Twenty-eight. To most just a random number. For those in the SPNHL and more specifically for those who play for Colorado, that is the number of consecutive wins. It’s been almost three weeks since Colorado has seen a loss. The first word that comes to mind is unstoppable. The second word that comes to mind and proceeds the first, I can’t write here as I like to keep this column PG. To give you a hint it rhymes with trucking. I could talk for days about the offensive firepower on this team. The scoring is evenly spread out between toslick, Desy_93 and Stamkos each player having over 55 points this season. Desy is making a strong case for rookie of the year. Depth on forward is also strong, with Woy, p0itraz2z, Kwhiss613 and Boutch_87 all averaging over 2 ppg.
They have a clear starting defensive pair with Eggman and Sedinpower. Both players putting up similar numbers to their career averages. Eggman is a career 1 ppg guy on defense and this season he is at 1.1 ppg. Sedin averages 1.3 ppg for his career while this season he is slightly above that average at 1.6 ppg. In net they have two strong goaltenders with Rancher12345 and Boutch_87. Rancher has four shutouts and an 84.8 save percentage. Could the Presidents, Calder Memorial, and Vezina all going to come from Colorado? Will the Stanley Cup end up here as well?
Looking at this team it is hard to find a weakness. However, for the sake of the league, it is my mission to find this weakness. The one thing that stands out to me as a stats guy, is the giveaway takeway ratio on defense. I know this stat isn’t perfect, EA doesn’t track it correctly. It still shows me that there is a minor issue on defense. Minor because they hold the best goal differential in the league. However, where there is smoke there is fire. A good fore-checking team could pose some problems for Colorado. Putting pressure on that backline, who probably doesn’t see much, since the puck is usually in the offensive zone. You might be able to get them to cough up the puck.
Tampa is still holding on to that second spot overall with 47 points. At this point, no one is catching Colorado. Dallas has found stability in net. This was talked about two weeks ago and the previous week we didn’t see the trade for BiPolorBear, “bear” any fruits. This week it appears to be a different story but not because of BiPolorBear. Doesn’t appear he played net at all this past week. I have no idea what is going on in Dallas. Finally, the top five are rounded out by Vegas and Minnesota at 44 points. Minnesota having dropped their last three games.
Top Forwards Week 4
Player Points
Tyler91seguin91 41
Dirty-Dietrich 34
Diirty_Triix_13 33
Go_marc 32
TrueLegend07 32
Top Defenseman Week 4
Player Points
Sedinpower 18
Eggman–1 16
II-Entryy-II 14
Foxpresentation 11
L_DominanDo_L 9
Top Goaltenders Week 4
Player Save Percentage
Speedyturtle2017 90.91
sportsgeek5 81.36
Soulplane4 80.90
zaftigstan 80.65
Kozmo483264 80.36

Fun Facts for the league after Week 4.
Dallas still leads the league in scoring with 147 Goals
Colorado has only let up 47 goals this season
Florida has the best power play at 33.3%
Colorado has the best PK at 88.2%
Colorado is on an 28 game win streak.
Tyler91seguin91 now leads the league in points with 102
Tyler91seguin91 has 47 Goals.

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