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SPNHL S40 Final All-star Tournament Details


With only 2 days until the highly-anticipated tournament, I finally was able to get the roster’s finalized.  The reason behind me nominating 8 forwards, 5 defence and 3 goalies per conference was in case players were unable to make the games, it’s a good thing I did.  With only a few East forwards able to attend I had to think quickly on my feet.  In total I had 10 forwards, 9 defencemen and 6 goalies, leaving me with an extra defenseman and 2 extra goalies.  Just wanted to apologize to the 3 players who will not be playing Friday (Unless someone backs out then I’ll message u ASAP)

  1. captstalechips (D): Sorry buddy based on East defensemen stats you were the odd man out, still a huge accomplishment to be voted in by your peers.
  2. SliyumShady (G) : One of my long time Chel pals, the other 2 east goalies were nominated in by GMs and were therefore given priority which made you the odd man out. 
  3. Itsjustskillzz_ (G): This one was tough one because I know Skillz is a great goalie however, out of the 3 goalies in the west, you had the least number of votes and therefore, were the odd man out. 

Newest Additions:

  1. TopCheeseNeon F 29GP 57G 38A 95PTS: Had the next highest votes for Eastern Conference Forwards, congrats you rodent. 
  2. vBartlett F 23GP 27G 53A 80PTS: Had the highest total forward votes in both conferences (I already had an odd number of forwards per conference and Bart deserved to play so I said why not). 

Final Rosters

With now 8 forwards representing the western conference, I had to move 2 of you guys to play with the East (I did a randomizer list and Triix and Fish were chosen to go play for the East).  With no real benefit for winning, I figured this could still work out to be some fun competitive games even with West forwards on East teams. 

When making the teams, I tried to balance them as much as possible while also keeping current or former teammates together. 

East 1:


C: Scotch-x4

RW: Lecupidon


RD: Kidmon3y

G: Jeiel9876

East 2:

LW: TopCheeseNeon

C: Fluri37

RW: Fishhure

LD: Aetherxal

RD: JaguarKnight_

G: Chadkillz134

West 1:

LW: ProdigyToLegend

C: OGBobbyBartlett

RW: vBartlett

LD: Eggman–1

RD: FreezeMothaSucka

G: Nocturnal_Turtle

West 2:

LW: Dudnastyy

C: Wardo_05

RW: Hardiie-

LD: ExE-_-53

RD: Mpurch

G: Ciulla19

East Gms (Just a guess):

LW: Reapz2313


RW: toslick

LD: IceyAsylum23

RD: SedinPower


West Gms (Just a guess):

LW: SA_Pliskin

C: ttommyboiii

RW: Randymarsh2012

LD: Cuban1616

RD: wheelchairdevon8

G: Cook_da_monster

 I will reach out to a person on each team who I feel is responsible enough to gather their squad for Friday night. 


With no series going to game 7 in round 1, we were able to get our 9pm start for games.  Both teams in the conference will play a best of 2 with each other then play the winner of the other series in the finals.  (All times are EST)

9pm: A: East 2 vs East 1: H, A: West 2 vs West 1: H

945pm: A: East 1 vs East 2: H, A: West 1 vs West 2: H

1030pm: Winner of East vs Winner of West (Set Home/Away to Any for random home ice)

11pm: East Gms vs West Gms (Set Home/Away to Any for random home ice)

Game Codes:

East 1 vs East 2: SPASGEAST

West 1 vs West 2: SPASGWEST

East vs West: SPASGFINAL



  • Similar gameplay rules for SP regular season and playoffs
  • In the event of a lag out, pickups will be optional UNLESS it is in the first 10 minutes of the 1st period or if the goalie lags out. 
  • Discretion of the team if you want the other team who lagged out to take a penalty
  • In the Best of 2, if both teams win 1 game, the tiebreakers will be the following
    • Goal differential
    • Winner of game 2
  • Final game will be winner takes all 

Looking forward to seeing how this plays out! If you have any questions please let me know as soon as possible

See you on Friday!

  • Tammygoat Boy Wonder

SPNHL S40 Week 5 Power Rankings/ASG Nominees/Playoffs Round 1

Looking like my predictions were super spot on for week 5, the first one of my Blackhawks securing the Presidents Trophy was true. The east round 1 playoff predictions also came true and unfortunately for the Stars they missed the playoffs by 1 point. 

Week 4 Power Rankings:

  1.  Chicago Blackhawks
  2.  Florida Panthers
  3.  Pittsburgh Penguins
  4.  Philadelphia Flyers
  5.  San Jose Sharks
  6.  Ottawa Senators
  7.  Buffalo Sabres
  8.  Anaheim Ducks
  9.  Calgary Flames
  10.  Dallas Stars
  11.  Colorado Avalanche
  12.  Tampa Bay Lightning

Week 5 Power Rankings:

  1. Chicago Blackhawks (-)
  2. Florida Panthers (-)
  3. Pittsburgh Penguins (-)
  4. San Jose Sharks (+1)
  5. Philadelphia Flyers (-1)
  6. Ottawa Senators (-)
  7. Anaheim Ducks (+1)
  8. Calgary Flames (+1)
  9. Dallas Stars (+1)
  10.  Buffalo Sabres (-3)
  11. Colorado Avalanche (-)
  12. Tampa Bay Lightning (-)

Not much movement throughout the final week of the season, the Blackhawks, Panthers and Penguins all maintain their top 3 spots with 8-1, 6-3 and 5-2-2 weeks respectfully.  The sharks move back into the top 4 with a decent 5-3-1 week 5. 

