Preseason Trades

Colorado sends Colorado 4th round (52nd pick) To Anaheim for WillRolltide RW 1.5M

Toronto trades Lecupidon – Lw – 7.0 Mil, 1st Round 10th Overall, 3rd Round 38th Overall & 4th Round 47th Overall. to

Philadelphia for First Round 1st Overall & 4th Round 56th Overall

Vegas trades 2nd round pick & 3rd round pick For Carolina 2nd round pick

Tampa trades second round pick (pick 19)for Mclub326 RW

Tampa trades Gods3_3plan1 to Toronto for 2nd round pick (19th)

To Pittsburgh- Sergein To Islanders- chadkillz134

kinglyme89 from pens to Chicago for duckweed1989

PIT trade Etthan to CBJ for SA_Pliskin

New York Islanders receive Carolina’s first round (13th overall) pick. Carolina receives: chadkillz134, G, $6 M.


PIT re-sign etthan, BALLZZDEEPINER, Kinglyme89 & chadkillz134
EDM re-sign Cookie_Man_412, Dustywall33, NuttyOutlaw13, Bufford80, TheHaunted29 & Puckzone
NYI re-sign Mclub326, Mg2452 & Sergein
CHI re-sign chicks-n-whips, Duckweed1989, Linde94 & SMOKESHOWJOE
CBJ re-sign Al_bundy128, PNCPark2k1, RickRage, SA_Pliskin & TYLERisGOD69
COL re-sign vxWoytkiw8xv, Sedinpower & ACK-stonerboy
TB re-sign redflag33 & GodS3_3Plan1
CAR re-sign GrammyHands & xBoeser16
TOR re-sign LeCupidon, NJs_VeryOwn91 & NowYoDead
WPG re-sign Kidmon3y, N-Y-L-A-N-D-E-R- & Bizness101
ANA re-sign Mxster-77, Notorious250, Ransom613 & WillRolltide
VGK re-sign captain21canada
ARI re-sign Goalieman92 & Mjvoell44
PHI re-sign Diirty_Triix_13, Itz_Synyster22 & rich2k8