Tommygoat Gets a Cup

Tommygoat Gets a Cup
It only took me 4 NHL games (NHL 17-21), 10+ seasons of SP and 2 heartbreaking finals to finally put my name on an SP cup. I started off in SP season 23 as an 18-year-old rookie who didn’t know anyone in the league, heard about it from a guy I played a drop in with. Before that game, I thought club finals in EASHL was the big leagues, was I ever mistaken. After telling my high school friends about this shit, s24 I took management of a team in an attempt to play some competitive hockey with my friends. Between them and my SP veteran group of misfits we were projected to finish DEAD LAST in the league. We somehow squeaked into the playoffs and after being predicted to get swept every round, we made the cup finals (where we got absolutely shit on by SedinPower’s dynasty roster). I thought “wow this is easy to make the finals” was I ever mistaken. It wasn’t until season 37 where I teamed up with my good friend Prod to make it back to the cup finals. What a roster we had but we were bested by an even better Tampa Bay Lightning squad. My plan was to win that cup in s37 then sail into the sunset as a champion. Due to the pandemic and other aspects of my personal life kicking my ass, I decided to return to SPNHL as a GM in season 38 to finally get my cup and keep myself distracted from the outside world. Man, what a fun season we had, finishing 39-6 and managing these “toxic” players was the most fun I’ve had in any season of any league.
Road to the Cup:
Round 1 vs Avs-
First of all, shout out to Pliskin for building himself a great team, these guys were definitely dark horses in the west. After playing us tight in games 1-3 we took care of business in games 4 and 5 eventually winning the series. The Avs had a depleted lineup missing 3 of their better players this week, can see them maybe stealing another if they had their full squad. Tees you’re a stud and a nightmare for any defenceman to cover, Dino game 4 you were unbelievable, pretty sure you made close to 30 saves that game. After thinking I knew our game 7 lineup before this series, things changed on the fly.
Round 2 vs Blues-
We absolutely costed game 1, we were playing great all game long until we decided to stop shooting the puck. Props to this Blues team though, they turned it on in the 3rd period and stole that game from us. Games 2 and 3 our offence started to show up, defensively much like the entire season, was questionable at times. Other than a few breakdowns, the boys came to play and we took a 2-1 series going into Tuesday. Games 4 and 5 was the Polar show, both games were 3-1 but we did lose game 5. Polar I’m tipping my cap to you, I’ve known you for some years and you proved a lot of people wrong who thought you were garbage. You were an absolute monster this series and everyone on your team should owe you a steak dinner. Unfortunately, game 6, your back broke and we stomped the Blues 9-4 in game 6. Shout out to the Tuesday line for the Blues, you guys were depleted but stole a game and played solid team defence outside the 893471 penalties. Rah, you are nasty kid, can’t wait to be lineys in LG next season. Cpenn, you’re unreal as well, never look forward to playing against you, you’re slippery as fuck. Kid, for a dude that plays on 1 ping you got to try something other than tie-up in the faceoff dot ;). For real though, I enjoyed our C battles all season, way to prove a lot of people wrong and live up to that 3rd overall pick. Curtis, even though you’re kind of ass at the game ;), your pokes are ridiculous and zone entries surprised me. Kidding, you’re clamps buddy, felt great beating you though. Pete, I have so much respect for you as a person but in game, holy fuck you’re the luckiest man I’ve ever seen. Just press up and it goes in, can’t relate.
Stanley Cup Finals vs Toronto-
What a rollercoaster 2 days this was. Games 1 and 2, although we had some slow starts and some sloppy play we were able to best Toronto going up 2-0. Doug just had the game of his life and I wanted to put him in game 3, we decided to just stick with our lineup posted instead. Fluri, we needed a save buddy, we got stomped 7-4 by Toronto’s line of backups, that was all momentum gone.
Day 2, game 4 our defensive struggles continued and we allowed 3 cross crease goals in the 1st period, 2nd we started to play better but guess what, Noods lags out, we were down 1 but lost the slow last minute of the game. End up losing game 4, series is tied. Game 5, we played probably our best game of the series, but guess who was better, Chadkillz (and the 5 posts we hit). What a game for Chad, winning 1-0 the Leafs were 1 win away from the Stanley cup.
I knew we played great but I went with my gut and decided to throw out a lineup that we used all season long but not in the playoffs. I put Beanzy in net who almost benched himself for Neon, who was unreal in the 3 games he played this series. Beanzy told me to play C and move Fluri to wing, back to the line we ran for 5 weeks during the season. Noods and Tracts on D gave us 2 guys who could clamp instead of 4th forward Beanzy who was taken out of the play by Toronto’s stellar trap and 5-man defence.
Going into game 6, everyone was saying regardless what happens, this has been my favourite season ever. Noods speaks up and says “wtf u guys talking about we got 2 games still” Did we ever. 0-0 game going into the 3rd, what a sweat fest, I go to bump toslick and my guy misses and he scores…. 1-0 Toronto. We needed a goal, offensive zone faceoff, both C jump the draw, it’s a tie up Fish gets the puck forces a pass and somehow, that puck found the back of the net. OH. MY. GOD. 1-1. After that, the boys found a 2nd wind and we were BUZZIN. The game eventually goes to OT where a late addition to the lineup Xtracts gets the puck at the point and slaps it off the bar and in. HOLY SHIT 3-3 series.
