Season 48 Regular Season Recap

Forefits. 95 Forefitted games. 270 total games in a season. That’s 35% of games not played this season. Fun stat to start the article.

Now having said that, we all know that Anaheim and Washington have won their respective conferences and we all know what the playoff seedings are. But what we don’t know is what teams benefitted more from FFs than others.

So what I’ve done is broke down the FFWs and FFLs (to the best of my ability) and revised the Standings to give us all a much more in depth look as to how this season really played out for each team.

Here is the current Standings showing FFWs as well as FFLs:

(On the SPNHL website you’ll notice that there is more FF Losses for certain teams, this is because in week 5 a FFL counts as 2 FF Losses towards your Points total)

Chicago had their first FFL on the last night of the season, almost went flawless, but they didn’t so they’re gutless.

Anaheim, Chicago, Toronto, Arizona, and Vegas all had the most FF Wins with 11 each. Piitsburgh and Ottawa had the least with 5 each. (Technically Vancouver had the least but only showing up for 10 games this season doesn’t count)

Here are team stats and trends based on the actual games played and no FFs:

Winning % (Wins divided by Games Played)

If Vancouver or Edmonton would’ve stuck around and actually played their games they could’ve been in a playoff spot ahead of Vegas.

Point % (Total Points Divided by Games Played)

The trend of Carolina continues as being the 4th best team this season vs their 6th place finish.

GF Per Game (Pretty Self Explanitory)

Learn how to score goals Chicago wow.

GA Per Game (^^^)

Jon Turner might need to go back to goalie hockey school to learn how to keep pucks out of his net over there in Arizona.

Here is what the Standings would’ve looked like if a full 45 game season was played with the trends we have seen.

Season Standings (if all games were played)

There you have it, Anaheim and Washington deservedly ended up in the positions they finished in this season. Where as Carolina deserved to be in the mix in the top 3. Although Ottawa had the higher Point% the rounding factors into making true numbers for this sheet put them ahead by 2 points.

If the season went as it should have without any Forfeits, the playoff matchups would’ve been:

Anaheim vs Arizona, Chicago vs Vancouver, Washington vs Toronto, and Carolina vs Ottawa.

Obviously there is other factors involved as well, like Edmontons ownership and Vancouvers ownership quitting and them combining teams which lead to Edmonton being the main team used drastically changed their trends to the lower side compared to where they stood after week 2.

Anyways, i hope you enjoyed that breakdown of what the hell happened this season and what could have been. Now we’ll move into what actually matters, the SPNHL Playoff breakdown.

Playoff Preview

Just a friendly reminder, 7 minutes late to matchmaking is a 2 min penalty, 10 minutes late is a FF. Make sure you are on time for your games because the ultimate gutless rule following will be happening in playoffs I guarentee it.

Now lets look at these 1st round matchups:


Season Series : Anaheim 6-0-0, Vegas 0-5-1 (2FFL)

Anaheim GF=16, GA=8

Vegas GF=8, GA=16

Season MVP: Beanzy

Season MVP: Chad

The Vegas Golden Knights have yet to beat the Ducks this season, but they have kept a few games tight. Chad has been lights out for these Knights with a 84SV% even though he has a 3-10 record. I do see the potenital in Chad stealing one game for the Knights, but these Ducks have been lights out all season. Beanzy, Ande, Bejimo, Big(Bald)Dan, and Hyper have played the majority of their games this season so i expect this to also be their Game 7 lineup. Both Kbleau and Fedorov have good numbers in nets too so there is no real weak point on this team. Its unknown what the Knights will put out as their best line, but i expect it to have Fishhure, IshootfromDeeps, KarlssonisGod up front with shepherd and Pliskin on the back end. The only way i see these knights having a chance is by keeping Chad in nets.

Ducks in 4.


Season Series: Chicago 3-2-1, Arizona 3-3-0

Chicago GF=24, GA=22

Arizona GF=22, GA=24

Season MVP: KyleJ83

Season MVP: Gxhle

Jon Turner vs Hughsy, the bestest of best friends in the whole world matching up in the first round. On one side we have the Blackhawks, very strong season, lacked some offense but made up for it on the back end. Then the Yotes, who have been all over the place this season making questionable trades but are now in a spot to play the upset card. Chicago’s game 7 lineup of JohnDean, KyleJ, and Pokegod upfront, with Hughsy and Hochman on the backend and good ol JoPascale in nets will be tough for the Yotes to deal with. I expect them to respond with something like Gxhle, Tommy, Jon Turner up front, with El_Rookie and Lageralteste or Panarin on D and LispDoge in nets.

The season series is very tight between these 2 teams so I could easily see this going all the way.

Upset pick, Arizona in 7.


Season Series: Washington 4-0-1, Carolina 1-3-1

Washington GF=21, GA=17

Carolina GF=17, GA=21

Season MVP: twnsPepsi

Season MVP: BigLappy

I’ll start with this, no team has used more players this season than the Carolina Hurricanes, i had to check the Team Salary Cap page on the website to figure out who was actually on the team lol.

The Washington Capitals have surprised me, I didn’t see them taking 1st in the East, defintely knew they’d be in the playoffs, but thought it would be 2nd or 3rd place.

The season series between these 2 teams also surprised me, Washington got the better of Carolina all season for the most part.

Washington has developed some good chemistry with their forwards with twnsPepsi and Chico leading the way, with great additonal scoring from Lee, xcarp, and BootyClappin. On defence, Shayne and Alpha held up the back end with Braz in nets. I’m not sure exactly what who will get the nod for Washingtons Game 7 lineup on the wing with Pepsi and Chico, but I do know that whoever they do end up using will do more than fine for them.

These Hurricanes wont be an easy matchup for them though, Lappy, Champo, PatJoyce, Mikeh, Mesmerize, and peacekeeper will most likely be their top line as long as they all show up. I’m not sure who will go where but i do see an option of using rapfan in nets as well which could allow peace to play D with champo or Pat. When these guys get cookin you better be able to handle the heat or get the hell out of the kitchen!

Washington in 6, I have a gut feeling that availability will hurt the Canes in this one.


Season Series: Ottawa 2-3-1, Toronto 4-2-0

Ottawa GF=13, GA=16

Toronto GF=16, GA=13

Season MVP: BladeMuffin

Season MVP: Bartlettt

The SP season was going along fine until these Leafs made the trade of the century, acquiring Smitzey and Semple for Clampse and who knows (sorry whoever it is, did not bother to go look up the trade). Then all hell broke loose, then the trade talks started buzzin and the next thing you know these greasy Senator made a trade of their own, grabbing Doranz, last seasons Conn Smythe and Stanley Cup winner.

The season series was fairly tight with Toronto getting the better of Ottawa most games, but for the most part were very low scoring games. Goaltending will be crucial for both teams as well as limiting turnovers.

The Toronto Game 7 line is dangerous, Bartlett, Semple, Smitzey up front with Bxrt and fosix on D with Mooner standing between the pipes. I hate all of these guys and their foreheads are too big to even fit in the god damn rink so Ottawa has their eyes full in this one.

The Senator have a Game 7 of their own though, Morrow, Doranz, RandyMarsh up front, with Ustoopid and RoyalFlush on D and Blademuffin in nets will not be a walk in the park for Toronto. The depth Ottawa has could play a big role in this series too, kale mcbail, flow, neon, and spamr1 have all had a strong season for the Senator.

This series will be back and forth but lets be real here. Ottawa in 4.

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