Hello SP! The season is about to start so I thought I would take Tommy’s spot this season and make a power ranking for the upcoming season. 

The way I will format is I will put my projected standings, each team’s g7 lineup, who I think will win each award, and then lastly I will give a brief analysis of each team and their record.

Eastern Conference:

  1. Devils 
  2. Leafs
  3. Caps
  4. Sens 
  5. Red Wings
  6. Sabres 

Buffalo Sabres: GM- Joeypistol         3-38-2

Now starting it off I have the Sabres at the 6th seed in the east and 12th in the entire league. Just looking at this roster they don’t have the talent that most sp teams have. In the words of Joey “As your gm, we might not win many games but we will have fun that’s all that counts.” Joey and his squad may not win many games if any at all but you bet that they will have a good time. There is one nice spot for their team and it is WhiteTees but he doesn’t have a big enough backpack for them.

LW: Whitetees41

C: M1keal 

RW: BaseGodEric-

LD: Uccs1994

RD: JoeyPistol-

G: Shock_r

Detroit Red Wings: GM- Coffey-Lidstrom      20-19-4

With the East being the best division in my opinion there is a toss-up between the 4th seed and the 5th seed and that 5th seed happens to be the Red Wings. On paper, their forward 

core looks solid and it is for sure, but their defense core is very weak.

 If they can find a way to make Pistolpete work on LD then I could see them snagging the 4th seed but I don’t think their forward core with Tommy, Grammy, and iZinczyi will get the job done. They are all very good players but I don’t think they have the depth and/or the defense to make it happen. Now lastly I don’t think the tandem of Sorokin (Icey) and Cookie will be good but we will see what happens.

LW: grammy

C: iZinczyi

RW: Tommy

LD: Coffey

RD: Freeze

G: Cookie

Ottawa Senators: GM- Reapz        23-17-3

Now with the Sens, Having them with the 4th seed could change very easily but just by looking at the roster and playing against them, I think they will make the playoffs. Their forward core is very solid, they have their top 3 forwards at 9 a week which will be insanely good for them. But their blue line is suspect to me. Having Asticks and uberpwned as their g7 defencemen I don’t think that will help them. Well of course they could slide Kid down to RD if it becomes a problem but overall I see them letting up a tone of goals compared to some of the top teams. Now the forward core with Reapz, Cupi, and Kid is extremely solid, having a defensive player like Kid with some great offensive players like Reap and Cupi will be a good line. They will be a solid team but I don’t see them beating any of the top 3 teams in a bo7 series.

LW: Reapz

C: Kid

RW: Cupi

LD: uberpwned

RD: Asticks


Washington Capitals: GM- Curtis   25-13-5

With the Ducks losing in the finals last season Cookie stepped down and handed the team to Curtis who relocated to Washington to hopefully win another cup with the Caps. I have them at the 3 seed mainly because they have a heavy carry-in CapBanClark, this team is solid but he puts them above the edge. Now with the Caps, we have another team with a good forward core but a mediocre D-core. 

Curtis is a solid defenseman but I don’t think he gave himself any other Dmen to help support his team. Hardie being his best player he will play a huge role on their team. This team when they have all their best players together will be very solid. The one thing I will have a question mark on is their goaltending, they will most likely not have a steady #1 or a #2, I could see them rotating through and few to see what sticks. All said and done I will be excited to see what they do.

LW: Astro


RW: Hardie

LD: Curtis

RD: Iamsmokxy  

G: Clark

Toronto Maple Leafs: GM- Chadkillz     28-13-2 

After just winning a cup Chad decides to GM and take over The Sabres and relocates to Toronto to be a 1st round exit. (all jokes) Chad’s team looks very solid and will win a lot of games. Their Forward core consists of Beanzy, Chief2Step, Heroic, and Chelios These forwards are solid especially Beanzy after coming back after a missed season. This team will score goals and keep pucks out of the net for sure. Their D core consists of Cruuuz who is a very solid player that will be a big piece to their team, Adxm who they got a great deal for to select him 1st overall which I think was a no-brainer. He is extremely solid and this team will have a dangerous g7 lineup. 

They have good depth on defense having Chelios, Cuban and xquizT-kys. Yes, these are backup players but they will be solid in helping them push for a cup. Now the GM and their superstar goalie, Chadkillz he will be the main reason they are so high on the power rankings. I could easily see them getting the 1 seed but they don’t have a top forward core or D core, just above average everywhere besides in goal. Overall I think this team will be very good if they can win their games when it’s mainly depth in.

LW: Chief

C: Beanzy

RW: Chelios 

LD: Adxm

RD: Cruuuz

G: Chad

New Jersey Devils: GM- Wardo        31-10-2

With the Flames being a first-round exit Cuban decided to step down and brought in a new GM in Wardo, Wardo has one of the biggest egos in the league and his team will show for it and if they don’t you will hear excuses. Jokes aside Wardo built himself a very solid team getting a re-sign of Dudnasty and Murray. His forward core consists of Wardo, Dud, Chips, Dancer, and rookie replay. This forward core will win them a lot of games when avail 

is good for them. 

