The other game of the night for tonight is the Arizona Coyotes versus the Boston Bruins. The 2nd team in the west against the 2nd team in the east, but both of these teams are good enough to be in first place too. How is tonight going to play out for both teams? Maybe one of them will be in first place in their conference at the end of it. Let’s take a look at their rosters.

Fivepoint has built off of his cup winning season with the Arizona Blackhawks and has another cup worthy team in front of him. This team might even be better than the ones that pulled the reverse sweep on kozmo’s rangers. The forward group is led by that guy everyone hates, fishhure, but he has more help up front this season than he had last. Jedi, who is a far ahead front runner for the calder, addybrant, and muff have all played excellent alongside fish. These guys are the reason Arizona is one of the top scoring teams in SP. The defense seems to be mainly a committee of 4 guys splitting games, ezz, stud, muff, and chal. They all have between 12 and 18 games played, and they’re one of the main reasons Arizona has the best PK, and is tied for second in goals against. The other reason for that, is the goaltending tandem of treeoflife, the former conn smythe winner, and stud, who has filled in well when tree can’t play. These guys are tough, they forecheck hard, backcheck hard, and play a strong overall game from top to bottom in all areas of the ice.

Pistolpete has put together a strong team in Boston, they are yet another team solid from top to bottom. He used his first round pick on hyper, who is potential MVP candidate, and hyper has the pleasure of playing alongside Pete, mecca, and bstie for most games up front. These guys can score at will, and they’re the highest scoring team in sp because of that. There defense is very strong too. It’s main man is Nowyodead, who in my opinion, is the front runner for the Norris as of today. Bigmummy and egg are close and this can always change, but if dead keeps it up he should pull ahead in that race. Shaynesta and soco play a majority of the other games on defense, and dodges, who I thought was their #2 dman at the start of the season hasn’t played much. Maybe it’s an availability thing. The goaltending is a 1A/1B situation, although chad has much better numbers than aj does, they both have the same amount of games played.

This will be a good test for both teams, as this could also be a Stanley cup final matchup. I hope everyone knows how to multistream on twitch, because this game and the col vs phi game will be too good to miss. Tune in at 10:30 PM eastern time to see this matchup unfold.

Scheduled Lines:



Boston 3 – Arizona 2

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