Season Week 4
Arizona trades Addybrant and Barnickle_Sam to CAR for seedoftavares.
BOS release bigajd09 to FA.
CAR sign joeja15 for 1 mil.
Boston trades socotimmer to Vancouver for sportsgeek
TB trade Ajax rd Rickrage to Pit for Burst night owl Tar-pit
St louis sent LW navy to Flyers for Quinzee
Kings send Captain21Canada RD to Capitals for Snach22 RD
TOR released KaneFromCanada to FA.
TOR sign PghFANATIC for 500k and Ushkilledya for 2 mil
Toronto Trades PGH and Ush to tampa for sullivan
Tampa trades Bergydekes Ld 4mill Trickldik Lw .5 to LA For Sliyumshady Ld 6mill
Boston trades bstieboydp to LA for Fullmelt
PHI release Duckweed1989 to FA.
Ducks trade westsidehockey To pitts for Tibod68
Toronto Trades Stoner and Ciulla to VGK for Rich2k8 and playmaker
ARI sign dophares2000 for 500k and CiNcHxUp for 500k
ARI sign Vapetokes77 for 3.5
*P.S Plisk says fuck off GMs lol kisses*

Vegas release Vapetokes77 to FA
BOS sign digs387 for 500k.
Sharks send Full_Melt707 to Kings for ThePoolMagician and IhockeygirlI

Feb 1
VAN released Ushkilledya to FA.
LA signed theevilmonkey123 for 4.5 mil.

Jan 30
VGK release Digs to FA.
VGK sign Mpurch for 500k.
Vancouver Canucks release – theevilmonkey
Vancouver Canucks sign – cgiroux11
Vancouver Canucks sign ILLUMINATTI-NJ

Season Week 3
jan 28
WSH sign Nuttyoutlaw 500k.
Boston release joeja15 to fa
TOR sign TYLERisGOD69 for 4 mil.
New Jersey trades Murphy87 & Way2goal to Vancouver for JRG & Turdburgler
VAN sign TheAppler for 500k.
VAN sign Gooberdude99 for 500k.
VAN sign Herbx420 for 500k.

Jan 27
WSH signs Deadrising6669
WSH trades scalz_yanks_24 to SJ in return for Notorious250
WSH trades Notorious250 to ANA in return for mudninja5555
SJ releases New360Guy
SJ signs Loyalty_Caper
WSH release wincowboy to FA.

JAN 26
WSH sign wincowboy for 500k.
WSH release Loyalty_Caper to FA.

JAN 25
STL sign Dirty-Dietrich for 2 mil.
WSH release MPurch to FA.

JAN 24
PIT sign Caponeuptop66 – .5 Mil
Boston signs bigajd09
PIT release duges39 to FA.

JAN 23
SJ trades ushkilldya to VAN for fuqt
Boston trades rambokiller to Vancouver for bstieboydp
New Jersey trades IMC3dXX to Vancouver for Kinglyme
Washington trades Jphilly7 to Vancouver for Mpurch
Kings sends PrimeTimePhresh LW and Right-Power LW to Canucks for Odyua_Like_That RW and Beernpickles RD
Pittsburgh sign – CASTLES720 – .5 Mil – Center
STL sign JDK6390 for 500k.
BOS trades Playmaker_x7 and digs387 to VGK for Socotimmer13 and Dirty-Dietrich
BOS release Dirty-Dietrich to FA.

JAN 22
Washington signs Loyalty_Caper LW 5m
Ari Sign MacInnis_2 for 4.5 mil
BOS sign chadkillz134 for 500k.

Season Week 2
JAN 21
PIT release Bigajd09 and DeadRising6669 to FA.
WSH sign Jphilly7 for 500k.
WSH releases TYLERisGOD69 to FA.
Vegas trades mikethenef to St Louis for Vapetokes77
Sharks release Castles720 to FA
Vegas trades RIGHT-POWER to Washington for Dirty-Dietrich
CAR releases caponeuptop66 to FA.
SJ sign New360Guy for 500k.

Three-way trade
Carolina recieves grippinq & Pemm from LA
LA recieves Right_Power from WSH & soiceyboyz4 from CAR
Washington recieves scalz_yanks_24 from CAR

JAN 20
COL release Illuminati LD to FA
COL Sign Watchurstep C for 500k.
PHI sign LW Duckweed1989 .5 mil
PHI release C kevinhesspschamp .5 mil to FA.

JAN 19
TOR sign Dragonowlz for 2.5 mil.
BOS sign Playmaker_x_7 for 500k.

JAN 18
PIT sign robbeyy – Ld .5 Mil and duges39 – G .5 Mil
Toronto Trades Zredbeard To Vegas For Ronniehexstall
TOR release Dragonowlz to FA.

