Off-Season Rules

A) Each off season the salary cap will vary based on the new average of all player values. This is to ensure that there is enough cap in the league to allow all teams to sign 10 players.
B) Each GM will be given a list of all new values for their players. They will be permitted to resign based on the % allowance for that season.
C) GM salary will be applied to the team cap.
D) GM’s will have a deadline time to inform the league who they will be re-signing. If teams do not hand in their selection, they will be unable to re-sign anyone.
E) All players not re-signed will be put into FA pool with their new values attached.
F) After a player has been re-signed 2 consecutive times, he may still be re-signed, but at that point it becomes the players option if he would like to stay with that team or go into FA pool.
G) Rights to players will be kept by the teams who have players that do not return the following season. they will keep rights to these players until they return and serve their owed time or are released.
H) Trading the rights to players during the Off season is permitted once resigns and releases are complete. However all players traded during this time must be signed.
I) During the Off Season you may trade players for players, Picks for Picks, players for Picks or any combo of the three.