Player Rules

A) Team Loyalty:

All players must play for the team they are drafted, assigned, or traded to. No exceptions are allowed, and quitting will result in a ban. Seasons are only five weeks long, so tough it out.

B) Weekly Availability Post:

All players are required to post their availability every week for the upcoming games on the website’s Team page. Players are not eligible to play without posting. Players will be considered inactive and potentially banned if they fail to post.

C) Positional Requirements:

Players are required to play the position asked of them. Owners cannot force players to play a position they refused during registration, and players cannot offer or participate in playing their refused positions.

D) Weekly Availability Maintenance:

Players are required to maintain an average weekly availability matching the registered availability. Owners are not required to offer more than three games a week, but a player must provide their team with weekly availability comparable to the registered amount. Failing to do so puts the player at risk of league removal or max availability throttling.

E) Maximum Weekly Games Adjustment:

Owners have the right to reduce a player’s maximum permitted weekly games to the number of games presently being offered by the player’s availability posts, then trade or release them. This new maximum will carry with the player for the remainder of the season to discourage limiting availability in hopes of getting traded or released. Owners also have the right to have the player removed from the league instead.

F) Maximum Games Limit and Exceptions:

Players generally cannot play more than two games over their registered availability. Exceptions include a player reaching their weekly game maximum but being traded to a new team, resetting the limit. Additionally, a player can play over their max as a fill-in if no other roster player or ECU/TC is available.

G) Minimum Weekly Games Requirement:

Owners are only required to offer three games a week to any player, and a player must play a minimum of three games each week. Not meeting this requirement will make a player inactive, untradable, and possibly removed from the league. Players are responsible for checking the team schedule to ensure they do not miss their games. Any games missed are considered lost, and a team is not required to give a replacement.

H) Full Effort and Professionalism:

Players are required to give their full effort from game start to finish. Any actions deemed unprofessional or an attempt to act out or sabotage will result in suspensions or bans. Players are expected to maintain sportsmanship. Exploiting game bugs, ragging the puck, or goalies interfering with a skater by diving at players in hopes to prevent them from tracking a loose puck behind the net will result in a three-game suspension.

I) Suspensions for Quitting or Refusing to Return:

A player will be issued suspensions and potential bans if they quit a game or refuse to return. If a player misses a scheduled game and is found to have been online and playing another game or league without consent from the team’s owner, they will be issued a suspension or ban.

J) Respectful Conduct:

Players are expected to be respectful to other players and staff in the league. Harassing others in the Discord will result in mutes or removal from the Discord. Harassing teammates may lead to suspensions or bans pending review with league and team management. Harassing anyone via DM will result in a suspension or ban.

K) Conflict Resolution:

Any problems with your team must be first addressed to team management and not vocalized in the league Discord. All issues must be handled maturely; any player who attempts to harass their team or GM over an issue will be handed a suspension regardless of who is right or wrong. This will also apply to the GMs. If issues are not resolved, a meeting between the player, team management, and league official will be set to work through the issues.

L) Trade Transparency:

When you are traded, you will be required to play for your new team. During trade talks, if info on your potential trade is leaked, you are required to continue your efforts 100% for the team you are on in case the trade does not happen. Causing issues could lead to suspensions or bans.

M) Trade Requests and Player Behavior:

Requesting a trade is permitted; however, demanding trades from your club is not acceptable behavior. Refusing to play, playing below your normal ability, purposely taking penalties, or lowering your normal availability will be treated as a trade demand, and suspensions and bans are possible outcomes. Inactive players are not eligible for trade.

N) Work or Vacation IR Request:

If work or vacation causes you to be unavailable for your minimum three games, you may request IR from the league or GM. This will remove you for a minimum of one week without penalty.