Season 42 SPNHL Playoff Preview

Pittsburgh (1st) vs Carolina (4th)
Bartlett, Hardie, John Dean vs Whitetees, Shady, and Frauts.
(I wish the playoff games had offset times because this is one stream I would love to watch.)

Pittsburgh has the edge offensively with their MVP candidate Bartlett and their super gutless line of fancy shmancy L2 buttons. But you can’t count out the big builds of whitetees and shady. If you hang on to that puck too long they will give you a concussion as bad as Tommys. Tees had 860 hits in 33 games which is borderline psychopath numbers, so the penguins better keep their heads up out there. Frauts was a late addition to the Carolina roster as well and tied for most goals in the league at the end of the season so there’s an x-factor in him as well with only a few games played with his new squad.

Defensively we have the matchup of FlyersNation and DBS vs TLance and Uber, this is also pretty even but I’m going to give the edge to Pittsburgh here as well. Pittsburgh’s defense is a little more offensive minded, that could work out in Carolinas favor though with potential unnecessary pinches and odd man rushes. Goaltending we got Wheelchairdevon vs Webby, the edge in goaltending is in Carolina’s favor but don’t count ol’ hotwheels devon out too quickly, I’ve seen that guy steal games before and I was on the wrong end of them. Also in my short time in Pittsburgh when we needed a save he came through. In summary, I see Pittsburgh wining this series in 6 games. I think Pittsburghs depth will lose them 1 for sure with Webby stealing one against Pittsburgh’s top line as well. These games should be really close though it could honestly go either way.
Pitt in 6

Toronto (2nd) vs Montreal (3rd)
Reaps vs Toslick is pretty much the same as a real Montreal vs Toronto playoff series. Two rival GM’s in the hunt for a cup after a successful regular season.
CPenn – Tommy – Toslick as a top line is lethal, Tommy is well rested and got a few games in before the season ended so he will be on the hunt and Cpenn is just gross in general, guy is like Houdini with the puck. Toslick has the reputation of coming up big in playoffs as well and will most likely be ripping one timers from his office at the top of the circle.

Stale-Trauma as a D pair is as good as it gets for SP as well, Stale has had a fairly quiet season being shuffled around a few times but now he is with some top talent and will be making quick first passes out of his end with ease. Trauma is a bit sus though, he probably will just sit on cams or admin table this whole series.

Reaps-Serv-Cupi is no joke like by any means, these guys put up numbers every season no matter what. They’ve had some playoff woes the past few seasons but this could be the season were they break that cold snap and wreak havoc on Toronto. Having Buckley as the 2nd Centre helps too which will not hurt their offence in the slightest. Capt Canada-Dynasty is another good pairing in the SP world, Capt had a great season slapping any of her doubters right in the teeth, and dynasty legit slaps peoples teeth on the ice with his shoulder. The guy loves hitting so much.

Goaltending in this series is pretty tight in my opinion, Toronto has 2 good goalies with Goalieman and Clark, but I’ve seen Trauma play net in Edmonton and he is solid so I wouldn’t be surprised if he started a game or 2 to let korrowan get some well deserved playing time, or maybe Cpenn gets moved back for a game to allow Saucy to play a bit more, he had an unsung hero season for Toronto as well. Jean-Regis and Sorokin are Montreal’s guys in nets, Jean-Regis has put up some big wins for Montreal this season and was a big contributor to their success. Adding Sorokin at the deadline was a nice finishing touch for a 2nd G, Sorokin has played some decent games as well in the past so he could help out Montreal in a big way and maybe even play more than just 1 game this series.

I think Toronto’s top line and depth is the best in the league and as much as I like Montreal’s team I can’t see them pulling this one off. Toronto could finish this series in 4 games but I think Montreal will get 1 win somewhere, probably when clark plays I donno.
Toronto in 5

Las Vegas (1st) vs Seattle (4th)
Now over to the West,
Fish-Jhursi-Semple vs Vanisk-BillCrosby-Karlsson
Both forward lines are lethal, Fish is coming into the playoffs after an MVP caliber season and was traded mid-season and didn’t skip a beat. Karlsson is a sweaty speedy small forward who knows how the L2 button works and how to bury. Bill is greasy and can’t swipe a card for shit but the guy knows hockey! Jhursi and Semple are both great forwards and so is Vanisk. Offensively I find these 2 teams evenly matched, availability could play a big factor in this series for Seattle though.

