Western Conference Round 1 Match-ups

Western Conference Round 1 Match-ups

So after a grueling 5 week long season we are down to the final 4 teams in the West.

Who will make it to the Conference Finals and who is going fishing after this week.

Lets take a look at these match-ups and find out.

#1 Arizona 39-6 vs #4 Colorado 22-23 (Season Series ARI won 4-1)

Arizona had pretty much dominated the entire season and their games against Colorado played out the same during the season except for one game in which Arizona lost 2-1.

Can Colorado recreate that magic in their only win against the best team in the West?

Let’s breakdown the stats…..

Best Line Prediction


LW – xToxiCBoY GP:32 G:51 A:73 P:124 +/-: +51

C – Fluri37 GP:29 G:56 A:86 P:142 +/-: +70

RW – Fishhure GP:28 G:62 A:55 P:117 +/-: +49

LD – Iam-beanzy GP:20 G:14 A:44 P:58 +/-: +30 GV: 208 TK: 53

RD – Xtracts07 GP:30 G:8 A:39 P:47 +/-: +52 GV: 148 TK: 80

G – dophares2000 GP:21 W:17 L:4 SV% 74 GAA: 3.19


LW – Whitetees41 GP:33 G:57 A:64 P:121 +/-: +19

C – Heedlessjem420 GP:16 G:28 A:35 P:63 +/-: +19

RW – NJs-XCVI GP:29 G:34 A:51 P:85 +/-: +23

LD – illbe_Backe GP:14 G:6 A:18 P:24 +/-: +14 GV: 86 TK: 40

RD – Teamrun420 GP:29 G:3 A:24 P:27 +/-: +1 GV: 145 TK: 84

G – SA_Pliskin GP:20 W:9 L:11 SV% 73 GAA: 3.9


Offense: Arizona tips the scale here very easily

Defense: Arizona is the favorite but Colorado does close the gap

Goalie: Arizona

Key to Success:

Arizona: Consistency…Just getting the lineup on the ice to settle in and not look ahead of their opponent. After such a dominate regular season these are now the games that count the most not what was done over the last 5 weeks. As long as they stay consistent and handle the team they are playing this round they should win this match up easily.

Colorado: Discipline…This team needs to be physical from the start and make Arizona work to enter the zone by hitting them in the neutral zone. But they cant take the penalties and give Arizona any man advantages or this could get ugly quick. If they can get Arizona off the puck and put shots on net they MIGHT have a chance here

Key Match-up:

Whitetees vs Arizona D

This is really what the focus of the series will be in my opinion…if Arizona can keep Whitetees41 in check then they control the series. If they allow him to score and give Colorado some momentum and confidence this can turn things interesting


Arizona wins in 4 – Colorado just might not be able to put their best line on the ice for this series and they can’t match-up with Arizona

Next Series

#2 St. Louis 34-10 vs #3 Seattle 27-15 (Season Series STL won 5-1)

St. Louis won the series during the regular season but they were all very close games. So close that out of the 6 games played four had a difference of 1 goal and the other two games the score difference was 2 goals. With that type of margin this easily could be Seattle at #2 and St. Louis at #3 if a puck bounces the other way.

So lets break thie series down….

Best Line Prediction:

St. Louis:

LW – PistolPete7788 GP:35 G:62 A:84 P:146 +/-: +83

C – Kidmon3y GP:43 G:78 A:99 P:177 +/-: +90

RW – cpenn4204 GP:25 G:43 A:77 P:120 +/-: +64

LD – Matrikstl GP:16 G:2 A:7 P:9 +/-:+21 GV: 75 TK: 39

RD – curtisx18x GP:31 G:6 A:40 P:46 +/-: +83 GV: 208 TK: 95

G – Jeiel9876 GP:16 W:13 L:3 SV% 76.99 GAA: 3.5


LW – Reapz2313 GP:39 G:66 A:64 P:130 +/-: +20

C – Yesc GP:22 G:36 A:31 P:67 +/-: +19

RW – LeCupidon GP:34 G:63 A:67 P:130 +/-: +21

LD – X_beaster_x GP:26 G:1 A:28 P:29 +/-: +28 GV: 140 TK: 88

RD – CaptCanada_ GP:29 G:4 A:31 P:35 +/-: +26 GV: 97 TK: 81

G – Eddie2708 GP:18 W:8 L:10 SV% 74 GAA: 4.5


Offense: St. Louis slightly over Seattle

Defense: Seattle slightlyover St. Louis

Goalie: Push – No Advantage

Key to Success:

St. Louis: This team will need to play defensive minded hockey. They will be able to score but they need to keep the puck out of the net if they plan to win this series and its going to take a team effort to get that done

Seattle: Fore check…Seattle will need to really put the pressure on St. Louis D to get the puck out of the zone and if they can force those D men to turn over the puck it will lead to some early goals and some victories

Key Match-up:

Goalies: whichever goalie decides to make some stops in this series in the 3rd period will win the series for their team


Without a doubt this is the series to watch in the 1st round..Both these teams have played each other tough all season long and it will be a chippy series in my opion. Expect a lot of talk in the chat. I am pickng St. Louis to edge this out. I fell they have the better scoring and their goalie play might be able to hold up come the 3rd period or OT. Seattle can force the puck on net and make some things happen but St. Louis can respond like they have all season long.

STL wins 4-2


There you have it folks, another amazing qriteup from your favorite Cuban.

Now go out there and prove me wrong.

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