Flyers move out of the top 4 with a shitty 3-4-2 week but have a good playoff matchup against the Penguins inbound.  The Sens, Ducks and Flames all went 6-3 in week 5 and round out the middle 4 of the PRs. 

The bottom 4 stays super similar to previous weeks with the Lightning and Avalanche at the 11 and 12 spot.  The Stars had a 6-2-1 week which would’ve been fantastic in any other circumstance but they sadly missed playoffs by one spot and point.  The Sabres completed their fun enforcer week and dropped 3 spots into 10th

SPNHL All-stars for Season 40:

Western Conference:

  1. WARDO_05 (F)
  2. Hardiie- (F)
  3. Lo-Maximus (F)
  4. ProdigyToLegend (F)
  5. Fishhure (F)
  6. DudNastyy (F)
  7. OGBobbyBartIett (F)
  9. Mpurch (D)
  10. Eggman–1 (D)
  11. FreezeMothaSucka (D)
  12. ExE-_-53 (D)
  13. MikeeTeeze (D)
  14. ciulla19 (G)
  15. Itsjustskillzz_ (G)
  16. Nocturnal_Turtle (G)

Eastern Conference:

  1. AAli-21 (F)
  2. Fluri37 (F)
  3. Scotch-x4 (F)
  4. Semple19 (F)
  5. Whitetees41 (F)
  6. vxWoytkiw8xv (F)
  7. LeCupidon (F)
  8. mrlolchico13 (F)
  9. Kidmon3y (D)
  10. Jaguarknight_ (D)
  11. captstalechips (D)
  12. Aetherxal (D)
  13. DougCBJ (D)
  14. chadkillz134 (G)
  15. Jeiel9876 (G)
  16. SliyumShady (G)

Congratulations to all of our nominees, I sent everyone a direct message on discord to confirm if they people want to participate.  The ASG is scheduled for 9pm this Friday June 11th however, if we do see a game 7, the tournament will be pushed an extra 30 minutes.  Following the 3-game player’s tournament, we have a special treat as the GM’s will get together and play a best of 3 against each other in an East vs West matchup! 

Round 1 Predictions

Eastern Conference:

Florida Panthers (31-12-2) vs Ottawa Senators (25-18-2)- Panthers in 5

Pittsburgh Penguins (29-11-5) vs Philadelphia Flyers (27-13-5)- Flyers in 7

Western Conference:

Chicago Blackhawks (35-6-4) vs Calgary Flames (20-21-4)- Hawks in 6

San Jose Sharks (29-12-4) vs Anaheim Ducks (21-20-4)- Ducks in 6

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! I love constructive feedback and discussing things I might’ve missed, my dms are open! If you hated it, then too bad go write your own article!

Good luck in the Playoffs Sp!

  • Tammygoat Boy Wonder

SPNHL, Season 40: Week Four – Players of the Week

By: ProdigyToLegend

Welcome back to SPNHL Players of the Week for Season 40. I apologize for this being a day late, I was too busy having a life. Anyways, trade deadline has officially passed, and rosters are being finalized for hopeful playoff runs. There were quite a few deals that might make huge differences in the playoffs, and others maybe not so much. But anyways, without further ado, let’s see which players stepped up before the deadline.


Hardiie-: 7 GP, 16 G, 15 A, 31 P, 4.4 PPG, +11, 116 GV, 18 TK, 27 INT

A third of the Ducks trio, Hardie wins himself player of the week for week 4. Hardie and the Bartlett brothers have taken the league by storm on Anaheim, pretty much dominating any opposition in their path. With 16 goals and 15 assists in week 4, good enough for a 4.4 point per game, Hardie shows why the Ducks are a force to be reckoned with, and that they can and will outscore their opposition.

Honorable Mentions: 

Mrlolchico13: 6 GP, 7 G, 19 A, 26 P, 4.3 PPG, +11, 60 GV, 19 TK, 47 INT

ttommyboii: 9 GP, 20 G, 11 A, 31 P, 3.4 PPG, +17, 131 GV, 41 TK, 80 INT

vBartlett: 5 GP, 12 G, 11 A, 23 P, 4.6 PPG, +4, 49 GV, 15 TK, 20 INT


Jaguarknight_: 7 GP, 3 G, 13 A, 16 P, 2.3 PPG, +11, 60 GV, 15 TK, 47 INT.

Jaguarknight had himself an incredible week in week 4, putting up 16 points in the 7 games he played. On top of his offensive production, he had 15 takeaways and 47 interceptions. One of the best RDs, if not the best RD in the league in my mind, Jaguar will always be a tough battle for any opposing forward to go up against. If he keeps up his offensive production on top of his known defensive abilities, Jaguar could quietly be the MVP of the playoffs.

