SPNHL, Season 36: Week Three – Players of the Week

By: ProdigyToLegend


Welcome to Players of the Week: Week 3 Edition. We got some new players and some familiar players taking their claim to Player of the Week. Some good old dominance from certain guys and some guys trying to make a name for themselves. 



Fluri37: 9 GP, 18 G, 22 A, 40 P, 4.4 PPG, +10, 87 GV, 42 TK.

Fluri37 takes forward of the week for the first time this season. The duo of him and whitetees has been dominant for Calgary this season and they are always a handful. Fluri had 18 goals and 22 assists and 3 game winners this week, so not only is he putting up the points, he’s scoring at just the right times for Calgary.

Honorable Mentions: 

Reapz2313: 9 GP, 16 G, 22 A, 38 P, 4.2 PPG, +3, 98 GV, 33 TK.

Whitetees41: 9 GP, 20 G, 18 A, 38 P, 4.2 PPG, +12, 113 GV, 24 TK.

LeCupidon: 9 GP, 22 G, 14 A, 36 P, 4.0 PPG, +0, 144 GV, 26 TK.


Bostonbruins_4_: 9 GP, 3 G, 8 A, 11 P, 1.2 PPG, +16, 64 GV, 40 TK

A new player to the player of the week, Bostonbruins emerged in week 3 as a top defender in the league. Not only did this guy put up the points on defence, but he also had an insane amount of takeaways this week with 40. With 3 goals and 8 assists, he definitely gave a spark to the New Jersey team that struggled for the first few nights of the season. 

Honorable Mentions:
sabres1414: 9 GP, 0 G, 10 A, 10 P, 1.1 PPG, +12, 67 GV, 22 TK.

TheDrixMeister: 9 GP, 3 G, 5 A, 8 P, 0.9 PPG, +1, 72 GV, 21 TK.


Chadkillz134: 8 GP, 6-2, .848 SV%, 2.6 GAA, 0 SO.

Chad takes goalie of the week for the second week in a row with another strong showing. Going 6-2 with a .848 save percentage, there is no doubt in my mind that in order for Boston to have a strong showing in the playoffs, he needs to be on his game. Yes they may have a dominant offence, but he is still going to need to make key saves to prevent any game from being a shootout.

Honorable Mention:

xEKANE_9x: 6 GP, 3-2-1, .819 SV%, 2.2 GAA, 0 SO.

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