I would like to offer all Current SPNHL players GMS, Rosters players, and Current Free Agents (ECUS) a spot to come hangout and get to know the other players, show off your skill in random pickup games and potential ECU opportunities by joining our SPNHL Discord Server. you can join by clicking the following link  https://discord.gg/gWjuGWx or by contacting any of the site staff or GMs when joining if your Discord username is not your psn please post it so it can be changed to your psn.  This is not a mandatory thing, but it would greatly increase your opportunities of making a team (if applicable) or being chosen as an ECU by showing that you are an active player and willing to play for teams. This could possibly land you on a team. Hope to see you in there – Kozmo483264

5 responses to “JOIN US ON DISCORD!”

  1. kozmo483264 says:

    https://discord.gg/gWjuGWx if the link in the article don’t work click this one

    • p0itraz2z says:

      hi kozmo im back in spnhl ps4 nhl20 if u got time to look my registration just make sure its ok . if u guys have a spot has ECU or regulard i take

  2. H4dES__SP4wN says:

    What’s up sp

  3. steelersfan26 says:

    I joined discord but it seems pretty dead in there?

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