Now, before the games tonight we were under the impression that we were going to play game 7 Friday night regardless. The Leafs had a change in heart and we ended up playing it. The boys came to play, after grabbing the momentum in game 6, we played our best game of the season, way to save the best for last. All the boys were fired up and I was sitting in my room really excited but trying to be quiet because my brother was sleeping in the room next door.
To the Leafs:
Devon/DP/Dead- Props to you guys for coming in game 3 ice cold and winning that game.
Semple- Thanks for dodging stud
Mike- You’re a beast, RD or C you had a great series
Shep- One of the nicest guys in the league, you were clamps all series long
Chico- In my opinion, the best Leaf this series, you were the catalyst for their offence and were a handful in the dot and to defend.
Grammy- One of my closest friends in SP, I was like White on Rice with you all series long, let’s rip some club soon
Chad- Nothing but respect for your play, stud for our team in CBJ and continued that play for the Leafs. Never seen a goalie be able to steal games like you can on a consistent basis.
Toslick- When you’re not talking about how good you are, it’s refreshing to talk to you. Your squad is phenomenal, you’re a great GM and I can’t wait to see what kind of roster you’ll put together next season.
To my Yotes:
Ricky: Not going to lie to you buddy, I knew nothing on you when I called you up to the roster, I knew your main position was RD but had sketchy availability. Between you needing an ECU 1 minute before game time and the 17 relative birthday parties you just happened to have on game nights you scared me. As the season progressed, on the rare occasion you’d make an appearance in the chat, the boys were all fired up. You were clamps all season long and stepped up in your games in the playoffs, thanks for your help this season.
Blue devil: BACK TO BACK, Mr. s37 Conn Smyth himself, after breaking my heart the season before, you played a limited role for us in the playoffs but, you truly are gross at Chel. Other than getting absolutely clamped by Jaguar in round 1, you made most dmen your bitch all season long. No brainer trade to acquire you, thanks for carrying me most of the regular season.
Neon: I took a chance on you in round 7, what a decision I made. You are a great goalie and elite discord presence, between you and Noods trolling me 24/7 you always kept me entertained. Those L’s in game 4 or 5 were not on you at all, you were unreal all season long and played amazing in the playoffs. Pulling you was a tough decision but ultimately worked out in the end. You’re a great kid, thanks for a fun season.
Doug: The team dad, you balanced out all the toxic shitheads this season and are one of the best goalie party presence ever. Game 2 of the SCF was the best game I’ve seen you play. You’re one of the greatest guys in the chel community, got nothing but respect for you man. When Doug got pissed at us, we knew we fucked up but, it sparked the boys to played better for him. When the boys were playing like shit, you weren’t scared to call us out, and your no bullshit attitude is what this squad needed. Glad, we can send you into retirement with a championship.
Xtracts (Willy): When Fish told me “Pick up my buddy, he’s better than me at chel”, I knew I had to take a chance on you cuz Fish does not say shit like that ever. Although you gave me heart attacks when you carry the puck sometimes and fore-check as a defenceman, you were a crucial piece to the squad. That goal you scored in game 6 was unreal, and you played the best I’ve ever seen in game 7. Was a pleasure having you on the team.
Fish: SLAPPPPPP!!!!! Dude, back in the day, I hated your guts. Thought you were a cocky prick but, I always thought you were a stud on the sticks and felt we’d play great together. This season we finally got to be teammates, turns out, you’re one of the best teammates I’ve ever had. That trickler goal in game 6 was insane, your party presence to get the boys fired up was amazing. Your no bullshit attitude and brutal honesty made everyone you played with better, thanks for a great season stud.
Noods: Other than the fact you asked for a trade every day and refused to play more than 3 a week unless I begged you, you were so easy to deal with LOL. For only knowing you for a short while, you’ve become a really good friend of mine. You’re an absolute monster on LD and solid as fuck at C, 3rd round steal ska-_-noodle. The constant trolling always kept me on my toes and entertained. Your naps 30 minutes to game time also scared me and you leaving in the 1st period to go eat dinner was a great memory, (not to mention you going AFK during game 1 of the playoffs). Thanks for a great season stud.
Fluri: Idk how you manage to deal with Bean on 2 different teams but you’re one of the nicest and patient guys the NHL community has to offer. Not to mention you’re great at all 6 positions (sike need save), regardless if it was C, W or D you were a beast all season. You also helped balance out all the toxic pricks my roster had, even though you knew your availability early every week, you were somehow always last to submit it. Thanks for the carry all season long.
Beanzy: YUP YOU SEE ME! NVM YOU HATE ME. The King of Sp, I’ve never met a guy more with more passion and drive to win than you. Your discord and party presence was crucial to the squad, when we needed a big play you were always there to provide it, whether it was scoring a goal, setting up one or even making a big save. You made every player around you better and always had good constructive criticism. Over these past few months you’ve turned into one of my best friends. Early in the season you were always looking for ways to improve the squad, seeking trade options and calling me on discord while I’m in class LOL. One of the funniest guys I’ve ever met, felt like 50% of the time we were playing I was out of breath in tears laughing my ass off. Thanks for backpacking my ass to a cup just like you promised, can’t wait to see what we can do next season.
If you made it this far, thank you for reading! Hope everyone is staying safe during this difficult time, although I may come off as toxic to some, the chel community has to look out for each other. Plisk, it is not said enough how thankful everyone in SP is for the work you do, without you, we wouldn’t have this great community that feels like home.
Cuban WTF you thinking making us the underdog?
lEaFs In FiVe.
We went 39-6 and only gave us 1 game against the Leafs cmon cuh. For real though, always enjoyed your content!
– Tommygoat Boy Wonder

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