SPNHL, Season 39: Week One – Players of the Week

SPNHL, Season 39: Week One – Players of the Week

By: ProdigyToLegend

Welcome to SPNHL Players of the Week for Season 39. I am back with the weekly Player of the Week articles to fuel your egos and give you something to brag about for a solid 10 minutes before going back to irrelevancy (kidding). The first week had some high scoring players, so without further ado, let’s get into it.


Iam-beanzy: 8 GP, 19 G, 13 A, 32 P, 4.0 PPG, +23, 148 GV, 23 TK, 44 INT

Beanzy earns the first player of the week among forwards in Season 39. This shouldn’t be surprising to most people, as Bean has a history of earning awards in SP, and yet again proves why he is one of the best players in the league. With 19 goals and 13 assists in week 1 with a +23, he helped his Dallas Stars to an 8-1 week and first place in the league. Will Bean make Tommy regret trading him at the draft? So far, it looks like it.

Honorable Mentions:

LeCupidon: 9 GP, 22 G, 16 A, 38 P, 4.2 PPG, -2, 129 GV, 17 TK, 43 INT

GrammyHands: 9 GP, 20 G, 13 A, 33 P, 3.7 PPG, +1, 148 GV, 30 TK, 63 INT

NTyrrell14: 9 GP, 14 G, 17 A, 31 P, 3.4 PPG, +8, 90 GV, 24 TK, 39.


uStooPiiD: 7 GP, 3 G, 11 A, 14 P, 2.0 PPG, +15, 38 GV, 16 TK, 43 INT.

A new entrant to my player of the week articles, Dallas gets another player on the player of the week award. Stoopiid had an incredible week, having 3 goals and 11 assists with a +15. He currently leads all defenders in points and didn’t even play the full week last week. We will see if he is a product of Dallas, or if he is going to be one of the players Dallas relies on to show up night in and night out to be successful.

Honorable Mentions:
DougCBJ: 9 GP, 2 G, 11 A, 13 P, 1.4 PPG, +7, 30 GV, 29 TK, 72 INT.

LouieDeuce8: 8 GP, 0 G, 12 A, 12 P, 1.5 PPG, +27, 62 GV, 26 TK, 54 INT.

Curtisx18x: 5 GP, 1 G, 10 A, 11 P, 2.2 PPG, +22. 26 GV, 9 TK, 21 INT.


Polar-1387: 6 GP, 5-1, .844 SV%, 1.67 GAA, 1 SO.

Polar earns his first player of the week on the season, and it was definitely a close decision between him and the honorable mentions. It honestly could’ve went to anyone, but I gave it to Polar on his GAA category since save percentages were very close. With a .844 save percentage but allowing under 2 goals per game, Polar played very well in his first week. With a very good defensive Arizona team in front of him, Polar is the final nail in the coffin for the Yotes to frustrate other teams offensively. Getting by the defence and Polar will be a challenge for any team to face, and I’m curious to see if any team is up for the challenge.

Honorable Mention:

TopCheeseNeon: 7 GP, 6-1, .857 SV%, 2.00 GAA, 1 SO.

ciulla19: 6 GP, 5-1, .846 SV%, 2.00 GAA, 0 SO


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