Playoff Rules

A) Tie Breaker Criteria:

In the event of a tiebreaker, the order of consideration will be as follows:

  1. Total Wins
  2. Head-to-Head Record
  3. Goals For Total

B) Playoff Series Scheduling:

Teams are required to schedule each member of their team for at least one game per playoff series by game 4, unless player availabilities prevent their participation in games one through four. Every effort should be made to include them in the series if possible up to and including the sitting of other members already played. Additionally, teams must also ensure that a minimum of 10 different players are utilized by game 4. In cases where 10 roster players are not available, TC/ECUs should be used as replacements. The same ECU can be utilized multiple times, counting as a different individual for each game played. It’s important to note that players who fail to show for their assigned game are not entitled to a replacement game in that series.

C) Consequences for Insufficient Player Usage:

Failure to play 10 different players by game 4 will result in a forfeit for game 4 only. The 10 roster requirement is waived after the forfeiture of game 4. However the “all players are given a game each series” is still applied and punishable by forfeit if players are not scheduled by the earliest possible match based on posted avails. If both teams fail to meet this requirement by game 4, the series win will be defaulted 10 player requirement task due date, where failure would result in reversing the win with a forfeit loss on the last played game.

D) Player Replacement after Game Reset:

Players who are unable to return after a game reset can be replaced by a roster, TC, or ECU player.

G) Game Restarts and Drops:

Either team may restart the game after each period if players drop, maintaining fair gameplay conditions.

H) Game 7 Scheduling:

Game 7s are scheduled on a specific night, but this match may be played immediately after the conclusion of game 6. All roster requirements must still be respected if game moving is considered.