SPNHL, Season 39: Week Five – Players of the Week

SPNHL, Season 39: Week Five – Players of the Week
By: ProdigyToLegend
Welcome to SPNHL Players of the Week for Season 39, week 5 edition! The regular season is finally over, and it is now time for playoffs. While a lot of teams didn’t have trouble clinching a final playoff spot, it is important to go into the playoffs with a little bit of momentum and confidence. Players are trying to find their playoff groove before playoffs in order to ride the hot streak all the way to a hopeful cup final appearance. And honestly, a lot of players had outstanding offensive weeks, so lots of players should have confidence going in. That should make for a real fun and competitive playoffs. Anyways, without further ado, here are your players of the week.
The-Freak-Show2: 8 GP, 27 G, 26 A, 53 P, 6.6 PPG, +31, 76 GV, 17 TK, 35 INT
Freak-Show had an outstanding week for the Washington Capitals, helping them solidify second place in the Eastern Conference. Only missing out on first place by a point, Washington is going to need this type of offensive production for a deep playoff run. New Jersey will be no easy task for the Capitals, but New Jersey is going to have a hard time if Freak-Show continues this type of production. Having both a hat trick per game and 3 assists per game, Freak-Show was a literal freak last week, and look for Washington to rely on him to move on to round 2.
Honorable Mentions:
iZinczyi: 6 GP, 19 G, 21 A, 40 P, 6.7 PPG, +23, 51 GV, 20 TK, 28 INT
Iam-beanzy: 7 GP, 12 G, 25 A, 37 P, 5.3 PPG, +19, 101 GV, 21 TK, 38 INT
LeCupidon: 8 GP, 16 G, 21 A, 37 P, 4.6 PPG, +10, 107 GV, 30 TK, 39 INT.
TheMooCowTit: 6 GP, 2 G, 11 A, 13 P, 2.2 PPG, +12, 9 GV, 21 TK, 47 INT.
TheMowCowTit (lol) had an outstanding week both on the offensive side and defensive side on the ice. In 6 games for Dallas, he had 2 goals and 11 assists, good enough for 2.2 points per game and a player of the week award. Adding to his offensive production was his defence. In 6 games last week, he only had 9 giveaways. That’s absurd. He was responsible with the puck, and was a headache for opposing forwards as well with 21 takeaways and 47 interceptions. Dallas has a stacked roster, so while they might not rely only on MooCow, he will be an important piece for them if they want to make it to the finals.
Honorable Mentions:
Jaguarknight_: 6 GP, 2 G, 11 A, 12 P, 2.2 PPG, +11, 45 GV, 20 TK, 48 INT.
uStooPiiD: 6 GP, 7 G, 10 A, 17 P, 2.8 PPG, +4, 29 GV, 9 TK, 32 INT.
rich2k8: 6 GP, 1 G, 7 A, 8 P, 1.3 PPG, +11. 38 GV, 17 TK, 53 INT.
chadkillz134: 9 GP, 6-3, .887 SV%, 1.78 GAA, 2 SO.
For the third straight week in a row, Chad not only wins goaltender of the week, but he also topped his performance again! While he went 6-3 instead this week which is technically worse than last week, his individual performance was better. With a .887 save percentage, 1.78 goals against average AND 2 shutouts to go along with all that, Chad is going into the playoffs on an incredible tear. While Toronto is very good from top to bottom, having Chad behind all the talent is just an embarrassment of riches. Any team is going to have trouble against Chad in the playoffs, and honestly, I’m not sure if anyone’s going to get past him for awhile.
Honorable Mention:
Jeiel9876: 6 GP, 3-3, .794 SV%, 2.33 GAA, 0 SO.
Bigtruss7786: 6 GP, 4-2, .787 SV%, 2.17 GAA, 1 SO

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