General Manager Rules

A) GMs are required to have line ups posted by the midnight deadline the night before Games. These lines cannot change after the deadline. Players can fill in if a scheduled player has become unavailable, given permission or requests to be swapped out. Players giving permission to be removed must be granted in writing and under no duress.
B) All players must be scheduled for the league minimum games every week provided they have posted availability. Scheduling a player who has not posted availability is prohibited.
C) Players can not be scheduled in a refused Position under any circumstances. Failure to heed this will result in a forfeit.
D) All players must be treated with respect. If an issue is not resolvable you are required to bring it up with the league. If a player crosses the line, Report them with a screenshot of the conversation. Conflicts will be discussed with the player in a meeting to get at the issue head on.
E) GMs are responsible for ensuring all players have a chance to meet their 3 game minimum by honoring the teams availability posts.
F) Players Can Not be Released without being given their 3 game minimum for that week first. They must be given 3 games during the game week. Monday-Friday, You will only have until midnight Sunday to release them otherwise it resets. Players who miss a scheduled game will lose their right to that game for the week. If a player misses three that week, they can be released immediately.
G) GMs are required to ensure the team is prepared for every match. If roster is short on any day you are required to search for a Emergency Call Up. Roster players can be used over their weekly limit over the use of an ECU.
H) Forfeits are at times unavoidable. You are expected to make the roster moves needed to ensure 6 are suited up and ready to go on a nightly basis. Whether it is from trades or roster moves in general. Continual forfeits will cost your team greatly as well as you’re position as GM.
I) GMs are required to record and enter any and all game stats on a nightly basis. you will be granted until noon the following day (all times are EST). Playoff stats are now required to be recorded as well.
J) GMs are the ambassadors of the league. You are required to act only in a manner befitting of it. Every action you make reflects the league.
K) Gms are to respect decisions made by the league. Not all calls will go your way. Acting out will not be tolerated.
L) Team management will not be permitted to discuss trades with any person aside from the management of another team. No players are to be contacted at any time or trade information posted in public chat prior to the transaction being posted by the league. GMs may notify players on their team that they are attempting to trade them. Owners may grant permission to other owners to speak with their players.
M) GMs who quit or are terminated will be removed for the league and issued a indefinite ban.