Honorable Mentions:
MPurch: 9 GP, 5 G, 8 A, 13 P, 1.4 PPG, +2, 36 GV, 24 TK, 46 INT.

Benji_Frank_100: 6 GP, 0 G, 10 A, 10 P, 1.7 PPG, +10, 41 GV, 16 TK, 38 INT.

Kidmon3y: 9 GP, 2 G, 8 A, 8 P, 0.9 PPG, +19. 34 GV, 22 TK, 46 INT.


Nocturnal_Turtle: 5 GP, 5-0, .909 SV%, 1.20 GAA, 2 SO.

On a team with a bunch of loudmouth forwards who never shutup, Turtle is the one who outshines them all with his outstanding week. Going a perfect 5-0 with a .909 save percentage, Turtle did everything the Blackhawks have asked of him. Allowing under 2 goals per game, Turtle will need to keep up these performances in order for the Blackhawks to have a deep run. They have a tough road ahead of them, and they’ll need Turtle to play as best he can for all of it.

Honorable Mention:

CapBan_Clark1999: 6 GP, 5-1, .857 SV%, 2.33 GAA, 0 SO.chadkillz134: 8 GP, 6-2, .819 SV%, 2.13 GAA, 0 SO

SPNHL S40 Week 4 Power Rankings

Chicago now sitting 7 points up on the Sharks for 1st in the west (like I predicted).  Florida did have a comeback week but only good enough for 2nd in the league while the Ducks did not pull away from the rest of the west (yet). 

Week 3 Power Rankings:

  1. Philadelphia Flyers
  2. San Jose Sharks
  3. Chicago Blackhawks
  4. Florida Panthers
  5. Pittsburgh Penguins
  6. Ottawa Senators
  7. Buffalo Sabres
  8. Anaheim Ducks
  9. Dallas Stars
  10.  Calgary Flames
  11. Colorado Avalanche
  12. Tampa Bay Lightning

Week 4 Power Rankings:

  1.  Chicago Blackhawks (+2) 9-0
  2.  Florida Panthers (+2) 6-3
  3.  Pittsburgh Penguins (+2) 7-1-1
  4.  Philadelphia Flyers (-3) 5-3-1
  5.  San Jose Sharks (-3) 5-3-1
  6.  Ottawa Senators (-) 4-5
  7.  Buffalo Sabres (-) 5-4-1
  8.  Anaheim Ducks (-) 3-4-2
  9.  Calgary Flames (+1) 5-2-2
  10.  Dallas Stars (-1) 3-5-1
  11.  Colorado Avalanche (-) 1-7-1
  12.  Tampa Bay Lightning (-) 1-8

Sitting pretty with a 6-point gap on 2nd place in the league is the Chicago Blackhawks, a perfect 9-0 week 4 and 14 game win streak earns them this top spot.  After a 0-3 Monday night, the Panthers woke up and won 6 games in a row which is good enough for a 1 point lead on 2nd in the East.  Penguins had an amazing week going 7-1-1 and are only 1 point behind the Panthers in the standings.  The Flyers cooled off a bit with a 5-3-1 week which is good enough for 4th in PR and 3rd in the East. 

The middle 4 stays exactly the same except for the Sharks who fell 3 spots after going 5-3-1 week 4 and losing the top spot in the west.  Ottawa, Buffalo and Anaheim stay put after yet another mediocre week for all these teams. 

The bottom 4 also stays pretty similar other than Calgary leap frogging the Stars for number 9 in the PR and 4th place in the west.  The Flames had a great week going 5-2-2 getting 14/18 possible points.  Stars fall out of a playoff spot but are in striking distance while the Avs and Lightning are preparing for the offseason putting together only 1 win each. 

Who’s Hot

Chicago Blackhawks:

9-0 Week 4, 14 wins in a row, enough said that the Hawks are the real deal.  Another solid week should secure these guys 1st place in the west and a president’s trophy.  Hawks on top baby!

Pittsburgh Penguins:

It is safe to say that SP should no longer sleep on the Penguins in the East.  A couple deadline moves from rookie secures this roster as clear contenders in the East and the league.  With 9 games left, if the Penguins can secure another week just like week 4, they can easily take first in the East which would be HUGE. 

Calgary Flames: 

Speaking of teams who had great trade deadline, Cuban’s squad did just that.  For the 2nd week in a row this team goes above .500 and finally moves into the final playoff spot in the west.  With Dallas and Anaheim poised to have great weeks also, this team needs to remain hot or else they’ll be golfing come next Monday. 

Who’s Cold

Philadelphia Flyers: 

With playoffs around the corner, will the shuffling of roster for Peacekeeper’s team bite him in the butt? A down week of 5-3-1 moved these guys into 3rd in the stacked East.  Playing Florida in round 1 would be a huge disappointment for this roster so they need to have bounce back week and retake that #1 spot or else they could easily be outed round 1. 

San Jose Sharks: 

A 0-3 Friday night pretty much threw a wrench in their hopes of 1st place in the West however, they still have 9 more games to try and recover.  Playing the Ducks or Flames in round 1 could be the difference between a first-round exit or a deeper playoff run for this squad.  I do expect a bounce back week for Randy and the boys, look out for at least 6 wins from them. 

