SPNHL, Season 37: Week Four – Players of the Week

By: ProdigyToLegend


Welcome back to SPNHL Players of the Week, week 4 edition. Apologies for missing last week I was out of town, but no matter, we are back! We’re on the last few weeks before the playoffs and this season is getting interesting. You can’t go a single game night without seeing some drama and controversy in the chat, and that’s what makes it hilarious! Anyways, here are your players of the week.



Reapz2313: 9 GP, 24 G, 23 A, 47 P, 5.2 PPG, +31, 70 GV, 23 TK.

Reapz had an amazing week for Detroit. The leader of the organization not only led off the ice last week, but he led by example. Reapz put up incredible numbers, scoring 24 goals and adding 23 assists for a grand total of 47 points. An interesting stat I see is he took 52 shots last week and he still had a 46% shooting. Amazing shooting for Reapz to put the team on his back.

Honorable Mentions: 

LeCupidon: 9 GP, 17 G, 27 A, 44 P, 4.9 PPG, +32, 119 GV, 16 TK

toslick: 9 GP, 23 G, 19 A, 42 P, 4.7 PPG, +20, 117 GV, 26 TK.

Fluri37: 9 GP, 22 G, 19 A, 41 P, 4.6 PPG, +21, 104 GV, 31 TK.



PistolPete7788_: 9 GP, 6 G, 14 A, 20 P, 2.2 PPG, +15, 61 GV, 30 TK

In my opinion, one of the front runners for the Norris this season just based off the fact that he is putting up incredible offensive numbers, pistolpete takes home player of the week for defencemen this week. He put up 6 goals, including a game winner, and 14 assists for a total of 20 points. Some defenders don’t even put up those numbers in an entire season, so him doing this in a single week is incredible. 

Honorable Mentions:

AAli-21: 8 GP, 3 G, 9 A, 12 P, 1.5 PPG, +4, 106 GV, 25 TK.

curtisx18x: 6 GP, 2 G, 9 A, 11 P, 1.8 PPG, +26, 55 GV, 16 TK.

Faaa_Kueue: 6 GP, 2 G, 9 A, 11 P, 1.8 PPG, +26. 55 GV, 16 TK



Chadkillz134: 9 GP, 5-4, .880 SV%, 1.70 GAA, 1 SO.

Chadkillz earns player of the week among goaltenders for week 4, even despite an average record this week. His record has nothing to do with how he played though, as he had amazing numbers everywhere else and essentially kept his team in every game. He had to stand on his head for those 5 wins for his team and he was up to the task.

Honorable Mention:

Spencer_Knight30: 4 GP, 3-1, .915 SV%, 1.0 GAA, 1 SO.

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