Season of feeling the Blues

Greetings, everyone! I’m LispDoge, the Champion of Season 46. I wanted to take a moment to recap my journey throughout the season, from being a player in the previous season to becoming a GM for the first time in the SPNHL and ultimately winning the cup. So, let’s dive into it.

It all started in Season 45 when I finally got NHL 23 after not playing any NHL game since 2021. I was looking for new leagues to get back into the game and came across the “SPNHL Season 45” in the Kinglymes discord channel. Excited to return to EASHL, I signed up and awaited my fate in the league’s discord. Draft night arrived, and in the 9th Round, I was drafted by the Flyers. Thus, my new journey began.

Joining the Flyers, I played alongside Boknows, Reimattack, Hughsy28-, Jonturner, and Jcpens. I let them know that I was new to chel and had to adapt to the game’s changes. Despite some challenges and encountering a few trolling teammates(Turner and Boknows) but to my surprise I had a GM who I actually enjoyed playing with, I knew it would be a memorable season.

Season 45 started well, except for some unfortunate sui lineups I had to be a part of. I also ended up playing goalie for most of our random club games to be able to play with Hughsy and whomever he’d invite, though at the beginning I’d be roasted for using the right stick and doing somersaults in net. Eventually, I had my first goalie game against Carolina, where I performed well and secured a victory for the Flyers. However, after a game of Among Us where I eliminated Hughsy28, he put me on the trade block. I was traded to the Vegas Golden Knights, but my teammates I was traded with disappeared, and I felt alone with a new squad and a french guy named philmoron, who loved to make me feel depressed playing this game. Nonetheless, with the help from my therapist Shock_R I persevered, knowing that vengeance awaited me in the following season.

In Season 46, I decided to become a GM, despite facing criticism from the SPNHL community. I was determined to prove them wrong. Before the draft, I already had a clear plan of who I wanted to draft, especially talented players who hadn’t played in SPNHL before. Among those players were EpicxSkillzy, YuhAtti, Snipersoda10, Boston3430, and oPastrnak. The draft went better than expected, and I managed to acquire most of my desired players. With my roster set, I was ready to make them regret doubting me.

However, before the season began, I faced some challenges, including trading some core players early on. Despite setbacks, I fixed my mistakes early on and made further trades to strengthen my team. I also made the decision to switch from playing forward to becoming the team’s starting goalie. As the regular season concluded, I had a solid record, although my teammates sometimes prevented me from achieving shutouts and a better save percentage, especially boston3430, Weekendnachos, and at times Lappy. 

Heading into the playoffs, I felt confident that the St. Louis Blues, my team, would be victorious. However, the first-round series against the Sharks proved to be a close call, with ups, but felt like mostly downs, with most of our core squad not being able to play Tuesday due to other league scheduling, to 10:30 games being troll games where our team was playing with a stick up their butts. . We eventually won in Game 7, winning considerably in out performing our opponents, securing our spot in the next round.

Onto the next series against Coyotes, after Chico decided to schedule Bejimoszn for tuesday in LG, and proceeded to shit talk me with Crexmin in dm’s I realized that I was going to get in their heads the rest of the series. They made it easy for me in game 1 when they showed up way too late to where RatDoge pulled the first Forfeit in the playoffs. Then game 2 proceeded to defeat them 10-7, where I put in 5 goals myself, I decided missrogue deserved another chance at goalie after that game but ultimately let a goal in from not holding her post game 3, and lost the game 2-1. So then we led 2-1 in the series, when it should have very well been 3-0. Going into Thursday I knew I was going back up at Center, and brought in ECU Alpha in net, so that we could hit our 10 guys as LIAME0108 didn’t want to play and wanted to go to a Katy Perry concert instead. Game 4 happened and Lappy, Bejimoszn, and LispDoge all scored against the Coyotes, winning the game 4-3 in regulation with 3 of their players getting kicked by playstation for updating their license for the game. Game 5 saw LispDoge back in goal, conceding early goals but mounting a comeback. Unfortunately, we lost in overtime due to a difficult-to-stop shortside goal, narrowing the series lead to 3-2. In the crucial game 6, fueled by previous trash talk, the Blues delivered a dominant 5-0 shutout, causing the Coyotes to quit with 6 minutes remaining. This ironically mirrored the Avalanche’s defeat in the previous series.

In the finals, we ended up facing skepticism from the SPNHL community. People believed the Devils would win within 6, counting the Blues out as they did all playoffs. We started strong, taking a 2-0 series lead against the Devils, fueling heated exchanges in the shoutbox. However, in Game 3, the Devils managed to secure a victory, with john_dean_16 scoring a crucial overtime goal that I think this game should never allow to go in. In Game 4, we made some lineup changes, including ECU Alpha returning as the goalie. Alpha’s exceptional performance helped the us win 4-3 in overtime. Moving on to Game 5, we stuck with a similar lineup, but I went on LW, which was a terrible choice and suffered a 4-2 regulation loss. Undeterred, I decided to switch back up to what has worked for us all season, putting myself in the net, and bring Lappy out for game 6. We ended up taking a 5-0 lead going into the 3rd period and from there it was all over. Finishing the game winning 5-3 and everyone on the Blues officially securing their first Spnhl cup in most of their first season. With Missrogue taking home the Conn Smythe (yes our team chose her, no one else wants the salary increase).

I wanted to give a shoutout to quite a few people, 

First I want to say thank you to Ustoopiid, Randymarsh, Mrlolchico, Hughsy28-, and Sa_Pliskin for making this one of the most competitive Seasons of any league I’ve managed in/been a part of. To the other gm’s I want to say thank you to most of you who didn’t forfeit games and played even when you didn’t have your full lineup and made things work. 

Secondly to my teammates for putting up with me trolling them half of the season, Thank you to Boston3430 for bringing me down a peg when I’d be in net scoring on me yourself so I dont get a shutout. Thank you, Bejimoszn, Lappy, weekendnachos, patjoyce, yuhatti-, and epicxskillzy for playing when I needed you guys to, and not trying to ego, because you knew we were going to win this league no problem <3. Thank you Missrogue for being my backup goalie, and when it actually mattered you didn’t let me down, and was supportive the whole way, even if you were on the tradeblock for legit most of the whole season. 

Lastly, I want to thank all the Ecu’s/tcs who’d play for any team regardless of what place they were in and came to show up. Turdburglar, mxttyice, Alpha-33x, Kakko(even though fuck you), Blackman_mafia, Hymanninthesky, and rickyxbobby. Be proud of yourselves for coming into games even though you could have chosen to not show up for any games as some of you weren’t on any roster.

Overall I must say, Season 46 was a remarkable journey filled with ups and downs, challenges, and triumphs. I’m proud of our achievements, and I look forward to defending this cup next season with all the future Blues (Jonturner, thafosix you’re coming home!)


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