League Transactions


primedone (TC) assigned to NJ

VizVibezz (TC) assigned to FLA

LumberMango- (TC) assigned to SEA

Shmur33 (TC) assigned to MTL

tydalton16 (TC) assigned to MTL

Kyndermen10 (TC) assigned to NYI

KJaySwift (TC) assigned to STL.

Montreal trades capban_clark and pensrul to the islanders for a_mason and cyrus

Kraken trades mlg Owen to the Islanders for eddie

Florida trades chief2step to Montreal for kapanen

Toronto trade Dopey-Stevens & Nicothegoon to LA for Nowyodead & Dptickler.

MTL calls up Terrariser to starting roster

TOR send Vortx down to training camp.




Montreal trades Rambo to Florida for execution

kings trades bert to CHI for heroic_veil

LA trades wally to MTL for jagged and june

COL call DumbSon1 up to the starting roster.

TANGO-TOXIC (TC) assigned to NYI

xSicKMoTioNz (TC) assigned to STL

Aro_x_10 (TC) assigned to STL

Terrariser (TC) assigned to MTL

tydalton16 (TC) assigned to MTL

primedone (TC) assigned to FLA

Sebascaron88 (TC) assigned to CHI

LumberMango- (TC) assigned to PHI

Dopey-Stevens (TC) assigned to TOR

VizVibezz (TC) assigned to TOR

DumbSon1 (TC) assigned to COL

Shmur33 (TC) assigned to SEA

FLA call up King_of_BelAyerz to starting roster

King_of_BelAyerz TC assigned to FLA

FLA call up Ushkilledya to starting roster

St Louis send xeagle_420 to Training camp.

St. Louis Call matriks up to the starting roster.

NYI send TANGO-TOXIC down to training camp.



STL send Matrikstl to training camp

Kraken trades xcraig02 and matrik to Blues for konecny

Phi send xEagle_420 to St. Louis for IceColdCaptain

LA call up ma082ma to starting roster.

NYI send vizvibezz down to training camp.

NYI call up A-mason_4 and tango toxic to the starting roster.

Panthers send icecoldcaptain to the blues in return for billyg7781

Chicago Trades BostonBruins4 to Florida for Guiskiii

Chicago Trades X-_-Pulver-_-X to NYI for Coffey-Lidstrom

NYI send A-mason_4 down to training camp

SEA call up Effect_Kmatt to starting roster

COL call up Midwest_Elites41 to starting roster

Kraken trade bufford and fox to LA for owen and ducky

Montreal receive pensrule Islander receive vizvibezz

TOR call up NicotheGoon to starting roster

TOR call up VortX_X4 to starting roster

CHI send Fialah to Training camp

King_of_BelAyerz (TC) assigned to ARI

TANGO-TOXIC (TC) assigned to NYI

Jokiharju (TC) assigned to NJ

ma082ma (TC) assigned to LA

Terrariser (TC) assigned to STL

Aro_x_10 (TC) assigned to STL

tydalton16 (TC) assigned to MTL

Shmur33 (TC) assigned to MTL

Dopey-Stevens (TC) assigned to MTL

PunjabiDancer (TC) assigned to CHI

xSicKMoTioNz (TC) assigned to CHI

NicotheGoon (TC) assigned to TOR

VortX_X4 (TC) assigned to TOR

Midwest_Elites41 (TC) assigned to COL

JAGGED1183 (TC) assigned to SEA

BillysNYR30 (TC) assigned to SEA

Effect_Kmatt (TC) assigned to SEA

COL sends xSicKMoTioNz down to Training camp



CHI trades Bluedevil to ARI for X-_-Pulver-_-X and Heroic_Veil2

NYI send Coffey-lidstrom down to training camp.

