Its that time again folks, the only day we are all friends for 2 hours before becoming bitter enemies. Its draft time!

For all those not familiar with our drafting process, we offer a few ways to watch and keep track of the draft.  First thing first, the dradt will begin tomorrow (Tues) at 8pm est.  There are numerous ways to catch all the excitement, well until you are selected then who cares am i right?  anyway i digress.  there are three ways to keep tabs on the draft.  the first is visiting the place where it all takes place.  The Leagues Forum chat box located here (Click here)

Please note that this Forum requires an account to see the chat box.  the box can be found on the main page.  for Phone users be sure to switch it to desktop mode,  if your screen is white you are on the wrong setting.

The next place to see the events unfold is to review the Live Draft Board (Click Here)

here you can watch each pick as it is happening live.  this is only a mirror of the actual draft board so there will be a 15 sec delay if you are following along anywhere else..

Finally you can follow and subscribe to our Twitch media channel (Click Here) where we will be broadcasting a live show announcing and commenting on each pick as it happens.  So subscribe to catch our weekly show SPNHL Off The Ice”.    Good luck to everyone this season.

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