Tonights game of the night is shared between 2 teams, this article will cover the Philadelphia Flyers against the Colorado Avalanche. The top teams in each conference are squaring off in the city of brotherly love. Who will win? Let’s take a look at each team.

After struggling last season, Eggman came back to gm with a chip on his shoulder and has built the current top team in the league. His team his led by their top line of aali, gui, and sedinpower. Aali has the best numbers up front, and he’s third in the league in scoring and that line is a serious threat to any team when they’re out there. Deathclown and Etthan have also done a great job filling in when sedin or gui can’t play. Their defense has 2 mainstays, bigmummy and eggman have played a majority of the games and their numbers speak for themselves. They’re a combined +72 in 53 games, which the best of any d pair in the league. The goaltending is anchored by jhonnyphonny, who with a 16-6 record and close to an .800 save percentage he should be in vezina consideration at the end of the season. They have watcherstep_uga as a backup, and eggman has had him for a few seasons now, we all now he can win games too. The only beef I have with this team is their special teams, for such a talented squad their numbers are middle of the pack. If they can improve their PP and PK they’ll most likely be unstoppable.

The Philadelphia Flyers are currently the top team in the east, but Boston is nipping at their heels being only 1 point behind. Their forward group is lead by Walle, who has the most games played and points, and then Harty, quinzee, chief, bundy, and Smitty all have between 10-15 games played to fill in around Walle. If cuban could get flinn playing some more games this team could go from good to great when it comes to scoring. The defense seems to never change with this team, Cuban and choku have that romance going on and are basically the sedin sisters if they were a d pairing. Chief also fills in when either one isn’t available, and he’s just as good, if not better, then both of those guys. The goaltending on this team isn’t a hard thing to talk about, visualskills has played awesome so far this season, going 14-5 in 20 games played(fix your stats cuban), along with a .823 save percentage to put him as the frontrunner in the vezina race in my opinion.

The best in the east versus the best in the west. From the mountains to the Liberty Bell. Who will take home the win and go off and enjoy their weekend? Will it be the strong defense in the east or the strong defense in the west? Tune in at 10:30 PM eastern time Friday night to find out

Scheduled Lines



Colorado 2 – Philadelphia 5

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