MTL call up CapBan_Clark1999 to the starting roster

NJ call up Handsome_Dusty to the starting roster

NJ send Shock_r down to training camp

Kraken trades LLCHIEF2STEPLL to the Panthers for yesc

MTL trade XXBERT to kings for se7tee
TOR call up X-z3tt3rbergzz-x to the starting Roster.
Montreal trades Joshuaduhaime for Philly’s Junepon-darasta
Montreal sends zacharyduhaime and AR_Demy to philly for royalkc

CHI send Nicothegoon to training camp

CHI Call up xLoyalty96 to the starting roster

LA send Jokihxrju down to training camp

LA send Bloodmist down to training camp

NYI call Pensrul066 up to the starting roster

King_of_BelAyerz (TC) assigned to NJ

Handsome_dusty (TC) assigned to NJ

Effect_Kmatt (TC) assigned to STL

Aro_x_10 (TC) assigned to FLA

JAGGED1183 (TC) assigned to CHI

Dopey-Stevens (TC) assigned to TOR

Shmur33 (TC) assigned to TOR

Buzzy_11 (TC) assigned to COL

Billy_Havoc (TC) assigned to COL

Midwest_Elites41 (TC) assigned to SEA

BillysNYR30 (TC) assigned to SEA

MTL send CapBan_Clark1999 down to training camp.

MTL call up Bv_Ares to the starting roster.

FLA send King_of_BelAyerz to TC.


Kraken trade kQ31 to Mtl for x_ beaster_ x

NJ call up Shock_r to starting roster

New Jersey trades Bv_Ares (TC) to Montreal for Shock_r (TC)

COL send Effect_Kmatt down to training camp.

COL call up xSicKMoTioNz & ShawnSauve8 to starting roster.

SEA call up Abernathy221 to the starting roster.

STL call up Billyg7718 to the starting roster.

Chicago trades: Headcase25 Philadelphia Trades: Bmarche2001

stl trades Buckley to phi for Cpenn

Kraken trades  distorted  to Mtl for matrik

STL trades bluedevil & headcase25 to CHI for Buckley & AR_Demy

STL trade ar_demy to MTL for polar



PHI calls up Bmarche2001 to the starting roster.
NYI calls up Cyrus1092 to the starting roster.
ARI calls up RiCKY69BoBBYjr to starting roster.
NYI calls up PghFANATIC to starting roster.
Canoelicker95 (TC) assigned to Arizona
Dopey-Stevens (TC) assigned to Arizona
RiCKY69BoBBYjr (TC) assigned to Arizona
PghFANATIC (TC) assigned to New York
Cyrus1092 (TC) assigned to New York
Pensrul066 (TC) assigned to New York
Hawkeye1403_ (TC) assigned to New Jersey
Bv_Ares (TC) assigned to New Jersey
MoE_0817 (TC) assigned to New Jersey
tydalton16 (TC) assigned to Los Angeles
Billyg7718 (TC) assigned to St.Louis
Buzzy_11 (TC) assigned to St.Louis
Midwest_Elites41 (TC) assigned to St.Louis
Shock_r (TC) assigned to Montreal
Ushkilledya (TC) assigned to Florida
lafoshalavica (TC) assigned to Florida
xLoyalty96 (TC) assigned to Chicago
BillysNYR30 (TC) assigned to Chicago
JH_JACKDEWAN (TC) assigned to Chicago
Bmarche2001 (TC) assigned to Philadelphia
Billy_Havoc (TC) assigned to Philadelphia
Jelm33 (TC) assigned to Philadelphia
X-z3tt3rbergzz-x (TC) assigned to Toronto
Aro_x_10 (TC) assigned to Toronto
JAGGED1183 (TC) assigned to Toronto
Shmur33 (TC) assigned to Toronto
ShawnSauve8 (TC) assigned to Colorado
xSicKMoTioNz (TC) assigned to Colorado
kcmedia (TC) assigned to Seattle
Abernathy221 (TC) assigned to Seattle
Handsome_dusty (TC) assigned to Seattle
Toronto trades XxMcAvoy_73xX, SE7ENTEE and Ah-xX-FooStY-Xx to LA for shepard-88-
MTL receives ispaml2onu19, xxBert-, x_beaster_x & VizVibezz STL receives PistolPete7788_ & Curtis
The Flyers send whitetees41 to the Blues for 2nd Overall and their 5th round pick

St.Louis trade Whitetees41 to Colorado for their 3rd overall and 7th round pick.