SPNHL, Season 36: Week Five – Players of the Week

By: ProdigyToLegend


Welcome to Players of the Week: Week 5 Edition. The final week before playoffs start, and we got guys representing cup contenders. This should be an action packed playoffs with lots of drama and stellar hockey await. But before all that, here are your players of the week.



LeCupidon: 9 GP, 22 G, 17 A, 39 P, 4.3 PPG, +17, 110 GV, 25 TK.

One half of the dynamic duo of Cupe and Reapz, Cupidon takes player of the week for forwards in the final week of the season, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. With Detroit battling for the final playoff spot, Cupe stepped it up and helped bring his team into the postseason. With 22 goals and 17 assists, Cupe did everything he could offensively to help his team.

Honorable Mentions: 

Whitetees41: 8 GP, 20 G, 13 A, 33 P, 4.1 PPG, -4, 78 GV, 14 TK.

iyzcniZi: 6 GP, 17 G, 11 A, 28 P, 4.7 PPG, +22, 83 GV, 25 TK.

bstieboydp: 7 GP, 19 G, 9 A, 28 P, 4.0 PPG, +19, 91 GV, 17 TK.



DudNastyy: 5 GP, 2 G, 9 A, 11 P, 2.2 PPG, +17, 41 GV, 18 TK

Dudnasty finally gets his player of the week in the final week of the season. Making the transition from forward to defence halfway through the season for Boston has really paid off and Dudnasty has really helped the back end for Boston both offensively and defensively. In just 5 games, he had 18 takeaways and 11 points, good enough for player of the week defence.

Honorable Mentions:

The-Statistician: 6 GP, 0 G, 12 A, 12 P, 2.0 PPG, +18, 54 GV, 15 TK.

Uberpwned_6969: 8 GP, 1 G, 9 A, 10 P, 1.3 PPG, +22, 82 GV, 19 TK.



xEKANE_9x: 4 GP, 4-0, .940 SV%, 0.8 GAA, 1 SO.

Despite only playing 4 games this week, EKane stood out. He had a .940 save percentage and allowed less than a goal per game, that is just insane. Whether that’s a product of the team in front of him, or Kane playing well, we’ll find out in the playoffs.

Honorable Mention:

chadkillz134: 6 GP, 5-1, .841 SV%, 2.0 GAA, 1 SO.

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