Bold Predictions:

  1. Blackhawks secure that Presidents Trophy: I really don’t see the Hawks choking this 6-point lead, the team hasn’t lost more than 3 games in a week this season and have been playing their best hockey of the season. 
  2. Panthers vs Senators, Flyers vs Penguins:  It will be an insane battle for the standings in the East. Ultimately, I think the Panthers who’ve won 6 games in a row maintain the top spot while the Battle of Pennsylvania will be probably the best 1st round matchup in the league. 
  3. Stars have a great week but miss playoffs by 1 point: I really like the way Devon retooled his team yet again at the deadline.  However, the Flames and Ducks are both hungry teams and will have great weeks as well.  I believe the difference between 3rd and 5th in the West will be separated by 2-3 points. 

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! I love constructive feedback and discussing things I might’ve missed, my dms are open! If you hated it, then too bad go write your own article!

Good luck week 5 SP!

Don’t forget to vote on your All-stars!

  • Tammygoat Boy Wonder

SPNHL Season 40 All-star Game GM Nominations/Team Representatives

All-star voting can be found by clicking here (All-Star Vote)

Western Conference

Anaheim Ducks: Hardiie- F 20GP 54G 38A 92PTS 4.6PPG

One of the league premier goal scorers and wingers, this was an easy selection for Cookieman’s squad. 

Calgary Flames: Wardo_05 F 23GP 30G 62A 92PTS 4PPG

When Cuban acquired Wardo from Philly, he definitely had some high expectations and this young man delivered. Season 39’s Calder winner is one of the main reason’s the Flames are in a playoff position. 

Chicago Blackhawks: FreezeMothaSucka D 23GP 3G 14A 17PTS 0.7PPG 5.7 GA:TK

Freeze is easily one of the best shut down defensemen that SPNHL has to offer and has been the backbone for this 1st place Blackhawks squad. 

Colorado Avalanche: Lo-Maximus F 17GP 14G 27A 41PTS 2.4PPG

The reason why Lomax has been traded so many times this season is because everyone wants this guy on their team.  Great forward even better guy, much deserved. 

Dallas Stars: Eggman—1 D 27GP 2G 26A 28PTS 1PPG 3.56 GA:TK

Playing on a mediocre Stars team for a good chunk of the season and putting up these numbers is pretty impressive for a guy like Eggman.  He will help his team battle for a playoff spot down the stretch. 

San Jose Sharks: Mpurch D 36GP 9G 37A 46PTS 1.3PPG 4.31 GA:TK

Watching Purch grow over the past few seasons has been unreal, he turned into a guy who was an afterthought in the draft to someone battling for the Norris, congrats buddy. 

Eastern Conference

Buffalo Sabres: Semple19 F 14GP 18G 13A 31PTS 2.2PPG

Semple is a great all around winger who is among the best in the league at his position.  Playing in Buffalo, a team who struggles to score and putting up respectable stats is a nice accomplishment. 

Florida Panthers: Chadkillz134 G 34GP 24W 10L 82.12SV% 2.53GAA 4SO

I mean, Slick had so many guys to choose from on his team but I think he nailed his selection in Chad. Countless Vezina trophies and phenomenal stats earned him a spot, no brainer here.

Ottawa Senators: Jeiel9876 G 23GP 15W 8L 81.88SV% 3.52 GAA 2SO

Speaking of great goaltending, Jeiel is a guy who is most definitely an all-star.  Probably the busiest goalie in terms of shots faced and carrying a 15-8 record with a just under 82 save% is insane, congrats man. 

Philadelphia Flyers: AAli-21 F 28GP 55G 63A 118PTS 4.2PPG

Another no brainer selection, Aali is having himself an incredible season leading this Flyers squad, well-deserved all-star. 

Pittsburgh Penguins: Fluri37 F 26GP 36G 58A 94PTS 3.6PPG

Patches McFlurGod, this guy does it all and s40’s first overall pick is an all-star. Fluri is the penguins most important player and shows it day in and day out, congrats buddy. 

Tampa Bay Lightning: Scotch-x4 14GP 18G 13A 31PTS 2.2PPG

Spending most of the season with the Senators, Scotch was a great C in between Cupi and Reapz, after moving to Tampa at the deadline, he is one of the few talented players on his roster.

Thanks to all the GM’s for their picks! Congrats to everyone who was selected and good luck to those in the vote. 

The vote will close on next Sunday June 6th at 11:59pm.

By the looks of it, we’re looking to have this seasons All-star game on Friday June 10th at 9pm, (With a special surprise after) Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

  • Tammygoat Boy Wonder

SPNHL S40 Week 3 Power Rankings

In an attempt to keep things consistent, I’m going with the same format as last week.  There were many trades and roster moves this week and we are starting to see who the contenders and pretenders are in SPNHL this season.  I went 1/3 with my bold predictions last week, The Flyers did leap frog the Panthers (even though they’re tied in points).  Dallas went 4-5 which I wouldn’t consider turning their season around and Tampa still hasn’t won a game since night 3 of the season. 