 Their D core is solid but will have some avail issues. Liljigren was acquired before the draft giving up a 2nd rounder and a 5th but in the deal, they had to have liljigren stuck at 3 games a week even during playoffs. Now their second defensemen is Smiirk, Smirk is a very solid defenseman and a very solid forward as well he can do a lot for you as a player. The only problem with the Devils D core is they aren’t great for avail but they have FiveStarCook who can fill in for them.  When it comes to LD they can have multiple players to fill being Dancer, Dud, and Chips. Their goalie situation is decent having Murray and Rharmer nothing special but solid goalies who will get the job done. This so far is my team to win the cup but who knows what will happen when the season starts. 

LW: Chips

C: Smiirk

RW: Wardo


RD: Liljigren

G: Murray

Western Conference:

  1. Blackhawks 
  2. Golden knights
  3. Kraken
  4. Sharks
  5. Avalanche
  6. Jets

Winnipeg jets: GM- Devon        11-27-5

Looking at the Jets roster I don’t see anything that jumps out and looks very good. Devon got some decent LG players but I think they will have a lackluster season. I could see their team doing better if some of their depth players can step up and be a big role on the team. Their D core being Eggman, Devon, and Shyxne is decent but I don’t know if they will get much done. 

For their forwards, lxlMLGesuslxl, Lafrenierexl11l, Berrakov, LayTinyPipe, x-Ehlers-27,and  vMinsky35-. Now I don’t know many of these players but after doing some research they seem to be decent players but nothing special compared to some of the other SP forward groups. Their team could surprise me but from what is here right now I don’t see them making playoffs. A bright spot would be their main goalie in ciulla19 and Neon could get them some games but still not enough to shock people.

LW: Lafreniere 

C: Berrakov

RW: Laytinypipe

LD: Eggman

RD: xshxyne

G: Ciulla

Colorado Avalanche: GM- Plisk      22-19-2

With Plisk and his Avs missing the playoffs last season I expected him to get a stud with his first-round pick but he got fish who I thought would be a late 1st rounder to an early second-rounder. Looking at the rest of the team his forwards seem decent having, Fish, NJs, Lo-max, back, and iLi2paciLi. It seems pretty decent and will get them some games but I don’t know if it will be enough. Now with the D core, I will imagine Plisk will have himself, X_beaster_x, and Kreaks_. This might be decent but once again I don’t think it will be enough to make the playoffs. Now in the net, they have Turtle and Vandoos, Turtle had just won the Vezina but I don’t see him winning it again especially if they aren’t a playoff team. Overall this team could sneak in and possibly contend but I don’t see it. 

LW: Back

C: NJs


LD: Beaster

RD: Plisk

G: Turtle

San Jose Sharks: GM- Randy          25-17-2

Randy built himself an overall good roster but I see them just barely being a playoff team. Upfront they look good having JMM, Stonerboy, YoJonsn, and Ivan thygreat, they look decent but seem to not look as good as some other teams, JMM will most likely have to backpack the forward core unless they get near his level and can maybe be one of the higher seeds. The D core is pretty good in having EXE, Randy, and Salda. That seems decent but I don’t know how Randy will be on D. Having Exe on 5 games a week would give Salda a lot of time playing defense for them which I don’t think will go well for them. Hopefully, they can win as many games when they have their best players in. Now lastly their Goaltending they have Bufford and Papa Johns. Bufford will be a good starting goalie and I will have to see how good Papa Johns’s is before I judge them. Overall this team could be good but we will have to see.


C: Stonerboy



RD: Randy

G: Bufford

Seattle Kraken: GM- Peacekeeper 26-15-2

Peace decided to go into the re-sign draft and walked out with some studs, he got Cpenn, Woy, and Liljigren (who he traded to NJ). Peace built himself a good squad but seems to be lacking on defense, their defense consists of Kylej, peace, taxi, and kwhiss. 

This d core looks very lackluster but it could potentially be decent. They could be good enough to get backpacked by the forwards but I still see them only being the 3 seed in the West. Now the Forwards is where it gets very good, Seattle has Woy, Cpenn, Scarpetti, and j_sherminator as the core of their forwards. This is very solid and could be a huge part of a potential playoff run. I don’t know much about the goalies but from what I have seen it shouldn’t be a weak point.




LD: Woy



Vegas Golden Knights: GM- Toslick     29-10-4

The reigning Champ GM Toslick is coming back in black and gold. Toslick once again built himself a nice roster. This team I had trouble with giving them the 1 seed or the 2 seed but I ended up deciding on the 2 seed. The top 2 seeds in the west are so close in my opinion they could be interchangeable. The best part of Toslick’s team is the D men. They seem to be super solid with some versatility. That isn’t me saying his forwards are bad but they aren’t near what their defensemen are. Toslick is bringing back a very similar forward core of Toslick, Linde, Teamrun, and shawn. Now I hyped up their defense now I’ll show you who they have, they got bstieboy, Aetherxal, DougCBJ, and vVxsion. That is a great top 4. Now I don’t know who they will play mainly in the net but same as the Kraken it for sure will not be a weak spot but it isn’t like Toslick’s old backpack Chad 😉

