle_Sam & Mjvoell44

MIN Re-sign Arrowhunter14, PNCPark2k1 & redflag33

ANA Re-sign kidmon3y, kc2917 & Notorious250

VGK Re-Sign SA_Pliskin & prodigytolegend

CHI EXP STEALS –  CantTreadOnMe_, Quinzee and Sullivanl93l

FLA EXP STEALS – Uberpwned_6969, ciulla19 & SliyumShady