If any bribes (anything other than a pick or a player) are offered in a trade, it will result in a 9 game suspension for the person offering. If a player offers a similar deal to a GM in order to play for that team, it will also result in a 9 game suspension. *

If players go to other GMs and ask them to trade for them, it will be considered tampering and is eligible for a 6 game suspension.

Leaving Games
Leaving a game to play a game in another league, regardless of excuse, will result in a 6 game suspension. If repeated in the same season, it will result in a ban for the season.

Games Played
If a player plays less than 15 games in the regular season, they will receive the following penalties:
1. There will be a salary penalty in their next season.
2. They will not be eligible to play in the Playoffs that season.

Maximum Playoff games per round will be allotted by games played during the regular season. The qualification is as follows:
15-17 games: 2 playoff games.
18-20 games: 4 playoff games.
21-23 games: 6 playoff games.
24 + games: 7 playoff games.

In the playoffs, if a player is perceived to have quit on their team (I.E. leaving before a game they were scheduled for after playing in the previous game), they are eligible for a season ban. Due to the many possible circumstances, these will be reviewed case by case.

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