Player Rules

A) All players must play for the team they are drafted, assigned or traded to. There is no exceptions, quitting will result in an indefinite ban.
B) You are required to post your availability every week for the upcoming weeks games on the website’s Team page.  Avails must be posted no later then the night before the weeks games start.  Failing to post will result in a strike.  Failing twice will result in your removal.
C)  Players are not able to be scheduled without their avails posted.
D) you must play in the position you are scheduled for.  A team can NEVER schedule you in a position you registered as a refused position.  Additionally you may NEVER play in a position you registered as refused.  Refused positions are locked while on a roster.
E) you are required to fulfill the registered availability by maintaining either +2 or -2 games availability each week. Failure to meet the minimum will result in a strike.  A GM may elect to lower your Max weekly games to match the number of games provided by you in the event your games are below min more then once.  once it is lowered, they may release or trade you.  The new max games will stick with you for the remainder of the season.
registered 3 Weekly expected avail of 3-5
registered 4 Weekly expected avail of 3-6
registered 5 Weekly expected avail of 3-7
registered 6 Weekly expected avail of 4-8
registered 7 Weekly expected avail of 5-9
registered 8 Weekly expected avail of 6-9
registered 9 Weekly expected avail of 7-9
you can post 9 of 9 regardless of registered avail, but are only able to play the maximum number based on the list above.
F) you can play over the weekly max if one of the following situations occur.  Traded to a new team (if it was mid week) or if no other roster player was available.
G) Players are required to play minimum 3 games a week. If you cannot meet a 3 game minimum then we feel you do not have time to play in this league. You will be issued a Strike for the first and second time.  A ban on the third.
H) Players are required to give their full effort from game start to finish.  Any actions deemed unprofessional or an attempt to act out or sabotage will result in Suspensions or Bans.
I) Players are expected to be respectful to all players registered within this league. This includes all manor of SPNHL related interactions. Failure to respect your peers will result in a warning followed by a 1 day suspension. (3 games) Discord and PSN chat violations will result in a warning followed by a discord chat ban and or a 1 day suspension (3 games)
J) Players are responsible for checking the schedule. Missing games due to not knowing what times you are scheduled for will not be an acceptable excuse.
K) Players are required to play the games they are scheduled for. Players must let the GM know if they can not make a game as soon as possible.  No shows without GM communication will result in strikes.
L) Quitting out of a game will result in a strike and a 1 day suspension for a first offense. a strike and 2 days suspension for second time. ban for a third. Providing a screenshot of your disconnect error will protect you from a disciplinary actions. Disconnects due to power outage will prevent you from obtaining a screenshot, unfortunately it still results in a suspension (sorry).
M) If a player is caught quitting or Disconnecting from a game to play in another league, they will be issued a strike and a 2 day suspension. A second time will result in a life ban.
N) GM’s owe every player a minimum of 3 games a week. If scheduled you must attend these games. If you miss it for whatever reason, a replacement game will not owed.
O) General respect for the game: if a bug or exploit is not intended by the developers that offers the user any advantage regardless of how much of an impact, will be off limits.  IE Fight glitches to get a speed boost, diving at the goalie to dislodge the puck (both these are fixed but this is the type of thing we mean)  Things like L2 skating that make it hard to defend against is still permitted.  The developer did not mean to make L2 so powerful but this is not the type of exploits we mean.

P) Any problems with your team must be first addressed to team management & Not in the general population ( i.e Chat box, Forums, Etc ). All issues must be handled maturely, any player who attempts to harass their team or GM over an issue will be handed a suspension regardless of who is right or wrong.  This will also apply to the GMs.  If issues are not resolved a meeting between the player, team management and league official will be set to work through the issues.
Q) When you are traded, you will be required to play for your new team.  During trade talks there is a chance of info on you being traded leaked,  if this happens you are required to continue your efforts 100% for the team you are on in the event a trade does not happen.  Causing issues could lead to suspensions or bans.
R) Requesting a trade is permitted however demanding trades from your club will not be acceptable behavior.  Refusing to play, playing under your normal ability, purposely taking penalties or lowering your normal availability will be treated as a trade demand. Strikes, Suspensions and ban are possible outcomes.
S) quitting on your team mid-season will result in an indefinite ban
T) If a work or vacation causes you to be unavailable for your minimum 3 games.  You may request IR from the league or GM.  this will remove you for minimum 1 week of play without penalty.