LW: Teamrun/Aetherxal

C: Linde

RW: Toslick

LD: Doug

RD: bstieboy

G: prod/medeiros

Chicago Blackhawks: GM- Fluri        32-10-3

Now with The Blackhawks getting the reigning Selke Trophy winner as their GM you would think he would spend up on forwards… No Fluri put most of his assets into his blue line. His D-core consists of Noods, ustoopid, purch, and maybe Fluri a little bit. Overall you can see that this blue line is very offensive which will play well with Fluri and help them keep a very good two-way game. His forwards are where his talent starts to drop off having Fluri, Mikehthegod, ZacharyDuhaiame, osvechnikov , and xguentzel. He will have Billcrxsby and dguid between the pipes which could potentially be a problem but I think they will make it work. This team will be very solid especially when they get all of their top players in. Their depth will be decent enough to not go 0-3 in nights when they all play but nothing special. Overall this team is very good but I still don’t think they are the best in the league. 

LW: ustoopid/noods






Overall team power rankings:  (DISCLAIMER): This list is based on the teams and their skill and not their record 

  1.  Devils
  2. Leafs
  3. Blackhawks
  4. Caps
  5. Knights
  6. Sens
  7. Kraken
  8. Redwings
  9. Sharks
  10.  Jets
  11. Avs
  12. Sabres

Award Predictions: With this, I will just give each individual award that I think will happen.

Maurice Richard: WARDO_05

 Now with the Maurice Richard, I think it will go to Wardo mainly because he was on pace to get a crap tone of goals if he was 9/9 last season and he has only gotten better and more selfish. Wardo will most likely be playing around 40 games so with his no r2 button mentality he will win the Maurice Richard, and with some help from Dudnasty. 

Hart Memorial Trophy: Dudnastyy

Now you could say I am biased with giving the first two to Devils, but Dud is an LGNHL g7 D man who is a great player and will be playing 8/9 games a week. He will be playing mixes of forward and LD but he will dominate either way. Last season Dud had a 3.6 ppg and that was playing with very mediocre teams and if the Devils win the east he will most likely up that. Dud will also be playing D (4th forward) and he will most likely be a top d man. 

Art Ross: WARDO_05 

Now I think since Wardo will be 9/9 and will be a top forward once again he will end up with the most points in the league just due to the talent around him and his already very high level of play. Now, this could of course be wrong but I believe in him getting this award.

Frank J. Selke: Fluri37

Fluri is the reigning Selke winner and I think he will repeat, after playing with him I saw how steady he was as a defensive forward and the team he has constructed will give put him in the right position again to get the Selke. He is probably the best defender as a forward and he will show that in his play and his stats now that is why I am giving Fluri The Selke

Norris Memorial: uStooPiiD

For the Norris, I had to do some more thinking than some of the other ones but the second I saw that uStooPiiD was 9 a week I automatically knew that he had the best shot at winning. Now I think he will get games on forward but for sure when he is on the blue line he will be dominating. Having played against him I can confidently say he is a top D man in SP.

Vezina Trophy: Chadkillz134

Now I wasn’t going to make a random pick or something that nobody expects. I am going with the same pick with Chad. Chad has been the best goalie in SP for a fair bit now and I don’t think he slows down. He will be on a very good team and will most likely be a high seed. Chad is honestly the safest pick here as he was amazing in the Finals to win himself a cup and a Conn Smythe.

Bill Masterton: SHOCK_R

Now for this award, I knew that Shock would be the most likely because he has won it before and is in a similar situation and I know that Shock is a good sportsman and respectable person. If Buffalo is as bad as I think they will be I know that Shock will not bail on them but he will keep his spirits high and finish it off.

Lady Byng: Punjabidancer (just kidding) Kidmon3y

Kid is a great player who I don’t think will take many penalties. He will maintain his high level of play and staying disciplined at the same time to get him this award. This would be the second time that Kid gets this award which is also why this wouldn’t shock me.

King Clancy: Ushkilledya

With this award, I think Ush will get it as he has done so much for this community in supporting players in the community with their streaming, and he has donated to the community. Ush stays nontoxic but is still a fun player who understands trash talk. Overall Ush does a lot for the community and deserves this award. 

Jack Adams: Fluri37

I think Fluri will win the Jack Adams purely off his team winning the President’s Trophy. He has built a good team that compliments each other and he will have a good team and will win the Jack Adams as the owner that did their job at the highest level. 

Calder memorial: CRuuuuuuuZ80

Now after looking at some of the rookies I see one that stands above the rest and that is Cruuuz, Cruuuz is a really good player and was picked high for a reason. He is solid defensively and can still hop into a play and create offense. He is a really solid player and will make an impact right away. 

NHL Plus-Minus: Fluri47

Now with this award I just looked at the best teams and decided who I think from those teams would have the best +/- and with Fluri I think he will have a good defensive team and they will still score a lot. Other factors being his team winning a lot of games and his games played.

William M. Jennings: Chadkillz134

With this award, I am going  Chad because his team will win games and they will very good defensively. Now lastly Chad will be very good himself so that will come with him letting in the least amount of goals.

 Thanks for reading this article, let’s have a great season.              


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