Well another season is about to kick off.  We are very excited to see some really old friends return as we head into the final season of NHL 20 and the conclusion of our 9th year here in the SPNHL. This draft will see some Gms try to prove that last season was not a fluke and at least one will try to prove he deserves to be there as he tries to right the wrongs of last season’s very disappointing results. For those of you who are new here we will be presenting this seasons draft in multiple areas.  the first spot will be here on the Live draft board.  follow along live as picks are made by clicking right here .

The draft can also be witnessed by watching the GMs make each selection as it happens by joining us on your discord draft channel by clicking here

Finally the the best place to enjoy this seasons draft is to view our live coverage on twitch.  Where Fluri, Dirty-Dietrich, Pliskin and numerous guests will be dissecting each pick and giving us their unsolicited criticisms. join us around 7:45pm.  Draft starts are 8pm est on tues July 28th.  see you there.

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    Did I get drafted ?

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