SPNHL, Season XXXIV, Draft Preview.


It is finally here. After a long break, Season 34 is around the corner. There was a bit of chatter about if there would be a new season but after taking out some of the trash and a turn around within our amazing SP community, we made it. We ended the season with the Detroit Red Wings winning it all. Congrats to Reaper and company for winning the cup! Tonight we officially get started and oh it should be a dandy. It has been a fun offseason with two new rules in force, transactions, and swapping of teams.

Who goes 1st? Who goes 2nd? Who goes 3rd? Who goes 4th? Who goes 5th? Who goes 6th? Who is the heck is still reading this? Jokes on you.  Along with new faces in SP, we also have a new first time GM in Ushkilledya. Give that man a round of applause.  Let’s also welcome back 3 past cup winners in DD, Sedin and Redconcept. Lots of changes in teams as well and if you want to know who went where I’d suggest looking it up.

So before we go into the draft preview, let’s talk about these new rules and transactions for any of who don’t follow anything. We have KARMA, that’s right KARMA people. It is a basic point system that allows you some flexibility during tough stretch for being an outstanding GM. We give a team an extra 5 minutes to start the game, good karma. You forfeit a team in the eastern conference finals at the 9 minute mark?  No karma. After so many karma points you can reschedule games and some other cool perks. Maybe even a PICKLEhoodie? MAKE IT PLISK!  The other new rule was new GMS coming in didn’t have to resign a guy who that team had rights to.  They could enter a resign draft pool and take any Free Agent of their choosing.  The results…

Vegas selected Gods3_3plan1

Ottawa selected Truelegend07

Pittsburgh selected Sudzy92

Nashville selected Yeap_93

Let’s talk about this draft tonight. Redconcept and his predators pick 1st and are followed b yPoolmagician and YuhMarvduhman in the top three. Can we all agree Marv needs a new damn name? It’s seriously a pain to type that. Physically hurts me.  So who takes who and who reaches 1st? These are spoilers, im warning you. And the first on the clock isRedconcept and the Nashville Predators select Dirty_Trix_13 Pros: Trix is a sp vet and talented player. Could be a great pair with Yeap if he chooses to play some forward. Con: Mentally can he recover from his meltdown vs Premierplayer and the golden knights?

SPNHL, Season XXXIV, Preview.ThePoolmagician and the Pittsburgh Penguins select x13arzyPros: Barzy is talented on either Offense or defense.  Could be a force with Sudzy. Cons. He has a big mouth and sometimes motivates the other teams to play just a tad better.

xYuhmarvduhmanx and the Philadelphia Flyers select BK0994Pros: Marv and Bk have history. Bk is an exceptional player while on west coast. Cons. Marv is on the team. There are a lot of players hiding in the draft and here’s how I feel the rest of the draftplays out.

Dallas selects Chadkillz

Toronto selects Smokeshowjoe

Dallas selects Shephard-88

Vancouver selects Fishure

Pittsburgh selects Jyuhnnn

Vegas selects Ska-_-Noodle

Detroit selects Kidmoney

This concludes my short Draft Preview session. Tata

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