Hello SP! Sorry I took a season off of doing articles, was bombarded with papers and assignments in my 2nd semester. Excited to be able to get some media going for the league. In this article, I will take a look at the team’s rosters and give every player a letter grade based on how I feel their skill set fits the league. If you disagree with me, go write your own article! Let’s start in the East

For Reference:
A+: Best of the best
A: Elite
B+: Above Average
B: Average
C+: Serviceable starter (better suited backup)
C: Good backup
D+: 10th roster guy
D: Should switch to PGA of FIFA
?: no info

Eastern Conference

Buffalo Sabres- GM: SedinPower

After creating a dynasty throughout the NHL17-19 seasons in SP, Sedin returns to give it another crack. He was able to grab the New Jersey Devils roster which he relocated to Buffalo (where he won a cup in s24) and resign his best pal and stud Bstieboy. He also made a trade to acquire another RD in MooCowTit who will likely be his defence partner this season.

LW: Semple B+
C: Rollerpig A
RW: Bstie A
LD: Sedin A
RD: MooCowTit B
G: CDNporkchop C

Drunk ?
Eric C+
Sedinpower22 ?
Peach ?
Tommy Dubz D+
Dimebagdarrel42 ?

This will 100% be a playoff team, the one question mark I have for them is their goaltending situation, will the tandem of Porkchop, drunk and Darrel be enough for them to compete.

Florida Panthers: GM- toslick

Slick and his Leafs had a great season last time around finishing 1st in the east and losing to the Washington god squad in the semi-finals. He decided he was sick and tired of the Ontario lockdown and moved to somewhere warm Florida. Slick elected to use the resign draft and grabbed stud RD Jaguarknight and also made a couple trades acquiring Linde and another 1st round pick.

LW: Linde B
C: Holland A
RW: toslick B+
LD: Chico A
RD: Jaguar A
G: Ciulla A

Eggman C
Dptickler C+
Honest C
Josh C+

This team on paper shouldn’t lose more than 10 games this season, easily one of the deepest team in the league and have great options on their bench if any of their best 6 are not available.

Ottawa Senators: GM- Reapz

An amazing week 5 from Reapz and the Sens pushed them into the 4th and final playoff spot last season. They unfortunately were outed in round 1 but they’re looking to build off what they had last season. Guess what, Reapz resigns Cupidon and also acquires Jeiel for his 1st round pick (Even though Jeiel would’ve still been on the board at his pick).

LW: Reapz B+
C: Scotch B
RW: Lecupidon A
LD: Notorious C+
RD: Bizness C+
G: Jeiel B+

Lawsob C
Kawpow D+
Ustank ?
Chopeat ?

The defence on this team doesn’t impress me one bit however, scotch in between reapz and cupidon should be a forward line that is able to put up a lot of goals. Jeiel is going to be busy this season.

Philadelphia Flyers: GM- Peacekeeper

Peace is back in Philly and he is looking for some redemption after his last stint as a GM. He also elected to use the resign draft and grabbed Aali, Ben and Mike. This roster is one that is very interesting to me as he has a lot of players that are good at both the F and D position.

LW: Jmm B+
C: Wardo B
RW: Bart A
LD: Benji B+
RD: Aali A
G: Peace B

Mike B+
Chelios B
Solo: C
Drew: ?
Cixtimes: D+
Smokey: C+

This team is probably just as deep if not deeper than the Florida Panthers roster, with multiple ways to craft this lineup, Peace should be able to bring this team to the playoffs easily.

Pittsburgh Penguins: GM- Elrookie

Elrookie also moving his roster south of the border from Montreal to Pittsburgh. With excellent resign options in 3/week Woy and RD Kidmoney, rookie lucked out and won the draft lottery where he got the 9.5m man Fluri with his 1st overall pick.

LW: Woy A
C: Fluri A
RW: Elrookie C
LD: 5star C+
RD: Kidmoney B+
G: Vandoos C+

Xdc ?
Broken D+
Svech ?
Neon C
StreetGod ?
Hockeyguy ?

For me there’s a lot of question marks on this squad, Rookie will likely have to acquire a better F to play when Woy can’t and also a natural LD to play on that top line.

Tampa Bay Lightning: GM- Icey

Icey also relocated his squad from long island to sunny Tampa Bay, the season hasn’t started yet and already we have seen a huge changeover of players from this team. After resigning Clark, Linde and Lomax he traded away Linde and Lo and decided to draft his team around Clark….interesting choice. With a top 3 pick he decided to grab Curtis.

LW: Heroic C
C: Chief2Step B+
RW: NowYoDead B
LD: Stalechips C+
RD: Curtis B+
G: Icey D+

Clark D
D00van C
Skillz ?
Pugz D+
Ryo ?

