Eastern Conference Finals Match-up

Eastern Conference Finals Match-up

I think 99.9999% of the league saw this happening, after handing their business with ease, the New Jersey Devils and Toronto Maple Leafs will battle it out in round 2. The Leafs outscored the Islanders 30-11 in the 4-game sweep while the Devils outscored the Habs 25-11 in their 4-game sweep. Out of respect to the Isles and Habs I originally predicted that they would take a game each in their series but deep down I knew neither roster had any chance against their opposition.

This series is one that is highly anticipated, let’s get into the breakdown.

#2 Toronto Maple Leafs (26-17-2) @ #1 New Jersey Devils (36-9-0)

Best Line Prediction:

Toronto Maple Leafs

LW- Semple19 GP4 G10 A12 PTS22 +13
C- GrammyHands GP3 G4 A5 PTS9 +4
RW- toslick GP4 G14 A8 PTS22 +12
LD- mrlolchico13 GP2 G0 A3 PTS3 +5 GV19 TK7
RD- shepard-88- GP3 G0 A7 PTS7 +11 GV14 TK10
G- chadkillz134 GP1 1-0 91.3sv% 2ga

New Jersey Devils

LW- TrueLegend07 GP4 G11 A7 PTS18 +4
C- cHELIOS-7x GP1 G1 A2 PTS3 -1
RW- bstieboydp GP4 G8 A13 PTS21 +4
LD- Cuban1616 GP3 G1 A5 PTS6 +2 GV38 TK15
RD- DetAjax17 GP4 G0 A6 PTS6 +4 GV26 TK14
G-thrice01 GP3 3-0 80sv% 2.67gaa

Keys to Success:

Toronto: After averaging over 7 goals a game in round 1, I can guarantee that this trend will not happen in round 2. In order to beat the Devils, this Leafs team will have to win battles in the neutral zone and generate offence on a counter attack. If they try and play run and gun, they will get absolutely shit on. Sharing the rock and spreading out the puck possession will keep the Devils on their toes.

New Jersey: This was the best team in the East for a reason and here is there opportunity to solidify it. In order to beat the Leafs, they need to frustrate their high-power offence, if the Leafs have 1 bad game, their egos will start to come out and they won’t play their best hockey. This Devils team is built to frustrate their opponents and if they are able to continue this trend this series, it could be over early.

Key Match-up: Toronto G Chadkillz134 vs New Jersey G thrice01

With so many talented players on both teams it was tough to choose but I believe this goaltending battle will be a treat to watch all series long. For the Leafs, Chad and his stacked shelf of Vezina trophies will be up against this season’s no brainer Vezina winner in Thrice. Whichever team is able to get to the opposing G early will be the team that punches their ticket to the Stanley Cup Final.


This series will be one that is hard fought and will likely be decided late Tuesday or even Friday. Both teams are on a tear but, with other leagues running this week, availability will be the make or break factor for these teams. If Toronto is able to field their best it will be a long series, if not New Jersey will send them packing early. End of the day, I’m reluctantly going with the #1 team in the East.

New Jersey in 6

Best of luck to both teams! Happy New Year

– Tommy

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