Player Salary Rules

A) All players will be assessed a value at each position after every season. Values are based off the previous seasons stats and are done using the same mathematical formulas for each player. No opinions will be used because we feel this process needs to be unbiased.
B) Each player is given a value from $500k to $10mil in each statistic category. These values are based on how a player compared to the league leader in that category at that position. After that all values are added together to give the player a total value. Some stats are weighted with a higher value then others but only slightly. Keep in mind all players are only being compared to players of the same position. Example: if a guy leads the league in ALL categories he would be $10mil, a guy that didn’t play a game at that position would be the base $0.
C) After each season all players will be assigned new values based on that seasons stats for each position. If a player achieves a higher value at a position, then that becomes his new value for that position. If a player achieves a lower value at a position his new value then drops down to the average of the two.
D) Players will be assessed a penalty to their salary for failing to reach 15 game minimum’s. This penalty is their salary broken down into a per game amount, then added on top of the earned salary based on the amount of games they are under minimum.
E) Players will be assessed a penalty to their salary based on the league’s highest games played recorded. This penalty is placed on majority of the league as a way to close the gap between active and inactive players salaries. Players who dominate will no longer have the opportunity to play less to keep their salary low.
F) Player salary will decrease if released by their teams. 1.5 mil per week provided they are not still assigned to the same team as a TC or has not played 2 or more games as a TC for a new team.