SPNHL, Season 37: Week Five – Players of the Week

By: ProdigyToLegend


Welcome back to SPNHL Players of the Week, week 5 edition. We’re on the last stretch of the season, the trade deadline has passed and every team has 1 week left to prepare for the playoffs. This season is wide open as a wide variety of teams can make their case for the cup. Trade deadline was relatively quiet with one big-ish trade, but other than that most teams stayed the same and in my opinion, a lot of teams have glaring weaknesses going into the playoffs. So it’s going to be interesting to see how teams try to fix it with their in house options. But anyways, in week 5, we had yet again a lot of scoring in this high scoring season and many players in contention for player of the week.



LeCupidon: 9 GP, 23 G, 18 A, 41 P, 4.6 PPG, +16, 99 GV, 10 TK.

Cupidon had a goal scorer’s week, totaling 23 goals for the team to help them have a strong week for that final push into the playoffs. Adding 18 assists, him and reapz make for a potent duo going into the playoffs for teams in the East to try to handle. If these two can keep their momentum going into the playoffs, they are going to be a difficult duo to stop, and you add in the 3rd guy in MJ, good luck.

Honorable Mentions: 

vxWoytkiw8xv: 9 GP, 17 G, 20 A, 37 P, 4.1 PPG, +17, 118 GV, 16 TK.

hypey-: 8 GP, 21 G, 9 A, 30 P, 3.8 PPG, -3, 95 GV, 28 TK.

bstieboydp: 7 GP, 11 G, 17 A, 28 P, 4.0 PPG, +26, 65 GV, 23 TK.



AAli-21: 7 GP, 7 G, 10 A, 17 P, 2.4 PPG, +30, 74 GV, 16 TK

Ali puts up another great week, after getting an honorable mention last week. This time, he goes over the top and earns player of the week amongst defenders, putting up a goal per game and adding 10 assists along with it. He was a tremendous +30 and will be the leader of the defence for New Jersey going into the playoffs. NJ is going to need Ali to continue helping the offence and still shut down opposing teams to make a deep playoff run.

Honorable Mentions:

Bostonbruins_4_: 9 GP, 6 G, 12 A, 19 P, 2.1 PPG, +17, 33 GV, 30 TK.

DudNastyy: 4 GP, 2 G, 7 A, 9 P, 2.3 PPG, +13, 36 GV, 17 TK.

ProdigyToLegend: 7 GP, 0 G, 13 A, 13 P, 1.9 PPG, +14. 64 GV, 17 TK.



Ciulla19: 9 GP, 7-2, .816 SV%, 2.30 GAA, 1 SO.

Ciulla earns goaltender of the week with a strong 7-2 showing for the Edmonton Oilers. He had a .816 save percentage and only allowed about 2.3 goals per game this week. With performances like this, the Edmonton Oilers will be able to make a strong playoff run. Ciulla is going to need to be on top of his game to allow his team to do what they do best, which is just grind out wins.

Honorable Mention:

Eddie2708_: 9 GP, 6-3, .787 SV%, 3.3 GAA, 0 SO.

Chadkillz134: 6 GP, 2-4. .841 SV%, 2.8 GAA, 0 SO.

Dophares2000: 4 GP, 4-0, .889 SV%, 0.8 GAA, 0 SO.

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