Yikes, this roster is something out of a horror film, Icey has a couple good pieces in Curtis and Chief to build around but he has a lot of work to do if he wants to be any competitive in the stacked East.

Standings Prediction
1) Florida
2) Philadelphia
3) Buffalo
4) Ottawa
5) Pittsburgh
6) Tampa Bay

Western Conference

Anaheim Ducks: GM- El Cookie

Cook returns to the scene as GM of the former Stanley cup winning Washington Capitals. Most of that team “retired” so he elected to use the resign draft and he was the winner of this draft in my opinion. Grabbing studs in Whitetees, Hardiie and Frenchy who he later traded for G Sliyum.

LW: Whitetees A
C: Bartlett A
RW: Hardiie- A
LD: Aetherxal B+
RD: Asticks C+
G: Sliyum B+

Cook C
Fivepointohh C
Shawn C
Beast ?
Shadow C

This squad is home to one of the best top forward lines in the league and will be one that will put up a ton of goals, their only question mark is on RD, will Asticks be the guy going forward? I don’t think so.

Calgary Flames: GM- Cuban

After a not so good season 39, Cuban is looking for some redemption. He also decided to use the resign draft this time around and acquired Lemon scented Ajax and Ilovehugejugs. Unfortunately, he lost the lottery but somehow got the best player on the board in Hypey.

LW: Ivan C
C: Hypey A
RW: Ajax B
LD: Cuban C+
RD: Predator C
G: Dusty C

HugeJugs C+
Nxsh ?
Cbone ?
koz D

Hypey better bring his backpack and a duffle bag because he’s going to have his work cut out for him this season. The top line will be able to survive in this league but other than that, Cuban is in for a long season.

Chicago Blackhawks: GM- Tammy

I decided that it was too warm in the desert so I moved north to the windy city. To be honest with everyone, I imagined my team looking A LOT differently prior to the draft but I am happy with how the squad turned out. I resigned Prod who is easily a top player in this league and we’re ready to go to the finals for 4 seasons in a row.

LW: Prod A+
C: Kotkaniemi A+
RW: Tammy A+
LD: UstooPiid A+
RD: Freeze A+
G: Bufford A+

Zachary A+
Foosty A+
Shock A+
Hellsfyre A+
Pghfanatic A+

This should be a playoff team, maybe even first in the west but crazier things have happened.

Colorado Avalanche: GM- Pickle Plisk

Pliskin’s Avs had a great playoff run last season losing in round 1 to the Arizona Coyotes. He resigned 3/week Dudnastyy and let Whitetees go into the resign draft (bold strategy cotton). Plisk’s team is one that I am unsure how it will do this coming season, having Dud, Lilj and Sean for only Fridays makes the rest of the squad difficult to manage.

LW: Pxsternak B
C: Dudnastyy A
RW: Liljegren A
LD: Doug B+
RD: M1keal B
G: Pliskin B

Guentzel B+
Ush D+
Dancer C
Lidstrom C

The west is a lot weaker than the east so I believe this squad will easily fight for that 3rd spot maybe even 2nd spot however, they’ll need more than only Friday from their resign if they want to be competitive in the playoffs.

Dallas Stars: GM- Devon

Props to Devon for taking over this team, he very quickly put his plan in motion acquiring assets Turtle, Frenchy, Joey and Jhardy. The team is looking different but possibly better than the original squad.

LW: Pete B+
C: Frenchy B
RW: JHardy B
LD: Teamrun C
RD: Joey C+
G: Devon C+

Buzzy C
Turtle C+
Dalton D+
Uccs C

This team does not have any superstars, although Pete, Frenchy and Jhardy are decent players, will it be enough for this team to compete for the playoffs?

San Jose Sharks: GM- Randy

After a dreadful season from the sharks in s39, Randy takes over the squad and looking to turn things around. He resigned former sharks GM Exe and his trusted friend on RD Mpurch, Randy also traded a bag of pucks for one of the more reliable forwards in the league in Lomax. Not to mention, with his 1st round pick he takes the best goalie on the board in Chad.

LW: Fishhure B+
C: Lo-Max B
RW: Randy B+
LD: Exe B
RD: Mpurch B
G: Chad A+

Neeposh C+
Luckyceez C
Jagged D+
a-mason D+

Any team with chad is easily a playoff squad because of his ability to steal games that teams have no business winning. The starting line for this team is going to be difficult to play against with their big builds and fish’s offensive talent.

Standings Prediction
1) Chicago 😉
2) Anaheim
3) San Jose
4) Colorado
5) Calgary
6) Dallas

Hope you enjoyed my article, Looking forward to a fun competitive season!

– Tammy

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