Week 4 Power Rankings

So since there will be no show tonight. And I know how much everyone loves to discuss my Power rankings I’m giving everyone their rankings fix still on Sunday

So as you will see there has been some big movers and droppers.

Week 4
1 Anaheim +4
2 Philadelphia +1
3 Boston +1
4 Colorado -3
5 New Jersey +1
6 Tampa Bay +3
7 Toronto +3
8 Washington -1
9 Pittsburgh +3
10 Carolina +1
11 St. Louis +5
12 Los Angles +2
13 San Jose -5
14 Vegas -1
15 Arizona -13
16 Vancouver -1

Anaheim with big wins all week vs the top 4 teams and then avenging losses to NJ and Boston

San Jose falling off pace with only 3 wins last week

Vancouver just trying to make it to the finish line. GM Vandoos preparing for season 28 and his revenge

St. Louis getting out of the last spot with some great play last week. Only 3 wins but they were no easy win last week

Then we have Toronto and Tampa making moves Saturday and looking like they built themselves playoff contenders. Look out SP

Finally Arizona. Decimated by the current suspensions of their best 3 players. Stud. Fish. Tree. After GM FivePoint walks away from the helm allowing AT_Ezz to take over for the final week. EZZ adds dophares2000 and CiNcHxUp from FA to finish the season. They’ll make the playoffs. But they aren’t looking like the defending champs.

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  1. Reaper__2313 says:

    We only lost to nj this last week lol 😉

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