Forfeit Rules

A) Games begin at 9:00pm, 9:45pm and 10:30pm. At 9:01, 9:46 and 10:31 you are late. you will permitted 10 mins grace to match up. This means when the clock says 9:10, 9:55 & 10:40 you have run out of time, regardless of the reason.
B) Forfeits are costly. The standard season is 5 weeks long. Weeks 1-4 forfeits will cost your team 1 point on the standings while week 5 (Final week in longer seasons) will cost you 2.
B) The following are Punished with a forfeit.
– Failing to show for the match with 6 players before the Grace period expires.
– Failing to have a disconnected player return when requested.
– Failing to have a dropped Goalie return to game.
– Team member or Gm knowledgeable of an Illegal players being used. Illegal players are players who are banned, dodging their SPNHL player salary, Dodging the team who owns their rights or a player on another team that use a second tag.
– Illegal use of players in refused positions.
– Failing to input stats for a game 1 or more weeks old.
C) Games are marked 1-0 in the score and no player stats are entered and no players added to the stats sheet on games that do not begin.
D) Games that begin but end due to a player quitting or Disconnecting that fails to return end with a score close to what was in the game.  if the team forfeiting was winning, then the score ends with the other team getting 1 point more then what the Forfeited team had.  If the Forfeiting team was losing at the time of the forfeit, the score remains the same.   All player stats up to the ending of the game is recorded.
E) Games that go to OT that end in a forfeit due to quitting or disconnecting players unable to return will end the same as a game that started.  The Forfeiting team will receive a OTL instead of a Loss.
F) Points removed will be added back x 2 to the teams after playoff match ups have been decided. the teams who forfeit will not gain rank but will have their original position on the draft order restored in addition to the penalty added. There will not be the chance to forfeit into a better draft position.