Week 2 Power Rankings:

  1. Florida Panthers
  2. Philadelphia Flyers
  3. Chicago Blackhawks
  4. San Jose Sharks
  5. Ottawa Senators
  6. Pittsburgh Penguins
  7. Colorado Avalanche
  8. Buffalo Sabres
  9. Dallas Stars
  10. Anaheim Ducks
  11. Calgary Flames
  12. Tampa Bay Lightning

Week 3 Power Rankings:

  1. Philadelphia Flyers (+1)
  2. San Jose Sharks (+2)
  3. Chicago Blackhawks (-)
  4. Florida Panthers (-3)
  5. Pittsburgh Penguins (+1)
  6. Ottawa Senators (-1)
  7. Buffalo Sabres (+1)
  8. Anaheim Ducks (+2)
  9. Dallas Stars (-)
  10.  Calgary Flames (+1)
  11. Colorado Avalanche (-4)
  12. Tampa Bay Lightning (-)

Figuring out this top 4 was a bit difficult especially because all 4 teams have 40 points and are tied for 1st in the league. However, Philadelphia’s 7-2 week and best goal differential in the league earned them the top spot.  San Jose had yet another amazing week at 7-2 making them jump 2 spots into 2nd while Chicago and Florida round off the top 4 with records of 6-2-1 and 5-3-1 respectfully. 

The middle 4 also stayed consistent other than 1 team.  Pittsburgh had an impressive 6-2-1 week which moved them in front of Ottawa in the standings and the power rankings.  The Sens had a down week going 4-4-1 but still sitting pretty in the 4th and final playoff spot in the East.  Buffalo’s 4-3-2 week still has them on the outside looking in while the Ducks go 4-4-1 and bump Colorado out of the middle 4 of the power rankings. 

Dallas also doesn’t move out of the 9 spot or the 4th and final playoff spot in the west.  Here comes the Flames, this squad went 4-3-2 the past week and are gaining on the Stars only 2 points back.  Colorado’s 3-6 week moves them into the bottom 2 but good news is they’re only 2 points back of the Stars.  Tampa’s 2nd winless week in a row keeps them in the basement. 

Who’s Hot

Philadelphia Flyers:

Staying hot for the 2nd week in a row is the Flyers.  The team is looking very different than it did at the start of week 3 but going into week 4 they still look scary.  After a 7-2 week, they move into a tie for 1st place in the East and in the league.  Acquiring Bstie will solidify their backend and will play great alongside Benji.  They also picked up 2nd overall pick Hypey who will form one of the best dynamic duos up top with Aali.  Anything less than a 6-win week for this squad will be a disappointment. 

San Jose Sharks:

I went on this huge rant talking about how top teams shouldn’t change over their core of the roster but it looks like it’s working out for the Sharks.  A 7-2 week for them is good enough to put them for a tie for 1st in both the west and the league.  The duo of Triix and Fish seems to be clicking and firing on all cylinders while Mpurch quietly continues his Norris season.  If they want to keep competing for that top spot in the west they’re going to need another 7-win week and beat the Blackhawks. 

Calgary Flames:

25-5, that was the score of their game against the Lightning Friday night.  Cuban did a great job retooling his roster and getting a solid forward line to help compete for a playoff spot in the west.  The acquisitions of Jhardy, Jmm and Wardo are huge additions to the squad.  Predator outside of his plus/minus is putting up respectable stats, they’re going to be playing meaningful hockey for the rest of the season as they have a huge week against Western Conference opponents. 

Who’s Cold

Florida Panthers:

Tied for first in the league yet they’re cold, I’ll explain.  With the roster the Panthers have on paper, a 0-2-1 night that they had on Tuesday is just straight up unacceptable.  Slick after Tuesday completely rebuilt his roster picking up Chad and solidifying his goaltending situation for the rest of the year.  A 5-3-1 week 3 allowed the Flyers to tie them and surpass them based on goal differential.  This team will have to turn things around week 4 if they want that Presidents Trophy. 

Colorado Avalanche:

Unfortunately for Pliskin and the Avalanche, they had a 3-6 week and got pushed into a tie for the basement in the West.  Good news for them is they’re only 2 points back of 3rd place and will get their number 1 defenceman in Doug back for next week.  A week against Western Conference opponents will be make or break for this team going into week 5.  Another 3-6 week and a good week by another team will pretty much send them to the golf course. 

Tampa Bay Lightning:

The Lightning have lost 19 games in a row, a disaster of a season is in the making for Icey’s team and they’re not looking any better going into week 4.  The last time they won a game was May 7th against the Dallas Stars however, their team was much different looking than it is now.  The next team to drop a game against these guys will be the laughing stock of the league.  Good news is that there is only 6 more game days left until they can start thinking about next season. 

Bold Predictions:

  1. Chicago starts to pull away from the Sharks: Both games between these teams are crucial games and could be the difference of who takes the lead in the west.  The Hawks have only lost 2 games in regulation in the past 2 weeks and have been stealing points from teams late in games all season.  Look out for Chicago’s first 7+ win week in week 4. 
  • Florida has a comeback week and moves into the lead for 1st in the league:  With only 1 game against the Flyers and 2 games against the Lightning, the Panthers have a solid opportunity to have a great week 4. Especially after the mediocre week 3, these guys are going to be motivated to play and win.  A 7-2 week for them looks like a very real possibility. 
  • Anaheim starts to pull away from the bottom of the West: A team of this caliber should not be below .500 in this league. Whatever internal problems that going on they need to snap out of it because they have the talent to go the distance.  With 6/9 games against, Colorado, Dallas, Calgary and Tampa, they have the perfect opportunity to explode for minimum 6 wins this week. 

