SPNHL, Season 37: Round 1 – Players of the Week
By: ProdigyToLegend

Welcome back to SPNHL Players of the Week, round 1 edition. Back from my little hiatus, round 1 of playoffs have passed and we are now down to four teams. The Bolts, Flyers, Jets and Wild. We had lots of fun games in round 1 with lots of spectacular play, but there were a select few players who stood out above the rest, and here they are.

xSilky93: 5 GP, 10 G, 11 A, 21 P, 4.2 PPG, +8, 61 GV, 10 TK.

Silky wins player of the week for round 1 amongst all forwards and this one wasn’t even a question. He led all forwards in round 1 in not only points, but points per game. With an even distribution goal scoring and passing, he helped his Flyers knock out the Detroit Red Wings. The Flyers will need the same type of production from Silky and I think he’s going to be up to the task.

Honorable Mentions:
i_Zinczy_i_TV: 5 GP, 10 G, 5 A, 15 P, 3.0 PPG, +4, 62 GV, 13 TK
Bunzy-62: 5 GP, 8 G, 11 A, 19 P, 3.8 PPG, +8, 70 GV, 10 TK.
Elfpha: 6 GP, 4 G, 12 A, 16 P, 2.7 PPG, +3, 82 GV, 18 TK.

PistolPete7788_: 6 GP, 5 G, 6 A, 11 P, 1.8 PPG, +1, 47 GV, 9 TK

One of the best offensive performances I have ever seen among a defender in SP, Pete proves that he can do it in the playoffs as well. With 5 goals and 6 assists in round 1 for the Tampa Bay Lightning, Pete helped his team move on to the second round with his production. The Tampa Bay forwards may be the one getting all the attention from Phili, but Pete is going to chip in as well and he will also need some attention in order to be slowed down.

Honorable Mentions:
Yesc__: 4 GP, 0 G, 7 A, 7 P, 1.8 PPG, +9, 23 GV, 5 TK.
DudNastyy: 5 GP, 0 G, 7 A, 7 P, 1.4 PPG, +8, 18 GV, 15 TK.

chadkillz134: 5 GP, 4-1, .897 SV%, 1.40 GAA, 2 SO.

Chad put the team on his back and had an incredible performance in round 1, allowing under 2 goals per game and getting 2 shutouts along the way, in a 4-2 series victory over the Edmonton Oilers. The Wild will be facing their next test, the Winnipeg Jets, in round 2. If Chad is able to replicate his performance in round 1, the Jets are in for a world of trouble. If one player on the ice is going to steal any series, it’s going to be Chad.

Honorable Mention:
ciulla19: 6 GP, 2-4, .822 SV%, 1.33 GAA, 0 SO.

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