Stanley Cup Finals

Stanley Cup Finals

So then there was two…

From the West to no ones surprise is the #1 seed and best team all season, Arizona Coyotes

From the East we have the #2 seed Toronto Maple Leafs who have hit their stride at the right time

Both these teams have fought their way to face off for the right to be called this seasons champion but lets take a look at some stats and see who has the edge on paper and who can transfer it that onto the ice

#1 Arizona 39-6 vs #2 Toronto 26-17-2 Season Series ARI won 3-0 (5-4, 1-0, 8-4)

Best Line Prediction


LW – xToxiCBoY GP:11 G:18 A:17 P:35 +/-: +8

C – Fluri37 GP:5 G:2 A:13 P:15 +/-: +4

RW – Fishhure GP:11 G:13 A:19 P:32 +/-: +5

LD – Iam-beanzy GP:5 G:2 A:17 P:19 +/-: +14 GV: 71 TK: 18

RD – Xtracts07 GP:9 G:1 A:6 P:7 +/-: +4 GV: 37 TK: 23

G – dophares2000 GP:5 W:4 L:1 SV% 70.3 GAA: 3.20


LW – Semple19 GP:7 G:14 A:18 P:32 +/-: +16

C – GrammyHands GP:6 G:9 A:9 P:18 +/-: +7

RW – toslick GP:8 G:18 A:16 P:34 +/-: +16

LD – MikeeTeeze GP:2 G:0 A:1 P:1 +/-:+2 GV: 4 TK: 2

RD – mrlolchico13 GP:5 G:1 A:7 P:8 +/-: +8 GV: 49 TK: 16

G – chadkillz134 GP:5 W:5 L:0 SV% 85.51 GAA: 2.00


Offense: Arizona slightly over Toronto

Defense: Toronto over Arizona

Goalie: Toronto way over Arizona

Key to Success:

Arizona: There really isn’t much to say here…its pretty simple…Goalie

If they expect to win this series it will come down to their Goalie and D out front of that Goalie…they will not make this a shootout and even if they do for a game it will not be enough to win the series if they do not get solid Goalie play and D to protect their lead

Toronto: Pressure…not in the fashion of being physical but in the way they have been so far this playoffs. This team have played with a lead every series they were in and if they continue that trend against Arizona they will give themselves a great opportunity to win

Key Match-up:

Chadkillz134 versus Arizona

It is very clear that Chad is a big reason this team has gotten to this point and he will need to continue his playoff dominance if Toronto expects to win and Arizona needs to jump on him early if they expect to control the series


So after looking over the stats and the possible match ups and playing both these teams during the season and playing this updated Toronto roster in the playoffs it is very clear that Toronto should win this series and win the cup.

Arizona has played amazing all year and will face their biggest match-up to date when they play Toronto. The regular season Arizona did win all 3 match ups but that was not the team currently playing in the playoffs. With some late additions due to player availability that literally gave Toronto a lineup to be reckoned with right now. For Arizona their current play of their goalies come playoffs hasn’t been good and you need consistency at the position and they have none. For me dophares2000 is the guy and he needs to play every game. He is their best chance of making this a series. Arizona can score and they will be leaning on that skill very hard but Toronto has the best goalie in the game and chad does not allow many goals and right now if he is off the forwards of tooslick, grammy and semple have his back.

So I know its easy for me to say Toronto after the ass whooping the put on us in New Jersey but it was very easy for me to write this having played them in that series and also playing against Arizona during the regular season and seeing them this playoffs to know Toronto is the better team right now

So with all that said

Toronto 4-1

Best of Luck to both teams and may the best team win


Side Note:

Just so everyone knows I just want to take a minute to say I don’t want either team to win. Honestly…

If Arizona loses (you had it coming after all that shit you talked)

If Toronto loses (HAHAHA you aint as good as you thought…poor chads back must have broke)

But if Arizona wins they had the best team all year and backed up all the talk

But if Toronto wins I will be even more pissed because that team shouldn’t have made the playoffs and to be gifted players to keep the roster alive is BS

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