Week 5 Wednesday game 1 breakdowns

Coach’s Corner Breakdown: Nashville Predators vs. Florida Panthers

Don Cherry: Alright folks, let’s dive into this barn burner between the Nashville Predators and the Florida Panthers. Nashville came out on top with a 2-0 win, but boy, was it a slog to get there. This game was uglier than a hat trick in your own net.

First off, let’s talk about NuttyOutlaw13 from the Preds. This kid got himself a goal and spent a solid two minutes in the box. Four shots and eight hits—this guy was all over the ice. He plays with the kind of grit you love to see. I mean, he’s out there like a wrecking ball. Sure, he took a couple penalties, but that’s just the cost of doing business when you’re throwing your weight around like that.

Now, JoshuaDuhaime on defense. Not a lot on the score sheet, but he kept things clean with only two penalty minutes and threw four hits. Steady as she goes, that’s what you want from your defensemen. No flash, just good, solid hockey.

Randymarsh2012—he’s a workhorse. Two assists, seven shots, and 12 giveaways, though. Look, buddy, I get it, you’re trying to make things happen out there, but you gotta keep those turnovers down. He’s got the right idea but needs to tighten up a bit.

xshepxrd, this forward is a mixed bag. He netted a goal and an assist, but he’s got 10 faceoff losses. Come on! I’ve seen more wins at a craps table. He’s gotta step it up at the dot.

DEx3Ad, another defenseman, solid game with an assist and six takeaways. The guy’s a pickpocket on skates. He’s like a hawk out there, just waiting to pounce.

And then there’s NE0N X 8, the goalie. Stood tall with 12 saves for a shutout. Just a wall in net, you can’t ask for more from your goalie. The backbone of the team right there.

Switching to the Panthers, Popeskill was out there flailing like a fish out of water. Four penalty minutes and a minus-one. Buddy, you’re killing your team.

xShxyne had four shots but didn’t do much else. No goals, no assists, just kinda there. Like a pylon on the ice.

Margo I—I don’t know what to say. Ten faceoff losses? That’s gotta change. You’re not gonna win games if you can’t win the puck.

Bray4x_Fyb spent more time in the box than on the ice, it seems. Four penalty minutes, no points, and a minus-one. What are you even doing out there?

Fra75434QC in goal—12 saves, but two goals against. Not the worst performance, but not enough to save this sinking ship.

Ron MacLean: Don, I think you’ve made your point. Tough game for Florida, but Nashville’s physicality and defense really sealed the deal here. They need to clean up those turnovers and faceoff losses, though, if they want to keep this momentum going.

Don Cherry: Absolutely, Ron. Hockey’s a tough game, and tonight, Nashville played tougher. That’s all for now, folks. Keep your stick on the ice and your head up.

Coach’s Corner Breakdown: St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Don Cherry: Alright folks, welcome to Coach’s Corner! Let’s break down this game between the St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks. The Hawks skated away with a 5-2 win, and there’s a lot to talk about.

St. Louis Blues

SA_Pliskin: Defense, one assist, minus-three. Listen, kid, you need to tighten up your defensive play. An assist is great, but being on the ice for three goals against? Come on! Focus on positioning and keep your head on a swivel.

ThaFoSix: Defense, zero points, minus-three, and just one hit. You need to play more physical. Your job is to protect the house. Lay some hits, clear the crease, and let the opposition know it’s not a free ride in your zone.

EL_R_O_O_K_I_E: Forward, zero points, minus-three, four penalty minutes. Staying out of the box is crucial. Those four minutes hurt your team. Be more disciplined and channel that energy into scoring and playmaking.

BigLappy: Forward, one goal, minus-two, three shots, 18 giveaways. Eighteen giveaways? That’s unacceptable. You’ve got the offensive talent, but you need to protect the puck better. Make smarter decisions and avoid turnovers.

LispDoge: Goalie, 13 saves on 18 shots. Tough night, I get it. But you’ve got to be the backbone of the team. Work on your rebound control and positioning. Don’t let those easy ones in.

XKYROU25: Forward, one goal, one assist, minus-three, four penalty minutes, ten faceoff losses. Clean up your game, kid. Focus on winning those faceoffs and staying out of the box. Your team needs you on the ice, not in the penalty box.

Chicago Blackhawks

JHochman: Defense, two assists, plus-three, eight takeaways. Fantastic game. Keep reading the play well and intercepting those passes. Your vision and anticipation are spot on.

reimatttack34: Defense, plus-three, one takeaway. Solid performance. Keep up the strong defensive play and continue to make those key takeaways. Your team relies on your stability back there.

Hughsy28-: Forward, one goal, one assist, plus-three, 15 faceoff wins. Dominating in the faceoff circle is key. Keep up the hard work and maintain your focus in the dot. You’re a crucial part of the team’s success.

DoubleD-DoubleX: Forward, one goal, two assists, plus-three. Great job creating offense. Keep driving to the net and making those plays. Your presence on the ice makes a huge difference.

John_Dean_16: Forward, three goals, two assists, plus-three. Outstanding performance. Keep shooting and finding those open spots. Your scoring touch is exactly what the team needs.

Fedorov91x: Goalie, seven saves on nine shots. Solid game. Stay sharp and keep your confidence high. Your steady presence in net gives the team the foundation it needs to succeed.

Ron MacLean: Don, any final thoughts?

Don Cherry: Yeah, Ron. For the Blues, it’s all about tightening up defensively and playing smarter hockey. The Hawks just need to keep their foot on the gas, stay disciplined, and continue to play as a cohesive unit. That’s all for tonight, folks. Remember, play hard, stay safe, and keep your stick on the ice!

Coach’s Corner Breakdown: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings

Don Cherry: Alright folks, welcome to Coach’s Corner. Tonight, we were supposed to break down the game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings, but guess what? Detroit didn’t even show up! It’s a forfeit win for Pittsburgh. Let’s talk about what went down and what these teams need to keep in mind moving forward.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Ron MacLean: Don, let’s start with Pittsburgh. What do you have to say about them?

Don Cherry: Well, Ron, a forfeit win is as good as it gets on paper, but it doesn’t help much with actual game experience. Pittsburgh has to stay sharp and not let this easy win make them complacent. They need to keep practicing hard and focus on their next match. You can’t take your foot off the gas just because the other team handed you a win.

Detroit Red Wings

Ron MacLean: And what about Detroit, Don? What’s the takeaway for them here?

Don Cherry: Detroit, you blew it. Plain and simple. Not showing up is unacceptable at this level. Whatever the reason—logistics, miscommunication, or lack of preparation—it needs to be fixed immediately. You’re letting your fans down, and more importantly, you’re letting yourselves down. Get your act together, show up, and compete. Every game is a chance to prove yourself, and you can’t afford to waste those opportunities.

General Advice

Ron MacLean: Don, any general advice for both teams moving forward?

Don Cherry: Absolutely, Ron. For Pittsburgh, don’t let this easy win get to your head. Keep practicing hard, stay focused, and treat every upcoming game like a playoff match. For Detroit, this is a wake-up call. Fix whatever issues caused this no-show and come back stronger. Preparation and commitment are key. You’ve got to be ready to play every single night, no excuses.

Ron MacLean: Well said, Don. And that wraps up this edition of Coach’s Corner. Remember, folks, always bring your A-game, whether you’re on the ice or in the stands. See you next time!