Welcome to NHL24 and Season 48 of the SPNHL. Randymarsh2012 here, going to enlighten everyone with some of my wishful thinking since Season 48 could start with a different look compared to all other seasons.

The SPNHL is currently entertaining the option to allow co-owners this season to help spread the workload that 1 sole owner typically had to endure. In the spirit of this new potential change, I decided to do up a short list of potential co-owners that would be great for the league.

Keep in mind, this is just one man’s opinion, I have not reached out or talked to any of these people about this.

Bxrt67 & Bartlett34 – The Bart bros would be a real fun duo to play with. Both having owner experience in other leagues. they would be one of the most skilled management groups to play against. (Bartlett34 would have to carry Bxrt67’s big forehead though) Bxrt has won a few cups and was carried to an Art Ross in Season 44 by Randymarsh, so his brother Barlett34 will likely have to do the same for him.

Chadkillz & Doranz – Last season these two lead their team to an impressive regular season record and a Stanley Cup. Finishing 1 and 2 in scoring, these guys would be a great tandem to start season 48 with the mindset of defending their Season 47 cup.

Fishhure & Jhursi – Fish and Jhursi are long term SP veterans who are also BFFs. Former Hart winner Fish, and Selke candidate Jhursi would build, and be, a very competitive team. If Jhursi does his Canadian accent on the mic all season I don’t think these guys lose a game.

Hughsy & John Dean – Hughsy and John Dean have won 3 cups together in the past 6 seasons. Hughsy may be the best player SP has ever seen that hasn’t won an individual award. John Dean is one of the best 2-way centers in the game as well. If John Deans kids stay asleep and don’t cry for him in the middle of games, these guys will build a very tough team to beat.

Gxhle & HaroldJones1990 – These guys will manage to annoy every single team they play against. Gxhle (aka Cpenn), is one of the more talented players to ever play in SP. HaroldJones1990 (aka Pickletickler69, aka BillCosby, aka Pepe Toucher) on the other hand, will get under your skin with his relentless chirps in the discord and his need to run truculence and put people in body bags. Harold has won 2 cups and a Conn Smythe in recent SP history so these guys together would be a threat.

Piskin & Lomax – The oldest vets in SP, both been around since day 1. Pliskin is your league Commissioner and Lomax has been with him most of the way as well. They have great chem together and always keep a positive vibe in the party chats. Lomax may have a little bit of rust to work off, but he is a former art ross winner in this league and so is Pliskin. This team may have a slow start, but they always come round and finish the season strong clinching a playoff berth.

Beanz & Ustoopid – These brothers have always managed to somehow find their way to one another in SP so why wouldn’t they take on a team of their own? They have run successful teams in other leagues and are also two of the more dominant players in recent SP history. I hope to see them running a team and being a cup contender. Ustoopid is a Norris trophy winner, and Bean has won scoring titles in SP in previous seasons.

Hardie & Vito_Corleone – Hardie has a few cups and a Conn Smythe in SP and has played parts in helping previous SP owners in the seasons he’s played. Vito is new to the SPNHL but is strong RD who compliments Hardie very well. These two would build a very strong team to compete with all the other names listed.

Tommyboii & Bejimoszn – Tommyboii is back! Was MIA for a few seasons because he didn’t buy a PS5, but he’s here now and if he teamed up with former linemate Bejimo these guys would be off to a great start before the draft even happens. Bejimo has always been one of the better goal scorers in the league and Tommy is a former Art Ross winner.

KyleJ83 & Randymarsh2012 – Randy is KyleJ’s favorite SP player, and he would be so lucky and grateful to finally get a chance to finally play with him. Randy may agree to this we will see. Randy may not want to own with him though because hes wayyyyy better at hockey than Kyle so it will likely have to be a make a wish thing. Kyle on LW and Randy on RW seems like the kind of line that wins championships though.

If all these young gentlemen did end up taking teams it would turn out to be one of the most competitive seasons in recent memory. If I even just got 1 idea planted in any of the listed guys brains or even someone else that is reading this article, then this was a win for the league and not a waste of my time.

Let’s get some more signups going and get the Season 48 ball rolling! Invite your friends and invite your friends friends.