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! I love constructive feedback and discussing things I might’ve missed, my dms are open! If you hated it, then too bad go write your own article!

Good luck week 4 SP!

  • Tammygoat Boy Wonder

SPNHL, Season 40: Week Two/Three – Players of the Week

By: ProdigyToLegend

Welcome back to SPNHL Players of the Week for Season 40. I apologize for missing week 2, as Plisk and I had a bit of miscommunication and we couldn’t get an article out in time. So instead, we’re just going to combine week 2 and week 3 into one article edition. We have had a great season so far, and in my opinion, the East is clearly the better division. However, there is tremendous talent in both conferences, so without further ado, let’s see who stood out amongst the rest in week 2 and 3. 


AAli-21: 18 GP, 33 G, 38 A, 71 P, 4.4 PPG, +31, 190 GV, 53 TK, 112 INT

Literally playing every single minute for the Flyers in the past 2 weeks, Ali stood out above the rest of the forwards in week 2 and 3. Playing all 18 games for the Flyers, Ali had 33 goals and 38 assists, good enough for a 4.4 point per game, and first in points for forwards in the past 2 weeks. The clear leader on the ice for the Flyers, if the Flyers are going to go on a cup run in a tough Eastern conference, Ali will need to perform. 

Honorable Mentions: 

WARDO_05: 12 GP, 19 G, 40 A, 59 P, 4.9 PPG, +26, 107 GV, 56 TK, 83 INT

ttommyboii: 18 GP, 33 G, 36 A, 69 P, 3.8 PPG, +29, 273 GV, 55 TK, 89 INT

Fluri37: 13 GP, 19 G, 31 A, 50 P, 3.8 PPG, +25, 312 GV, 53 TK, 132 INT


kidmon3y: 18 GP, 4 G, 15 A, 19 P, 1.1 PPG, +27, 51 GV, 46 TK, 9 INT.

Kidmoney has had an outstanding season so far for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and is a huge reason as to why the Penguins currently sit 3rd in a stacked Eastern conference. Tallying 4 goals and 15 assists in the past 2 weeks, what put Kid above the rest in my mind was the fact that he had great offensive production, and still was safe with the puck. He almost had a 1:1 ratio just based on giveaway and takeaways alone. The Penguins are going to need Kid to keep up his tremendous season, as they are going to be in for tough battles in the coming weeks.

Honorable Mentions:
MPurch: 18 GP, 2 G, 19 A, 21 P, 1.2 PPG, +7, 110 GV, 41 TK, 118 INT.

captstalechips: 15 GP, 1 G, 15 A, 16 P, 1.1 PPG, +26, 66 GV, 28 TK, 88 INT.

Aetherxal: 13 GP, 3 G, 8 A, 11 P, 0.8 PPG, +26. 73 GV, 46 TK, 126 INT.


chadkillz124: 18 GP, 12-6, .815 SV%, 3.06 GAA, 2 SO.

Chad had an incredible 2 week performance again, and while not up to his usual expectations of himself, he still outperformed the rest of the goaltenders in the league. With a 12-6 record and a .815 save percentage, Chad will now hopefully settle down in his new home and get used to his friendly faces as teammates. The SP community knows Chad is the goaltender to look out for in a game or a playoff series, as if any one man can steal a game or series, it’s Chad. 

Honorable Mention:

Jelel9876: 12 GP, 8-4, .800 SV%, 3.50 GAA, 1 SO.PEACEKEEPER500-: 5 GP, 5-0, .893 SV%, 1.20 GAA, 2 SO

SPNHL S40 Allstar Tourney

SPNHL S40 Allstar Tourney

Hey SP! It’s been a few seasons but I had a pretty cool idea for a potential Allstar game/tournament. Here’s some brief ideas/details on how it could work. 

How rosters will be chosen:

  • Every team will have at least one player represented (Chosen by their GM)
  • This tournament will have 4 teams, 2 made up of Eastern conference players and 2 made up of Western conference players
  • Grand total of 6 Forward, 4 Defencemen and 2 Goalies per conference
  • Additionally, 2 Forwards, 1 Defencemen and 1 Goalie will be nominated for each conference and act as subs in case a player can’t make the event
  • Other than the 12 players appointed an allstar by their GMs the remainder of the squads will be filled through a community vote

Allstar Eligibility: In order to be included in the vote you must fit this criterion

  • Played in 50% games of the season or on pace to complete that many games (23 GP)
  • Forwards: Above league average PPG or Total Points
  • Defenceman: Above league average PPG or Total Points or GV:TK
  • Goalies: Above league average SV% or Wins

Date: TBD (Looking at a Friday during the playoffs or perhaps a Thursday)


  • 9pm/945pm est- East vs East, West vs West (Best of 2, Aggregate goal total)
  • 1030pm est- Winner of East vs East and Winner of West vs West

Vote: Voting details TBD, done through a google poll If you like this idea and would like to see it implemented this season, some feedback would be greatly appreciated!  Any other ideas to potentially make it better are also welcomed. 

