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I would like to thank everyone over my great seasons in SPNHL from the start way back in season 8. The past 2 season definitely been a roller coaster from missing the draft and having a very disappointing season to say the least to absolutely turning it around and finishing the president trophy winner then onto winning the Stanley Cup with an amazing group of guys. I would first and formally like to thank the man in charge of league SA_PLISKIN he gave me numerous opportunities to run teams in the league to assisting him back in the beginning the man is an absolute class act. I commend him for all his hard work the years of keeping the league going and the success he has running the league for many seasons.

This season was by far the most entertaining and exciting to be part of. From the 1st round battle against the NJD taking most games to OT or a 1 goal game. such an absolutely thrilling series. the 2nd being the Flyers which was a highly anticipated series of the 2 best teams in the east. 6 games that could of went either way I loved watching most of that series. The finals was everything I excepted it to be, strong defensive minded and carrying out for 7 games. anything else would have been disappointing.

I want to especially thank every single one of my guys this season for making it such a great success. This was by far my most favorite team to manage of them all, every guy on this team was great in whatever role we need to fill. Whether it be from a starter or to a role player. I thank them all every step of way for their efforts and realizing what their role was either from day one or from joining us by a trade.

I9I-Stamkos-I1I this was my 1st overall pick and he lived up to for the first puck drop to the finally horn . Hands down the best 2 way center I’ve had the privilege to watch play the position.

Hypey my work horse. Played great all season whether it be on the wing or at center to fill in. Always in the right spot at the right time to make a play or finish a play off. couldn’t have ask for more positive guy.

bluedevil631 what more can I say about the guy. He showed up and raised the team to another level. His play was relentless and wonderful to watch scoring some big goals. a great guy and teammate from start to finish.

Dbs one of my 2 shutdown dman all season. The man was assist machine, always found the open guy or was there to pick off pass when needed. A great teammate always positive and up beat I couldn’t of asked for more respectful player.

shootersteele19 was excellent all season in any role I asked of him whether it be filling in on wing or in net where he carried most of the season. His pre game talks will be missed.

X-Z3tt3rbergzz-x came up clutch in games when we needed it. From TC to making roster. he had a big hand in the NJD series by giving us the kick we needed in the end lol.

JoshuaDuhaime filled in amazing this season and was also a big reason we got past the NJD. Couldn’t have asked anything less of this player.

XxDiiStOrTeDxX another great role player that made clutch plays every game, especially throughout the playoff run. At time he was a little much in chat but on the ice his play was amazing. (Minus the back pass in game 3 on a breakaway :rofl:)

PistolPete7788_ the final piece of the team. I couldn’t of done it without his help, from stats, lines, trades and being a great leader when the time came. His play on the ice throughout the season was fun to watch. From coming just of the century mark as defenceman to the clutch performance in the playoffs. But most of all after last season horrible start and having to trade him away to this season of having him the whole way and winning a cup along side him was a pleasure.

I’m grateful for my time in the SPNHL but it’s time to step away and enjoy sometime away from the game. I want to thank all those who I have met over the past few seasons . The media team that did amazing job all season with the shows each week and to Dirty-Dietrich with his write ups. A great job by this man. Thank you to my Tampa Bay Lightning on my 1st cup in the league and I wish the league nothing but great success in upcoming seasons.

Bufford80 aka buff aka buffy

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