SPNHL, Season 36: Week One – Players of the Week

By: ProdigyToLegend.


Welcome to Players of the Week by SPNHL. This is pretty self explanatory on what this is, and I plan on trying to do this every single week. The winners are not decided by just solely myself, as I do get second opinions on who should be the winner and I have no say in who wins on defence.


With that being said, here are your players of the week!


iyzcniZi: 7 GP, 11 G, 21 A, 32 P, 4.6 PPG, +15, 70 GV, 23 TK.

The best forward this week is iyzcniZi. While there may be a lot of offensive firepower in Boston, iyzcniZi has been the go to guy for Boston, as he leads all of their major forwards in games played. With 11 goals and 21 assists in his rookie season for Boston, chadkillz took a chance on this guy and he has delivered. With a 4.6 PPG in his first 7 games played in SPNHL, this guy is going to make other teams’ lives a living hell when he steps on the ice. Add his two major linemates in deathclown and dudnasty, good luck.

Honorable mentions:
LeCupidon: 9 GP, 17 G, 21 A, 38 P, 4.2 PPG, +15, 113 GV, 27 TK.
WhiteTees: 9 GP, 24 G, 13 A, 37 P, 4.1 PPG, +1, 73 GV, 17 TK.
toslick: 8 GP, 22 G, 14 A, 36 P, 4.5 PPG, +13, 86 GV, 14 TK.


ProdigyToLegend: 9 GP, 3 G, 14 A, 17 P, 1.9 PPG, +12, 53 GV, 21 TK.

The player of the week on defence goes to ProdigyToLegend. Known mostly as a forward in SPNHL, Prodigy decided to give it a go on defense this season and so far has delivered. Being re-signed by new Nashville owner Kapanen, it is looking like a good decision. Prodigy played all 9 games this week and is currently in the league lead in points amongst defenders. Adding his 21 takeaways and being the main quarterback on breakouts for Nashville, Kapanen is looking real smart for taking a chance on this position change.

Honorable mentions:
Detajax: 6 GP, 0 G, 13 A, 2.2 PPG, 51 GV, 22 TK.
Dynasty1989: 9 GP, 0 G, 8 A, 0.9 PPG, 59 GV, 35 TK.


malliaman__: 6 GP, 5-0-1, .859 SV%, 1.67 GAA, 1 SO.

Malliaman takes player of the week for goaltenders, and while the other candidate Spencer_Knight had an amazing week, in my opinion Spencer has more help from his team than malliaman. Mallia went 5-0-1 this week with a .859 SV% and 1.67 GAA. Malliaman is a big reason why the Wild are doing so well so far one week into the season, and if the Wild want to continue their success, then he’ll have to continue his stellar play. Any other week, Spencer’s statline is good enough for a POTW, but this week, malliaman takes it based on the teams in front of them.

Honorable mention:
Spencer_Knight30: 7 GP, 6-0-1, .899 SV%, 1.14 GAA, 2 SO.

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