Trade Deadline

KINGS sign Azhkyplyrz, PoOkY_Qc_87, Pugz_360, Randymarsh2012 & tripZ504 for 500k each
boston trades arrowhunter14 to LA for Nocturnal Turtle

canes trade Freefaii to La for AgedEmbryo

NYR sends Steel243 to LA for MG2452

La sends Jamie14benn14 to CAR for Xx96_BiDoU_96xX

Chicago trades aali to boston for barzy

Boston signs JaG83D83 500k.



Week Six

Boston trades Fluri37 6.5m to VAN for Gucci_Gui 8m
WSH sign BKdaFlyBoy for 500k.
PIT sign Acid__85 500k
CAR release RandyMarsh to FA.
WSH sign lxl-C-lxl for 500k
Chicago trades eskimo and deadant to washington for aali and ultimategamer
LA sign VAPETOKES77 for 500k.
VGK send BowDownFB to MIN for CaponeUptop66
CAR release lxl-C-lxl to FA.
Canes sign XxMikita21xX 500k.

NY trades Deadant to Chicago for NowYoDead

CHI trade Flesheatingalien to  MIN For Nowyodead




Week Five

CAR sign lxl-C-lxl for 500k.

VAN signs frankjones 500k

NYR release lxl-C-lxl to FA.




Week Four

WSH sign ZacharyDuhaime for 2.5 mil.
LA release Acid and ZacharyDuhaime to FA.
To Detroit: Shock_r 500k To Washington: CartmanMJ 500k
LA sign MrGalaxy207 and Acid for 500k each

CAR sign RandyMarsh for 500k.

Chicago sign shawnsuave for 500k


Week Three

To Wild: Snake_-_Plisskin and Ushkilledya To Capitals: AAli-21 and UltimateGamer940

bruins trade nuttyoutlaw13 and monokuuu to the wild for ihockeygirli and cardinsalsin47

CAR release tripZ504 to FA.

KINGS SEND FleshEatingAlien (4M) to BLACKHAWKS for ZacharyDuhaime22 (2.5M)

CAR sign tripZ504 500k

Cans send Sandybombs, Teamrun420 & Steelersfan to Knights for Sportsgeek  & Cbthomas

PIT sign Bufford for 500k.




Week Two

TO Bruins: ShadowAsylum91,   To Caps: TurdBurgler169

LA release MrGalaxy207 to FA

WSH sign Carlson74x for 500k.

Chicago trades LD Exe and G Sukmychinesepeen to Pittsburgh For Ld the_real_pistol, lw jmm, g rowan

Bruins sign i_izadinai_i 500k

Detroit signs betobone for 500k

Caps pickup Aronaconda and ajota1112 for 500k each.

CAR send smokeshowjoe to preds for jayscott

To Washington: Trivium 3.5m, To Minnesota: Extendo 2.5m, Kwhiss, 3m

WSH sign Shock_R for 500k.

NYR sign lxl-C-lxl 500k

BOS sign Arrowhunter14 4.5m

BOS release Bufford80 to FA.

VAN sign JoshuaDuhaime rw 500k

bruins trade Faaa_Kueue to the red wings for x13arzy

bruins trade rich2.8 7m to the preds for Ack-stonerboy 6.5m

Canes trade aali21 to wild for Bk_0994

Bruins trade chieftrout 6.5m to the wild for Faaa_Kueue 4.5m

CHI sign zacharyduhaime10 for 2.5 mil.

CHI release arrowhunter to FA.

Detroit sign cookieman 500k

LA sign xXM1NORTHREATXx for 2.5 mil

LA release Wiqkid1 to FA.

Boston trades rancher12345 to Chicago for cornect57

Red Wings trade Hockeygirl 4.5 mill & Faaa_kueue 4.5 mill to Minnesota Wild for Chadkillz134 8 mil

NSH release Aronaconda to FA.



Week one

Minnesota sends Gucci_Gui 8 mill & BigNasty_Daryl 500k to Vancouver for Chadkillz 8 mill & CardinalsIn47 500k

MIN sign OUT_FRONT_RCN42 1 mill

WSH release minorthreat – 3m to FA.

WSH pickup ushkilledya – 2m

Canes send Shay & dafoumanchew Vegas sends Sliyumshady & Freefall




Pittsburgh trades Gucci, 6th round 6th pick & 6th round 7th pick to Minnesota for 1st round 12th pick, 3rd round 4th pick & 5th round 4th pick

Chicago trades 1st round, 2nd round and 3rd round pick to Nashville for Nashville 2 2nd rounders and its 3rd round

Minnesota 1st Rounder 5th & 2nd Rounder 4th (pick 16) For Nashville 1st Rounder 2nd overall

Pittsburgh trades Grammy & 7th round pick Chicago trades Gucci 4th round pick 6th round pick

Minnesota trades 4th overall For Vegas 12th overall and 24th overall

MIN Trade GUI to CHI for Gods3_3plan1

MIN trade Gods3_3plan1 to DET for their 5th overall pick.

Pittsburgh trades 1st round pick to Boston for Grammyhands & 3rd round pick

CHI Re-Sign Gods3_3plan1

MIN Re-Sign Gucci__Gui

DET Re-Sign LeCupidon

CAR Re-Sign AAli-21

PIT Re-Sign SA_Pliskin

WSH Re-Sign Ransom613 and Stiivii-66

NSH Re-Sign SgtVandoos

VAN Re-Sign Daddy_Entry

NYR Re-Sign DeathClxwn

VGK Re-Sign ProdigyToLegend

BOS Re-Sign grammyhands

LA Re-Sign Jamie14benn14