Grace/Forfeit Rules

A) Timeliness and Penalties:

Game times listed on the schedule indicate the expected start times. If a team causes excessive delays, the tardy team will receive an in-game penalty if 8 or more minutes late and a match forfeit if 11 minutes late. No additional time will be permitted, and teams allowing extra time will also be issued a forfeit.

B) Consequences of Forfeits:

Forfeits result in both a loss in the match and a deduction of points from the standings. In the final week of the season (last nine games), a forfeit incurs a two-point deduction, while in all other weeks, it results in a single point deduction.

C) Forfeit Offenses:

The following actions are punishable by a forfeit:

  • Failing to show for the match with six players before the grace period expires.
  • Failing to have a disconnected player return to the game.
  • Illegal use of a player (players not on the team or TC/ECU).
  • Illegal use of players in refused positions.

D) Forfeits due to Player Drops:

Games that begin on time but end due to a player drop that fails to return will result in a forfeit loss with a non-point deducting penalty to the standings. All player stats up to the game’s ending are recorded. The losing team will still earn a point if the match had gone to overtime.

E) Draft Order Impact:

Points deducted from standings due to a forfeit will be added back double the deducted amount when determining the next season’s draft order for the team.