League Transactions

Ottawa trades XSmoothPaperX to Arizona for Cuban1616

Predators gets Xchoo and ghosty and thebossnyc
Panthers gets hyperzov and IceyAsyluml23l
Coyotes gets opastrnak and mason
Blues gets boston3430 and bejimoszn

Ottawa signs xPugz_420 to roster

Ottawa trades reallUncleLarry to Florida for Shadyko4

Nashville trades weekendnachos to St.Louis for we345

Colorado trade XSmoothPaperX & Alexander1032 to OTT for Fishhure

Pittsburgh trades heedlessjem420 to Nashville for sillymonkey

Ottawa trades SillyMonkeyy69 to Nashville for JoshuaDuhaime

Anaheim receives Jcpens22 and Teamrun420, Pittsburgh receives HeedlessJem48 and TroyUh-_-, Philly receives xBradeii

Pittsburgh trades xShxyne to Nashville for blackmanmafia and perk5pt2

St. Louis trades opastrnak G, boston3430 rd and snipersoda11 rd to Nashville for hyperzov

Ottawa trades chadkillz134, weekendNachos and Johnboyz_To5wift to Nashville for Fishhure and heroic_veil2

Ottawa calls up Johnboyz_To5wift from training camp

STL sends Clarkzov to training camp

Ottawa trades BejimoSzn and IceyAsyluml23l to Arizona for chadkillz134 and reallUncleLarry

Ottawa trades bg9m9r to Florida for SillyMonkeyy69

NYI sends down A-Mason, xGilmour93 Beeper_tha_1st_a, TIMBOGY to TC

NYI Receives – JonTurner, Gunnxrr, Gilmour, A-Mason
OTT Receives – Aali, weekendnachos, aubreylaf05
SJ Receives – Ande91

The Panthers trade Fluri37 , NHL-_-BOT, Frosty_I94I to the Islanders for Doranz

Islanders trade Clarkzov- to STL for freezemothasucka

New Jersey sign Logan29-_- for 500k.

Florida send Logan29-_- to Training Camp

Pittsburgh sign Smitty0310 for 500k.

Pittsburgh trade xBeanzy to New Jersey for Teamrun420 and Blade0muffin.

Sharks trade N3WTXWN_12 to stlouis for Weekendnachos19

St. Louis receives LIAME0108 and Missrogue, Florida receives thee_ghosty and Clampse, coyotes receive, shock_R and sergein

San Jose trades bstieboydp to Anaheim for xMids-_-

Blues trade Nxwtown for Freezemotha

Florida trades Shepard and Heroic to Nashville for Fluri37