Hello all, We regret to inform you that we will be postponing all Season 30 plans until EA puts a way for teams to match up. They were unable to get this feature in during the disc launch but have claimed it will be released with the first major patch in oct. so….. provided this is a true statement we will have to be a bit more patient before we can get Season 30 up and running. With that said, all Current plans and timelines are no longer applicable and will be adjusted to a later date once this patch is released. Please check for a new post once this has been added back into the game for more info. I am sure some of you will have a question or two and i will attempt to read your minds and answer them ahead of time.

– yes registration will stay open until a few days after the patch fix
– yes the showcase is currently on hold until after reg closes.
– No i will not have a Team cap number until after reg closes.
– No we do not know how many GMs/Teams we need until closer to reg closure.
– this is the registration list https://thespnhl.com/registered-list/ it is time stamped. if you do not see yourself on this list and you feel you registered before the last update time stamp then reg again. if you signed up to GM before this last time stamp and do not see your name on the list along the side in blue under “GM waiting list” you have failed the GM test and are required to try again.

See you all in OCT.

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  1. Doc_Stone_ says:

    I registered but aint on the list

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