Benji-Adxm vs Kyle-Shayne
To me this is the most even Dpair in these playoffs.
Seattle’s record with Kyle playing D vs Forward is extremely different. Seattle could’ve been fighting for top spot if they had this lineup since day 1. Adxm was traded late in the season but his points shot up drastically after the trade, you can expect him to be a huge factor as well in this series. Shayne and Benji both are solid anchors on D who move the puck up the ice well and can beat a forechecker if called upon. It’s a toss up big time for me.

Noods-Peace vs Choo-Shestrkn
Choo has been playing unreal this season for Vegas since the trade and Shestrkn has been a bit of a letdown. Noods and Peace have been decent for their Krakhead squad. The edge goes to Vegas on this one with Choo’s solid numbers and that unknown factor of shesterkn coming in big in his game or not. Peace has played some great playoff games in the past though and Noods is better than his numbers show so you can’t sleep on Seattle’s goaltending either.
I think the gutless Vegas squad takes this series in 6 games. I see availability potentially playing a huge factor for Seattle and this decision plays a role in that, but we will see.
Vegas in 6.

Arizona (2nd) vs Vancouver (3rd)
Last and definitely the least, Arizona vs Vancouver.
Chico-TwnsPepsi-BentPxxn vs Chad-Heedless-Randymarsh
Chico was one of the best defensive forwards this season and managed to put up some big numbers on the stat sheet as well. MVP candidate season for Chico easy, making him a huge factor in this series. Pxxn has proven that he can carry some of the offensive load as well, between him and chico with TwnsPepsi being a solid addition to the line they should be a threat this series.

Don’t go pickin Arizona just yet though, cause these crafty Canucks have a few tricks up their sleeve as well! Chad moved himself to forward over the last 15 games, he traded for Sgt Vandoos and Shock_R to fill the G void, and these pesky Nucks managed to go 13-1-1 in that span (with like 2 FF wins), slowly climbing their way back into being relevant in the West. Randymarsh had himself a season leading the league in scoring, something I would say that no one would have predicted coming into season 42 (especially me). Randy has also had some playoff troubles these past few seasons, never making it out of the first round, will this be the season he sees a conference finals? Chief2Step recently got a new job that puts his schedule on the opposite side of having availability in SP so that’s a huge loss for them as well. HeedlessJem will have to step up and fill the void. Although Heed’s offensive numbers are a bit on the lower side for a starter, he has been dominant in the faceoff circle and excelled on the defensive side of the puck giving some of SP’s top talent a hard time. Arizona has the edge on forward talent, although don’t be surprised if Vancouver matches them.

Jaguarknight-Iamsmokey vs Shep-Asticks
Jaguar and smokey both have put up good offensive numbers this season although the majority of smokeys points came from Vegas before the trade I believe. BentPxxn could be an option for defence as well allowing chico to use Jayscott on fwd. Its hard to say what these guys top dpair will be coming into this series but you can be sure jaguar will be on it.

Shep and Asticks have been a force for Vancouver since being traded there. Playing some solid defence while chipping in on offense when they can as well. They are huge contributors to the 13-1-1 season ending record as well.
I’ll give the edge on defense to Arizona as well although very close.

Polar-Whoazilla vs Vandoos-Shock
Polar being the starter for Arizona is the top goalie in this series, but hold the phone, Vandoos has been playing out of his mind for Vancouver since being traded there posting a 9-0-1 record and a 0.79 SV%. Vandoos could be more of a problem than Arizona anticipates.
When it comes to the backup goalies, Shock and Whoa are evenly matched.
The big question is, will Chad throw the pads back on in this series? Everyone is asking it, and everyone suspects it, but Chad has been a force on LW so it is not as simple as it sounds.
Without Chad in net, Arizona has the edge in nets as well.
The depth on both teams is strong and every game should be competitive, Arizona seems to run their top 3 guys the most (Chico, Bentpxxn, and twnspepsi) but the availability of the others seems scattered so that could play a factor in this series as well.
Biased Canuck guy here is gonna say Vancouver in 7.

I want to give a shoutout to Colorado for their intense battle to try and make playoffs but coming up short, it was some stressful hockey for Plisky but I’m hoping he found some enjoyment in it.

Shoutout to Detroit, they were a very strong team all season but playing in that stacked East division was just a bit too much for them without having Smiirk play as much as they hoped he would.

Philadelphia, I was low key rooting for you guys this season, really liked that roster after draft day and was bummed out it didn’t work out for you guys, really had high hopes for that vet SP player team.

Edmonton, although you are at the bottom of the standings, every game I played you felt like a close battle to get the W. Hockey gods just did not smile on you guys enough.
Biggest shoutout to LA and Florida, great season guys! Congrats on the 40 combined FF’s. Super gutless.

-RandyMarsh, aka Wayne Thornton, aka J-Dad

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