General Manager Rules

A) Lineup Deadline:

Lineups must be posted by midnight the night before games. These lines cannot change after this deadline, even if you need to substitute a player for someone unable to attend their scheduled game.

B) Player Scheduling and Eligibility:

All eligible roster players must be scheduled for three games a week by referencing the weekly availability postings. Ineligible roster players, such as those listed on IR or failing to post weekly availability, cannot be played. Playing a player who has not posted availability will result in a three-game suspension for the owner, with repeat offenses leading to ownership removal and a league ban. Playing a player listed on IR will result in a match forfeit.

C) Refused Position Compliance:

Owners and players cannot be played in a refused position under any circumstances. This violation will result in a match forfeit. TC and ECU are permitted to fill in for refused positions as they are not restricted.

D) Respectful Conduct:

All players must be treated with respect. Owners are expected to be the face of the league and good role models. If an issue is not resolvable, it must be brought up with the league. Reporting incidents with a screenshot of the conversation is necessary if a player is unwilling to keep the peace.

E) Roster and TC Management:

Owners are required to manage their roster and TC players, ensuring they are active and making their weekly availability posts. The league should not need to remind players to post; this is the job of the team management. Inactive players must be reported as soon as possible.

F) Roster Player Assignment to TC:

Roster players cannot be sent down to training camp without being given their three-game minimum for the week. They may be sent down if they are on IR, failed to post availability, or have been played or missed their three games for the week. Sending them down is also allowed during the end of the game week, Starting from the conclusion of the last games of the week and the night before the first games of the new week. Newly acquired players must always conclude one week of games with a team before being sent to training camp.

G) Team Organization and Filling Spots:

Team management is required to organize their team on game nights or assign someone reliable to do it. Having six players ready to go by game time is a must. If your team cannot fill all six spots, reach out to all available ECU’s and training camp options early to avoid additional penalties or forfeits.

H) Team Health Responsibility:

The health of your team is solely your responsibility. Make trades or sign players if your team’s availability is not strong enough to function properly. Losses hurt less than forfeits in the grand scheme.

I) Game Reporting and Disconnection Information:

Owners are to record game boxscore information and post it in the league Discord in the appropriate location. Reporting disconnections and the quantity of resets is crucial for accurate stats. The league uses an API system, and being unaware of a disconnection will result in partial stats recorded.

J) Respect for League Decisions:

Team management is to respect decisions made by the league. Not all calls will go your way, and acting out or refusing to follow directions will not be tolerated. Voicing disagreement with a ruling is permitted, provided it is kept professional.

K) Trade Communication Protocol:

Team management will not be permitted to discuss trades with any person aside from the management of the other team. Special permissions can be provided by the other team if they deem it acceptable to speak with their players.

L) Consequences for Quitting or Termination:

Owners who quit or are terminated will be removed from the league and issued a ban.