SPNHL S40 Week 2 Power Rankings

SPNHL S40 Week 2 Power Rankings

This week we’re doing things a bit different.  I will first show the week 1 power rankings then based on how teams did week 2, where they are now and how many spots they moved.  I will then move into talking about the 3 hottest teams of the week (either could be how many spot they moved up or kept consistent at the top).  Next, I’ll show the 3 coldest teams in league and why they are.  Finally, I will go through 3 bold predictions for next week. 

Week 1 Power Rankings:

  1. Florida Panthers
  2. San Jose Sharks
  3. Pittsburgh Penguins
  4. Chicago Blackhawks
  5. Philadelphia Flyers
  6. Ottawa Senators
  7. Anaheim Ducks
  8. Buffalo Sabres
  9. Dallas Stars
  10. Colorado Avalanche
  11. Calgary Flames
  12. Tampa Bay Lightning

Week 2 Power Rankings:

  1. Florida Panthers (-)
  2. Philadelphia Flyers (+3)
  3. Chicago Blackhawks (+1)
  4. San Jose Sharks (-2)
  5. Ottawa Senators (+1)
  6. Pittsburgh Penguins (-3)
  7. Colorado Avalanche (+3)
  8. Buffalo Sabres (-)
  9. Dallas Stars (-)
  10. Anaheim Ducks (-3)
  11. Calgary Flames (-)
  12. Tampa Bay Lightning (-)

Another 7-2 week for the Panthers keeps them at top of the standings and also #1 in the power rankings.  Philly and Chicago both secured 15/18 possible points week 2 with records of 7-1-1 and 6-0-3 respectfully. They were able to leap frog San Jose, the Sharks had a very respectful week going 6-2-1 which is good enough for #4 in power rankings. 

Reap and the Sens secured a 6-3 week which moves them into the 3rd spot in the stacked East.  Rook and the penguins still sitting pretty with the 4th and final playoff spot in the East and round out the top half of the PR.  The Avs didn’t have a great week going 4-4-1 but was good enough to pass teams like Buffalo, Dallas and Anaheim who round out spots 7 through 10. 

The Sabres and Stars stayed put however an abysmal 0-5-1 start to week 2 for the Ducks moved them out of a playoff spot in the weaker West. Good news is they’re only 1 point out.  Calgary and Tampa hold down the bottom 2, there’s some hope for Calgary who are only 4 points out of the playoffs but the 0-9 week for the Lightning pretty much sent them golfing in the stacked East. 

Who’s Hot

Philadelphia Flyers:

The hottest team in the SPNHL at the moment is the Flyers.  After a 7-1-1 week, the team will get newly acquired Whitetees in the lineup after he was unable to play week 2.  Peacekeeper’s squad is extremely deep and regardless of the 6 players in the lineup they have a chance to win any game against any team. Getting 9 games from Aali and Tees is nice and the supporting cast of Benji, Wardo, Jmm and Chelios are also putting together great seasons so far.  Look out for these going forward. 

Ottawa Senators: 

Looking like my last week prediction of this Sens team being one of the better teams Reap put together is staying true.  Reap and Cupi are both top 3 in scoring and show no sign in slowing down, they’re getting good defensive play by moving out of the bottom 5 in goals against and great goaltending from Jeiel.  Now I know there are teams like Florida and Philly in the east but, I believe this team is an elite Dman or Center away from being contenders. 

Colorado Avalanche:

Okay here’s the thing, I know this team only went 4-4-1 week 2 and still sit below .500 on the season however, they moved up 3 spots in the PR and I see a change of fortune going forward with Pliskin’s squad.  Getting 6 games from their top C Dudnastyy is huge for the team this week. Unfortunately, they’re missing their top Dman Doug this week but the west is so bad that these guys could potentially run away with that 3rd spot if they have a good week. 

Who’s Cold

Anaheim Ducks:

When you think about teams that got hit hard with availability, the Ducks are the perfect embodiment of this.  A horrible 2-6-1 week pushed them out of the playoffs and into the bottom 3 in PR.  Some good news is, they got both Bartlett brothers and Lg playoffs will be over in 2 weeks.  A top line of Bart-Bart-Hardiie with Pete and Shep should be one of the best lines in the league however, they haven’t been able to ice them together much.  If Cookie’s team can hold out for another 1-2 weeks they have potential to be dark horses come playoffs if they can qualify. 

Pittsburgh Penguins: 

Speaking of teams that have potential, Rookie’s penguins is a team that has a lot of it.  However, this team is sitting in the top 5 for goals for (which is great) but bottom 3 in goals against.  They do hold that 4th and final playoff spot however, the team’s inability to keep pucks out of the net is scary.  The Penguins are going to need Woy to go 3-0 every week while to rest of the team to pull up their socks if they want to have any chance to go far in the playoffs in the stacked East.  Possibly moving one of their many forwards and acquiring another Dman to play with kid to split time with stalechips could be the answer they’re looking for. 

