SPNHL S40 Week 5 Power Rankings/ASG Nominees/Playoffs Round 1

Looking like my predictions were super spot on for week 5, the first one of my Blackhawks securing the Presidents Trophy was true. The east round 1 playoff predictions also came true and unfortunately for the Stars they missed the playoffs by 1 point. 

Week 4 Power Rankings:

  1.  Chicago Blackhawks
  2.  Florida Panthers
  3.  Pittsburgh Penguins
  4.  Philadelphia Flyers
  5.  San Jose Sharks
  6.  Ottawa Senators
  7.  Buffalo Sabres
  8.  Anaheim Ducks
  9.  Calgary Flames
  10.  Dallas Stars
  11.  Colorado Avalanche
  12.  Tampa Bay Lightning

Week 5 Power Rankings:

  1. Chicago Blackhawks (-)
  2. Florida Panthers (-)
  3. Pittsburgh Penguins (-)
  4. San Jose Sharks (+1)
  5. Philadelphia Flyers (-1)
  6. Ottawa Senators (-)
  7. Anaheim Ducks (+1)
  8. Calgary Flames (+1)
  9. Dallas Stars (+1)
  10.  Buffalo Sabres (-3)
  11. Colorado Avalanche (-)
  12. Tampa Bay Lightning (-)

Not much movement throughout the final week of the season, the Blackhawks, Panthers and Penguins all maintain their top 3 spots with 8-1, 6-3 and 5-2-2 weeks respectfully.  The sharks move back into the top 4 with a decent 5-3-1 week 5. 

Flyers move out of the top 4 with a shitty 3-4-2 week but have a good playoff matchup against the Penguins inbound.  The Sens, Ducks and Flames all went 6-3 in week 5 and round out the middle 4 of the PRs. 

The bottom 4 stays super similar to previous weeks with the Lightning and Avalanche at the 11 and 12 spot.  The Stars had a 6-2-1 week which would’ve been fantastic in any other circumstance but they sadly missed playoffs by one spot and point.  The Sabres completed their fun enforcer week and dropped 3 spots into 10th

SPNHL All-stars for Season 40:

Western Conference:

  1. WARDO_05 (F)
  2. Hardiie- (F)
  3. Lo-Maximus (F)
  4. ProdigyToLegend (F)
  5. Fishhure (F)
  6. DudNastyy (F)
  7. OGBobbyBartIett (F)
  9. Mpurch (D)
  10. Eggman–1 (D)
  11. FreezeMothaSucka (D)
  12. ExE-_-53 (D)
  13. MikeeTeeze (D)
  14. ciulla19 (G)
  15. Itsjustskillzz_ (G)
  16. Nocturnal_Turtle (G)

Eastern Conference:

  1. AAli-21 (F)
  2. Fluri37 (F)
  3. Scotch-x4 (F)
  4. Semple19 (F)
  5. Whitetees41 (F)
  6. vxWoytkiw8xv (F)
  7. LeCupidon (F)
  8. mrlolchico13 (F)
  9. Kidmon3y (D)
  10. Jaguarknight_ (D)
  11. captstalechips (D)
  12. Aetherxal (D)
  13. DougCBJ (D)
  14. chadkillz134 (G)
  15. Jeiel9876 (G)
  16. SliyumShady (G)

Congratulations to all of our nominees, I sent everyone a direct message on discord to confirm if they people want to participate.  The ASG is scheduled for 9pm this Friday June 11th however, if we do see a game 7, the tournament will be pushed an extra 30 minutes.  Following the 3-game player’s tournament, we have a special treat as the GM’s will get together and play a best of 3 against each other in an East vs West matchup! 

Round 1 Predictions

Eastern Conference:

Florida Panthers (31-12-2) vs Ottawa Senators (25-18-2)- Panthers in 5

Pittsburgh Penguins (29-11-5) vs Philadelphia Flyers (27-13-5)- Flyers in 7

Western Conference:

Chicago Blackhawks (35-6-4) vs Calgary Flames (20-21-4)- Hawks in 6

San Jose Sharks (29-12-4) vs Anaheim Ducks (21-20-4)- Ducks in 6

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! I love constructive feedback and discussing things I might’ve missed, my dms are open! If you hated it, then too bad go write your own article!

Good luck in the Playoffs Sp!

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