Registration Rules

A) All players are only permitted to register 1 player name during the Season Registration. Signing up a second name or a friends name will have all Names removed from the registry. If a PSN name change has occurred, sign up with the new name and specify the former name in the Alt names section of the registration. doing so will allow the new registration and remove the original.
B) The Player may only play with the name Registered. Exceptions can be made with proof of PSN banning or evidence of the PSN option of changing your account name.
C) All Players Must Report their most recognized NHL series name in the Alt name section while registering. Please list the name used the longest and the last name used if they differ. Failing to Register correctly will result in suspensions for new players. An indefinite ban will be issued to returning players if found to have been hiding your main account to avoid a league assigned salary or a team assignment. YOU MUST ALWAYS MENTION YOUR FORMER SPNHL NAMES ON REGISTRATION.
D) Refused positions can not be played regardless of if you change your mind mid-season. Ref positions may be removed or altered while on FA (Free Agency) or TC (Training Camp). ECU’s (Emergency Call Up), TC’s and GMs (General Manager) are exempt from all Refused position limitations while on being part of those three roles. If caught using a refused pos, your team will be issued a Forfeit.
E) Rookies will be required to play min 1 game if requested by a teams General Manager in order to be eligible for the draft. Failure will have them removed from the league. If no GM requests a scout game from you, you will remain eligible.
F) Players who register after the registration deadline will be permitted to play as ECU only players. These players are used when teams have 0 options left to fill their team that night. ECU players at times can be converted to TC status as the League requires it. This is not a common conversion and should not be expected.
G) when filling out the registration please be mindful of the nights we play and the amount of games played per week. the registered availability can not be altered while on a roster. The number selected will allow +2 games extra to be played per week but strikes issued if you go below -2 games per week of that same number.
H) League priority does not need to be for the SPNHL. Selecting your priority on registration will not result in any punishment from the league. Failing to answer this honestly will result in a strike. If two or more leagues have conflicting game times, the league you play the game for is the league you give priority to. Do not say SPNHL if you need to skip SPNHL games to play in other leagues. Essentially 9 a week players must be SPNHL priority. if anything less then 9 a week is caused by other leagues. Then those leagues are your priority. This is a very important thing to be honest about, this answer helps owners build teams. If players lie about this, it is very likely a team will be built using mostly non SPNHL committed causing constant forfeits and stress for yourself, your team and your owner.