Season 39 Week 1 Power Rankings

Season 39 Week 1 Power Rankings

Well here we are and after the first week of the season to say there hasn’t been a little bit of drama is an understatement. But what SP season is complete without a little bit of jaw jabbing and questionable move making…lol

So one week in and here is how I see the league shaping up….

1.Dallas Week 1 record 8-1

These guys looked the part before and after the draft and guess what…they play it too. This season top dog wasted no time establishing themselves as the Elite and we will all be chasing them down.

Biggest win of week 1 – Arizona 1-0
Star as of week 1 – Beanzy (4PPG)
Week 2 big game – Washington

2.Washington Week 1 record 6-2-1

So Curtis already had a LGNHL squad and decided that wasn’t enough and added 2 more for good measure (Capsfan & Zincy) to really set themselves up in the East as the team to beat and to let Dallas know they are right behind them breathing down their neck

Biggest win of week 1 – Ottawa 12 – 2
Star as of week 1 – ciulla19 5-1 84.6 SV%
Week 2 big game – Toronto

3.Arizona Week 1 record 7-1-1

So without skipping a beat Arizona continues its winning ways but not in the same fashion it started last season with. Scoring is down for this group with only 36 goals so far which is not bad but not what this team did a year ago. But their Defense is as stellar as before and Polar did an amazing job in net this week. But will it be enough week 2 to keep this team in the top?

Biggest win of week 1 – Washington 5-4
Star as of week 1 – Polar 5-1 84.3 SV%
Week 2 big game – Dallas

4.Toronto Week 1 record 5-4

Toronto is a bit slow out the gate here in week 1 with a 5-4 start and had big wins against Washington and Arizona this week. But losses to Colorado, Montreal and Ottawa. This might haunt the team later in the season. 29 Goals allowed is a lot for this team and I am sure toslick will address this for week 2.

Biggest win of week 1 – Arizona 5-4
Star as of week 1 – Chad 80 SV%
Week 2 big game – Washington

5.New Jersey Week 1 record 4-4-1

After a 0-3 start to the season True got to work and found his lineups for the rest of the week and possibly for the rest of the season and finished with a 4-1-1 week. NTyrrell14 was a large contributor to the week with his 31 points and Knxght30 in net 3-0 with 87 SV% helped. But with losses to NYI, WAS, TOR all teams they need to beat in the East. So True will need to hopefully get his top line more games week 2 to stay relevant after next week in a very hard East.

Biggest win of week 1 – Ottawa 9-1
Star as of week 1 – NTyrrell14 31 points
Week 2 big game – NYI

6.New York Islander Week 1 Record 4-4-1

On paper this team looked like the power in the East and after Monday they were on there way to dominating the Conference….Then Tuesday happened and 3 straight losses to TOR, MTL & LA and it was back to reality for this team and to make thing even worse Friday they take 2 more losses to West leaders Dallas and Arizona. Grammy is carrying the load of the offense and its looking like if you shut him down you shut this team down. Icey needs to get him some help soon.

Biggest win of week 1 – Washington
Star as of week 1 – GrammyHands 33 points
Week 2 big game – Toronto

7.Ottawa Week 1 record 5-4

Its hard to tell what kind of team Ottawa is at the moment…Obviously they can score with the duo of Reap and LeCupid but there has been a lot of shuffling on the D and G positions and it showed last week. Wins vs TOR & DAL but lopsided losses to ARI, NJ, WSH and NYI which are all top teams they need to compete against if they want to make any sort of noise this season. Reap has a plan to address his D and G situation for week 2…just hope it works out for him

Biggest win of week 1 – Dallas
Star as of week 1 – LeCupidon 38 points
Week 2 big game – Toronto

8.Calgary Week 1 record 4-5

Cuban is struggling to find the right lines right now to be able to compete on a nightly basis with the likes of Dallas and Arizona. With a 4-2 start going into Friday things looked well for this team and then 3 straight blowout losses to WSH, TOR, OTT and its back to the drawing board. Kid and Woy have been the workhorses but Cuban needs to solidify that D to help out his goalies if they plan on competing at all the rest of the season

Biggest win of week 1 – Colorado
Star as of week 1 – Kidmon3y 31 points
Week 2 big game – Arizona

9. LA Week 1 record 4-4-1

Sportsgeek finds his team in the middle of the pack this week. NIce wins against COL, NYI & NJ but losses to top teams ARI, DAL and WSH have them looking like a competitive team in the middle of the pack but still unable to play with the teams at top. Their team stats look the same as well…spread out and average at best with no one really standing out. Not sure if that was the plan for the week but if it is then success!!! But if not and Sports is looking to play with the teams at the top he needs to get more from his guys.

Biggest win of week 1 – New Jersey
Star as of week 1 – Bufford80 3-4 78 SV%
Week 2 big game – Arizona

10.Colorado Week 1 record 3-5-1

These guys feasted in there wins versus SJ and MTL and stole one Friday from TOR. But against all the other teams with winning records they struggled. Looking over the stats Plisk gave everyone a shot to play and it showed on the ice as he might have been looking to find out what he has talent wise. His top 2 guys in Whitetees and Deedss didnt produce as they might normally do as they might still be learning to play together. The bright spot I see from this week is the emergence of D man capstalechips with 8 points this week. We will see in week 2 if Plisk solved his lineups and can put a team on the ice able to win some games against the upper teams

Biggest win of week 1 – Toronto
Star as of week 1 – capstalechips 8 points
Week 2 big game – Calgary

11.Montreal Week 1 record 3-5-1

Wins against TOR, NYI and LA are huge but losses to SJ, OTT, CGY don’t help. Thing that stands out is that the forwards of Fish, 2step, Jon and Backe are pretty decent and have helped keep this team in games. But on D there appears to be a shuffling act that El Rookie is still trying to figure out and until he does his goalies are going to suffer. Egg played 6 games with zero points and the rotation of Noto 3GP 3P, El Rookie 3GP 2P, mikey 3GP and 2step 3GPhave the back line looking for answers. Josh and EL played net last week as the supposed listed starter Bomberattack was MIA week 1. Maybe getting bomber back week 2 might be the answer this team is looking for? We will see….

Biggest win of week 1 – Toronto
Star as of week 1 – Fish 20 points
Week 2 big game – New York

12.San Jose Week 1 record 1-8

Every SP season there is that one team that struggles out the gate and his entire roster turns on him and now that GM is trying to get the broken pieces together to make a competitive team on a nightly biases. SJ is that team so far this year. At the moment he seems to be handling it well he has what looks like a team of guys willing to put up a good fight and show up every night and with their first win coming Friday there is a good starting point for the team. ExE will now have to spend this week maybe getting some chemistry going and get some wins against the lower teams before starting to think about anything else.

Biggest win of week 1 – Montreal
Star as of week 1 – ExE 9GP 5 points
Week 2 big game – Colorado

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