Playoff Rules

A) In the event of a Tie Breaker, The Tie breaker will be (1) Total Wins (2) Vs Record (3) Goals for.
B) Teams are to schedule every member of their team 1 game per playoff series if possible barring poor availability. Each team must play 10 different roster players by game 4. Teams must use ECU’s to replace players who have not played their game up to the 10th required player. The same ECU can be used to replace missing roster players, the ECU player will be counted as a different person for each game they play.
C) Failing to play 10 players by game 4 will result in a FF in game 4. if both teams fail to complete this task by game 4, Then it defaults to series win task.
D) Any player that has not met the minimum requirement of games played (3 games a week) will still be eligible to play. Failing to make minimum games will have your salary hit with a penalty to make up the difference. Penalties will be measured by your value per games. The missing games value will be added to that seasons salary.
E) In the playoffs, if a player is perceived to have quit on their team (I.E. leaving before a game they were scheduled for after playing in the previous game, they are eligible for a season ban. Due to the many possible circumstances, these will be reviewed case by case.
F) Players who are unable to return after a reset, can be replaced by a roster, TC or ECU player.
G) both teams can restart the game after each period if players drop.
H) Game 7’s are scheduled on fridays but may be moved to tues night after game 6 if both teams agree.