Registration Rules

A) Registration Integrity:

All players are required to register with a single player name during Season Registration. Any attempt to register a second name or a friend’s name will result in the removal of all associated names from the registry.

B) PSN Name Changes:

In the event of a PSN name change, players must re-register using the new name and specify the former name in the Alt names section of the registration. If a name change occurs after the initial registration, players must resubmit the registration, listing the old name as the ALT.

C) Recognition and Legacy:

Players must accurately report their most recognized NHL series name in the Alt name section during registration. For newcomers, please list the name you are best known for in other leagues. Returning players should list the last PSN name used during the previous season, updating it if necessary.

D) Position Commitment:

Positions once refused cannot be played, even if a player changes their mind mid-season. Players are advised to make position choices with careful consideration, as changes will not be permitted once the season is underway.

E) Late Registrations:

Players registering after the deadline will be allowed to participate as Emergency Call-Up (ECU) only players. These players serve as substitutes when teams have exhausted all other options to fill their roster.

F) Availability Commitment:

The registered availability cannot be altered after the registration closure. The selected availability number allows for an additional +2 games per week. Players are expected to be available for no less than -2 games per week of that same number, ensuring a commitment to team participation throughout the season.