Player Salary Rules

A) Statistical Assessment:

All players will undergo a value assessment at each position after every season. The values are determined solely based on regular season statistics, employing a mathematical formula. Player skill opinions are not considered in this objective evaluation.

B) Positional Value Assignment:

Each player is allocated a value ranging from $1 million to $10 million for each of the three core positions: Forward, Defense, and Goalie. These values are determined by comparing a player to the position’s player base during the season. Core positions not played are assigned a default value of $500,000.

C) Seasonal Value Adjustment:

After each season, players will receive new values, compared against their former values if available. If a player achieves a higher value at a position, the new value becomes their updated value for that position. If a player achieves a lower value, the new value will be an average of the two.

D) Stability in Salaries:

Salaries will remain unchanged if a player does not participate in five or more games at one of the core positions during the season. Additionally, salaries do not change during periods of inactivity or if a player takes one or more seasons away from the league.