JAN 17
TOR release Robbeyy to FA.
Pittsburgh Releases – C – Loyalty_Caper to FA.
Tampa trades Holdfast G 6mill Caponeuptop66 C .5 to CAR For Mg2452 Rw 5.5mill
TOR release robbeyy to FA.
TOR signs ciulla19 for 3 mil.
Washington trades troublekid1999 to St Louis for snach22.

JAN 16
Vegas trades Castles720 to San Jose for Socotimmer13
STL release Ciulla to FA.
Carolina Trades Ack-Stonerboy To Toronto For SeedOfTavares
Pittsburgh trades – TheEvilMonkey123 – 5.0 Mil to Vancouver for- Loyalty_Caper – 6.0 Mil

Season Week 1
JAN 14

STL released Pghfanatic to FA.
New Jersey trades Kanefromcanada to Toronto for Jielking
WSH releases New360Guy to FA.
WSH claims contract for TYLERisGOD69 5.5 mil from BOS.
Washington trades Tik-tok-91 to Arizona for New360Guy.

Jan 13

WSH trades captain21canada to LA in return for GunzThe4th

WSH releases CiNcHxUp to FA

TBĀ trades Grippinq and ThePoolMagician to LA in return for RickRage and Bergysdeke

PHI signs Dsmitty2116 for 0.5 mill

STL signs Budz_780 for 1 mill

Jan 11
WSH sign Dirty-Dietrich for 2.5 mil
ARI aign Addybrant for 3 mil.

Jan 10
BOS release Addybrant to FA.4
TB sign Ajax32123 for 4.5 mil.
WSH release TheAppler to FA.

Jan 9.
TB release Pooler2012 rw 3mill, Playmaker G 1mill, Budz Ld 2.5mill and Dirty-Dietrich C 3mill to the FA

TOR sign Austin-_-Smash for 500k.

TOR release Ajax32123 to FA.

TB sign caponeuptop66 C .5

Preseason Trades/signings
TOR sign Austin-_-Smash for 500k.

TOR release Ajax32123 to FA.

TB sign caponeuptop66 C .5

Boston signs rambokiller 4.5

Washington trades Addybrant 3m to Boston for The Appler 4m.

Boston signs tylerisgod69 for 5.5 mil

TB sign Pooler2012 rw 3 mil & Dirty-Dietrich C 3 mil.

STL sign Vapetokes rd 4m and mikelong11 c 0.5m

Vegas trades mudninja5555 to Anaheim for Castles720

Boston trades steezybabeh to Anaheim for digs387

Toronto Trades Nemmiss74 & Monokuuu To St.Louis For Ajax & Seed

Vegas trades 1st round 3rd pick and 7th 3rd pick to STL for their 1st round 4th pick and 5th round 4th pick

Tampa trades 4th round pick To Toronto for Sullivan 2.5

sanjose trade their 3rd round pick to vancouver for Full_melt 3m

CAROLINA sends rw kinglyme 3.5mill and 8th round pick To vancouver for a 1st round and 2nd round pick.

sanjose Trade Mjvoell44 8m and MG2452 5.5m to carolina for their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th round picks

Boston trades goalieman92 to toronto for their 4th round pick

Boston trades 4th round pick to Vancouver for Shaynestaa

Washington trades holdfast308 & grippinq to Tampa for 1st, 3rd and 5th round pick

Toronto Trades Ajax 5M To St-Louis for 2nd and 3rd round picks

Washington trades prodigytolegend to Vegas for 3rd round pick!

Tampa trade 6th and 7th round picks to NJ forNocturnal turtle 2mill

NJ trade Seedoftavares to STL For VinceT13

Colorado trades Round 1, #1 overall pick Round 4, #16 pick to LA for Round 1, #12 overall pick and Aali 2.5

Kings send francey2325 4m to Washington for their 3rd #6 and 5th #6 round pick

Kings send Xx_At_Ezzzz_Xx 6m to Arizona for their 2nd and 4th round picks

Washington trades two 3rd round picks(3rd&11th) for San Jose’s 2nd round pick(7th)

Team re-signs

Jamie benn Rw 7mill
Budz_780 LD 2.5mill
Deathmachine Lw/D 3mill

Mjvoell44 – 8m
MG2452 – 5.5m


Canttreadonme 4.5
Freefaii 5
King 3.5

Dodgeblueshells 3.5
Joeja15 2.5
Goalieman92 3.5

shaynesta 4m
fullmelt 3m
oduya_like_that 1m

Addybrant- 3m
Holdfast308- 6m
ProdigytoLegend- 3m
Grippinq- 4m

deadant 3.0m
Navy_chief_2008 4.5m
Vincet13 0.5m
Ciulla19 3.5m
Bmarche 2001 2.5m






Stud 5m
Fishure 7m
Chal 2.5m
Xtree 3.5m

RickRage 5m
francey2325 4m
Xx_At_Ezzz_Xx 6m
AAli-21 2.5m

Bigmummy 7
Johnny phonny 6
Etthan 3.5