San Jose Sharks: 

Okay hear me out, how in the world is a team who is top 4 in PR and just went 6-2-1 cold?  I’ll explain, this team’s top line going into week 2 is among one of the best in the league however, they were playing teams in the shitty Western conference.  This week against the 6 east teams will be a huge test for them, they have a huge lead on 2nd place in the west and they do have the talent to maintain that spot however with the changeover in roster, I see them having a down week. 

Bold Predictions

  1. Dallas turns it around week 3:  Devon did a great job retooling his roster yet again, acquiring vets like Eggman, Dptickler, Lomax and Chad.  Adding them to a roster with Jhardy gives them the best they’ve had so far.  The San Jose/Dallas trade is a head scratcher for me, changing roster’s like that drastically when a team is already doing great is high risk but high reward.  Devon win’s this deal even though Lomax is only 3 a week, Chad’s ability to steal games will come in handy for Dallas. 
  • Philly passes Florida for 1st in the East: Philly has way better availability than the Panthers and this week against western conference opponents should be a breeze for both these teams.  If Florida maintains top spot I wouldn’t be surprised however, I believe Monday’s 1030 game could be make or break for who stays 1st place in the East. 
  • Tampa doubles their wins on the season:  After a 0-9 week 2, there is no way the Lightning don’t win a game against the shitty west opponents.  With only 2 wins on the season, I see this team picking up 2-3 wins this week.  At this point though, Icey should be looking to expand his roster and getting players who are looking to have fun and potentially upset some teams and play spoiler. 

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! I love constructive feedback and discussing things I might’ve missed, my dms are open! If you hated it, then too bad go write your own article!

Good luck week 3 SP! Tammygoat Boy Wonder

SPNHL, Season 40: Week One – Players of the Week

SPNHL, Season 40: Week One – Players of the Week
By: ProdigyToLegend

Welcome to SPNHL Players of the Week for Season 40. I am back with another weekly edition of players of the week, where my job is to boost some egos, cause some arguments, and probably get someone to hate me for not picking them along the way. But regardless, if you hate me for not picking you for a POTW, you don’t deserve to have an ego boost. Anyways, enough with the flaming, without further ado, here are your players of the week!

LeCupidon: 8 GP, 15 G, 14 A, 29 P, 3.6 PPG, +7, 105 GV, 23 TK, 36 INT

One half of the long time SPNHL duo, Cupe has himself another incredible week as expected, and is the early frontrunner to win the scoring race. Tied for first among all forwards in points, Cupe tallied 15 goals and 14 assists for the Ottawa Senators, and with the help of his buddy Reapz, have Ottawa sitting in a playoff position. These two are the leaders of Ottawa, and they are going to need these two to continue their dominance to get into a playoff position by season’s end.

Honorable Mentions:
WhiteTees41: 8 GP, 16 G, 13 A, 29 P, 3.6 PPG, +6, 88 GV, 15 TK, 30 INT
Jmm420: 8 GP, 11 G, 17 A, 27 P, 3.4 PPG, +9, 91 GV, 33 TK, 43 INT
Hardiie-: 5 GP, 10 G, 12 A, 22 P, 4.4 PPG, +4, 67 GV, 9 TK, 17.

Mpurch: 9 GP, 2 G, 10 A, 12 P, 1.3 PPG, +20, 34 GV, 23 TK, 83 INT.

The San Jose Sharks currently sit atop of the Western Conference at 6-2-1, and at large part thanks to defender of the week, Mpurch. Participating in every game San Jose played last week, Mpurch had 2 goals and 10 assists, good enough for 1.3 points per game, and led all defenders in points for week 1. On top of the offensive production, Mpurch had 23 takeaways and 83 interceptions last week, which is over 9 interceptions per game. Mpurch locked down an entire side like a shutdown corner in football, and pitched in on offence enough. If Mpurch keeps performances like this up every week, the Norris may be his.

Honorable Mentions:
Bizness101: 7 GP, 2 G, 10 A, 12 P, 1.3 PPG, +20, 34 GV, 23 TK, 83 INT.
Kidmon3y: 8 GP, 1 G, 8 A, 9 P, 1.1 PPG, +2, 15 GV, 11 TK, 26 INT.
JAGGED1183: 5 GP, 1 G, 5 A, 6 P, 1.2 PPG, +7. 24 GV, 9 TK, 24 INT.

chadkillz124: 8 GP, 6-2, .843 SV%, 1.75 GAA, 2 SO.

The reigning Vezina trophy winner and Hart Memorial winner from season 39, Chad continues his dominance in season 40 with an outstanding week, and a player of the week award for all goaltenders. Going 6-2 in 8 games for San Jose, Chad had a .843 save percentage and 2 shutouts for good measure. Chad is the unanimous best goaltender currently in SP, but he has not won a Stanley Cup since season 34 despite his dominance. Will this season be the season he makes it back, and carry another team to a cup? Or will his back break by the time playoffs come.

Honorable Mention:
xXStreetxGodXx: 5 GP, 4-1, .819 SV%, 3.00 GAA, 0 SO.
ciulla19: 7 GP, 5-2, .800 SV%, 2.86 GAA, 0 SO